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Joey Muthengi Biography, Career, Social Media, Photo

Joey Muthengi Biography

Joey Muthengi was born on 2nd August 1985 in Kijabe, Rift Valley . She is a Kenyan media personality and actress. She hosts 10 over 10 alongside Willis Raburu at  Citizen TV  a segment known as gossip that airs on Friday at 10pm.

Her entry into the Kenyan media industry came through being a radio personality on 98.4 Capital FM from 2009-2013 where she hosted and produced the wildly popular youth show ‘Hits Not Homework. Most recently (Sept 2015-Present), Joey has returned to radio as a host of the daily Drive time show on Hot 96 Fm Kenya which is part of Royal Media Services.

Joey Muthengi Early Life

The last born in a family of five, was born in Kijabe and later moved to the United States with her parents when she was 2 years old. Synonymous to many last born,s, her parents ‘spoilt’ her.

When she traveled back to Kenya, Joey admitted she found it hard adjusting to the country’s setting: “When I came back, my parents tried throwing me in those government schools, and I kept running away. So, they ended up taking me to a boarding school in Kijabe, Rift Valley.”

After completing her secondary education in Kenya, Joey moved to the U.S. for tertiary studies, where she studied a Bachelors degree in Communication and Business Management.

She worked in the states for one year before moving back to Kenya.

Joey Muthengi Education Background

Student at Hope College, USA, pursuing a double major in Communications and Business Management.

Joey Muthengi Career

2011-2014: Joey served as the 1st ever Kenyan VJ (Video Jockey) for the South-African based music channel Channel O where she represented Kenyan music, entertainment, and culture to the rest of the continent

2013:  She hosted Season 6 of the largest reality music show in East Africa ‘Tusker Project Fame’, on Citizen TV having previously been involved with the franchise on ‘Tusker All Stars’ which aired in 2011.

She was a radio presenter at Hot 96 on a  radio show know as ‘Hits and Not Homework’

Host at Ebru TV where she hosted ‘Sugar and Spice’

Joey is the co-founder and a Director of the Muthengi Foundation, a non-profit charity organization that aims to develop economic empowerment through education.

Joey Muthengi career as an actress

2013- 2014: She had a lead character on the drama series ‘Prem’ which first aired on KTN and later on Africa Magic on DSTV.

2010- 2012: Actress for the award-winning Family drama ‘Changing Times’ which aired on Kenya Television Network

Joey Muthengi link to illuminati

Joey left question marks in most people’s minds when she took on the social media to flatter illuminati gesture.

Apparently her action fell on the radar of an international anti-illuminati watchdog which put her on the spot.

Joey Muthegi

Joey Muthegi

The Lions Ground Entertainment Group Network, an alternative news about the Illuminati, secret societies, governments secrets and mysterious paranormal stories, ruthlessly mauled Joey saying she was another low life brain dead zombie talentless enslaved Babylon moron just like Kanye West.

The group says the former TPF host is using her non-profit charity organization, Muthengi Foundation, to brainwash children by teaching them illuminati hand gestures.

Lions Ground Entertainment Group Network adds that the ideas Joey is allegedly promoting will slaughter children in Africa. They labeled her ‘Low Muthengi.’

Joey Muthengi Contacts

Joey Muthengi Photo

Joey Muthengi

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