Johnson Muthama quits Machakos senatorial race and dumps Wiper Party

Updated: 8.5.2017

Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama will not defend his seat over what he terms as a culture of impunity and dictatorship in Kalonzo Musyoka’s Wiper Party.

Though he was to be given a direct ticket, Muthama says he is out of the race because instead of promoting democracy, the party is entrenching a trend where the voice of dissent is repressed.
“There is no way I can be celebrating while my people are suffering,” he told Capital FM News in a phone interview in reference to the party primaries, where his close associates lost.

Muthama is specifically angered with Wavinya Ndeti’s Wiper gubernatorial candidature in Machakos County, where he describes her as an “outsider” who has been treated disproportionately at the cost of the rest of the party members.

“I cannot persevere anymore with Wavinya or Mutua (incumbent) as a Governor,” he said.

Wavinya was formerly in Chama Cha Uzalendo (CCU) as party leader before she joined Wiper, where she was initially given a direct ticket, but a nomination was later held after Machakos Deputy Governor Bernard Kiala sought the courts intervention. He was however trounced.

Senator Muthama also accuses the party of carrying out a shambolic nomination exercise in Kitui and Makueni Counties that were allegedly marred by massive irregularities that saw some of the senior party leaders “rigged out.”

Though he has quit elective politics, he says he will energetically campaign for NASA presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga.

Muthama admitted he did not consult Kalonzo Musyoka before taking the drastic move saying,”he is not my political advisor.”

He said even Kenya’s founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, the Kapenguria six and Nelson Mandela “served their people while they were in prison. You don’t have to be elected.”

“I want to prove to Kenyans that it is possible to be a great leader and even serve them without being elected,” he asserted.

He wondered, “how would the party subject its Chairman David Musila to a nomination exercise with the Governor Julius Malombe?”

Musila, who lost the primary to Governor Malombe has since left the party and decided to vie as an independent candidate.

He also accused the party of rigging him out in favour of the incumbent.

Senator Muthama said as a member of the party since it was founded, “I have given my utmost best both in ideas and resources. I have decided to see its consistent survival and progress.”

“We wanted it to live up to the democratic element in its name so that everybody no matter their level of income or poverty, their religion or race, or any other qualification could exercise their democratic rights through it.”

Muthama, an ardent supporter of the former VP missed during the launch of the National Super Alliance at Uhuru Park, saying he was engaged in other matters.

National Assembly Minority Leader Francis Nyenze had also earlier urged the Wiper Party leader, “to put his house in order because we have serious problems.”

He cautioned that the party risks being overtaken by others in the region.

Source: Capital FM

Johnson Muthama Biography

The name Hon. Johnson Muthama is legendary across the country. Beside being Relatively new in the National politics (having come to Parliament in 2008) Hon Muthama has distinguished himself as a leader who has the interest of the Nation at heart. On joining Parliament Hon Muthama found that members of parliament were not taxed as other Kenyans like other Kenyans. This scenario had persistent for long despite the public outcry. This was against his conscience and he went ahead and issued Cheques to Kenya Revenue Authority regarding the same. What Kenyan might not know is that Hon Muthama life has been been a hallmark of public service and dedication to service to others.

Johnson Muthama – Education Background

  1. Started 1991 : Graduate Student of gemological institute of america
    (Gemologist and diamond grading system)
  2. 1963 – 1970 : Primary School Student of Kyamulendu primary school

Johnson Muthama – Political Positions

  1. Started 11th March 2013 – Up to date :Senator for Machakos of Senate
  2. Started 13th February 2013 – Up to date : Coalition Member of Coalition for Reforms & Democracy
  3. Started 8th February 2013 – Up to date : Member of Wiper democratic Movement Kenya
  4. 2007 – 4th March 2013 : Member of Parliament for Kangundo
  5. 2007 – 8th February 2013 : Member of Orange Democratic Movement Party Of Kenya

Johnson Muthama – Job History

  1. Ongoing : Member of American chamber of commerce of Kenya
  2. Ongoing : Member of Kenya private sector alliance
  3. Ongoing : Member of geological society of Kenya
  4. Started 2004 : Director and Chair of Rockstone properties ltd
  5. Started 1991 : Director and Chair of Rockland Kenya ltd
  6. Started 1990 : Director and Chair of muthama gemstone (K) ltd

Johnson Muthama Membership

  1. Member – Geological Society of Kenya
  2. Member – International Coloured Association-member
  3. Member – Kenya private Sector Alliance-member
  4. Founder Chairman –  Kenya Chamber of mines
  5. Founder Chairman Kenya –  Gemstone Dealers Association
  6. Member –  American Chamber of Commerce (Kenya)

Johnstone Muthama

Born in 1954, to Mr Nduya Kimomo and Alice Kathule, Johnson Muthama is a man who has overcome adversity and embraced the lessons of history to help steer the Kenya down a path of democracy and development while offering the insight provided by his life and career experiences. Johnson Muthama has given Kangundo Constituency something to be proud of and has shown through his determination and hard work that a person who has the desire can make a difference, regardless of where his roots lie. Like the phoenix from the ashes, Johnson Muthama has risen from the humble Kangundo as a passionate, self-made leader who has found his destiny as a great leader of men.

A Graduate of Gemological Institute of America, Johnson Muthama devoted his time in business building from scratch Muthama Gemstone Company to a company of international repute dealing with mines and precious stones.

Before Succumbing to Pressure from the people of Kangundo to Join politics, Johnson Muthama was involved in several development projects all over the country. His Creed has however been that whatever development he initiated in the past should not be the basis of his assessment but should be assessed by his manifesto.

In Parliament, Johnson Muthama has been a fighter for the people of Kenya. Few disagree with him but agree this leader has the interest of people of Kenya at heart. An ardent debater Hon Muthama has moved and contributed to various motions in the house meant to uplifting the standards of living for the people of Kenya. He is a firm believer on the need to end impunity in Kenya if successive Generations have to enjoy the democracy those before them having been keenly fighting for.

Despite his busy legislative schedule Hon. Muthama still spares time to do what he loves most, Being with the people of Kangundo. He has been mobilizing several international friends and partners to fund various projects.

Johnson Muthama Family Wife and Children

Johnson Muthama first wife was Agnes Kavindu Muthama then married a second wife who bore him six daughters in a row. The third woman to step into Muthama’s marital circle was a trained teacher who suffered long illness and died while still married to the senator. Muthama then decided to cast his net wider and brought in an Italian woman who allegedly became his fourth wife.

The marriage brought forth a son and a daughter for the wealthy gemstone dealer. They split a few years later and the Italian relocated to Europe.

Johnstone Muthama – Interview

Machakos county senator and CORD alliance chief whip in the senate, Hon Johnstone Muthama shares a number of interesting things millions of Kenya probably don’t know about him.

Interviewer  Senator Muthama, away from politics what are some of the things that Kenyans don’t really know about Johnstone Muthama?

Johnstone Muthama: To be honest It is hard not to mention politics alongside my name. First, Johnstone Muthama is a staunch Christian and a family man who believes in family values and one who would do anything to be with his lovely wife and children.

PHILANTHROPHY : Muthama is also a businessman, I am in the mining and agriculture sector. Apart from being a businessman, I am a philanthropist I try as much as I can to give back to the society by supporting the needy and helping them access education and other basic needs. I literally spend most of my free time monitoring the kids’ performances as well as motivating them.

INSPIRATIONAL FIGURE: Another thing maybe would be my source of inspiration and motivation; I always feel inspired by people who stood and still stand by the truth no matter what. The likes of the late Paul Ngei (a member of the Kapenguria six) Jomo Kenyatta and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga are actually the people whom I looked up to.

Interviewer: Should Kenyans expect Hon. Muthama to vie for a higher seat come 2017?

Johnson Muthama: Honestly speaking, no! Kenyans should not expect to see Mr. Muthama vying for the country’s top seat at all costs. What I can assure them is that Muthama does not want to be at the top but he will be at the top fighting against corruption and other social vices in the country. Rt. Honourable Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, Honourable Wetangula and I will always be ready to fight for our beautiful country at all cost.

Interviewer: Again we almost dived into the sea of politics!. So at least we have a clue of what to expect from you in the coming years, but when it comes to sports and football in particular which teams do you support both in Europe and here in Kenya?.

Johnson Muthama: Interestingly, I support two European giants simultaneously. Arsenal is my number one love when it comes to football while Barcelona gets the other part of my heart.

Locally I support Gor Mahia. They have been doing great in the last few years when it comes to flying the Kenyan flag but if AFC Leopards performed as great as Gor Mahia, then believe you me I would have said AFC Leopards! why? because I am a winner

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