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Jubilee Party Membership

Jubilee Party Membership: The Jubilee Party is your party and is open to any Kenyan citizen over the age of 18. The rules and internal institutions that govern the party are set out in the party constitution.

You have the right as a member of the Jubilee Party to vote during the annual general meetings of the party, to seek election for any party position and to seek nominations for election to local, county or national government.

We welcome and encourage all to participate, especially women, young people and members of disadvantaged communities, to ensure that all Kenyans are fairly represented and can be part of our efforts to build a prosperous and just nation.

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The Jubilee Party is also built on the principle of voluntary service at all levels of the party, working for the greater good in accordance with our vision and values. Working together with our elected officials and representatives at all levels of government, our volunteers have an opportunity to contribute to make this vision and these values a reality.

Jubilee Party Membership Photo

Jubilee Party Membership Photo

Jubilee Party Membership Guide

  1. Membership of the party is acquired by application, recommendation, nomination and registration.
  2.  The National Executive Committee shall have the power to create or establish such categories of membership for the advancement of the interests and objectives of the Party as circumstances may warrant.
  3. The categories of membership of the Party shall for the time being include ordinary member, silver, gold and platinum member.
  4. Applications for membership may be made to head office or to any other party offices.
  5. Any adult person being a citizen of Kenya who accepts to adhere to the constitution, objects, policies, programmes, directives and discipline of the Party is eligible to be a member of the Party.
  6. Those eligible and desiring membership of the Party may apply either verbally or in writing to any authorised official or agent of the Party for enrolment, or through any approved digital platform for enrolment.
  7. Any person who is qualified to become, and is a member of the Party, if he or she so desires, may convert from one membership category to the other.
  8. Every member shall pay such fees as may be prescribed from time to time by the National Executive Committee.
  9. On payment of the prescribed fee, a member shall be issued with a membership number in a digital format, or a party card and / or certificate.
  10. Subject to this Constitution:
    1. Every applicant for membership shall be deemed to accept this constitution including the party’s principles, vision, mission, values and objectives, and to support the party’s candidates at elections.
    2. Every member shall be entitled to participate in election of the members of the Polling Station Executive Committee.
    3. Every member shall be entitled to seek and to vote in any elective position of and in the party.
    4. Every member shall with the approval of the Secretary General be entitled to inspect the party constitution, party register, party manifesto and audited financial documents.
    5. Every member is entitled to apply for the party nomination in the general elections.

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Jubilee Party Membership News

Jubilee Party Membership – Jubilee Party Kenya to recruit and lock in members with Sh20 smart cards

Updated: 7.1.2017

Jubilee Party will roll out a high-powered re-election campaign strategy next week, The Standard on Saturday can report.

The initial phase entails a massive registration of members using superior technology in a campaign to be launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday at the party’s headquarters in Nairobi.

The launch was set for Monday but was pushed to Friday to allow the President attend the burial of former Kanu stalwart Mark Too, who resigned as Nominated MP to pave the way for his nomination to Parliament.

Yesterday, JP Vice Chairman David Murathe said it is necessary for party members to validate their membership and guard against infiltration.

The President will inaugurate a unique smart membership card that will contain a member’s name, identity number and mobile phone number, making JP the first political party in Kenya’s history to use smart technology to recruit supporters.

It will cost every member Sh20 to acquire the card. To activate it, a member will send a text message with the word accept to 30553, after which they will be prompted to complete registration by sending their name, identity number and card number.

The smart card is connected to the database of the Registrar of Political Parties and that of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). This will ensure supporters are duly registered as JP members and registered voters.

“This is not just any other registration, you will use your phone to activate your card. We want to ensure that our members are not just members. They must be people who are registered as voters and officially as JP members. If you are a member of another party and try to register through our card system, it will prompt you to respond to questions like ‘sorry you are a member of another political party, do you wish to resign and register as a JP member?’. But if you are a member of JP, then it’s a fairly straight forward procedure,” said Murathe.

The smart card is meant to assure all aspirants on the Jubilee bandwagon free and fair primaries.

“One way of guaranteeing free and fair nominations is by having a readable barcode on the smart card which will contain a member’s details. Only members registered under the smart card programme will participate in the JP primaries,” said Murathe.

Following the launch of the membership recruitment drive on Friday, the party will then embark on the second phase of its strategy, which will involve inauguration of interim party officials from the national to the ward level.

“We’ve been working round the clock and we are now ready for the campaigns. There will be many more activities happening in quick succession and culminating in the polls,” a highly placed source at the centre of the strategy team said.

Sources privy to the campaign strategy said an agreement has been reached to hold elections for party officials three months after the August 8 General Election.

The launch comes at a time CORD has threatened street protests against the passing of amendments to electoral laws.

Source: Standard