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Jubilee Party Website

The Jubilee Party website is: and you can visit the Jubilee Alliance Party website by clicking on this link:

Jubilee Alliance Party Website – Overview of Jubilee Party

The Jubilee Party is a national inclusive modern party. Members are:


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of the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of Kenya and honouring our Almighty and Sovereign God;


to creating a better Kenya for current and future generations;


the need for honest, transparent and accountable political leadership in our country;


by the indomitable spirit of the people of Kenya in their daily struggles to create a modern, just, united and prosperous Kenya;


by the desire to promote, protect and implement the Constitution of the Republic of Kenya;


our political, social and economic rights as recognised and guaranteed by our constitution and various international human rights instruments;


to form a national, all-inclusive, democratic, transparent, accountable and progressive mass political party to actualise the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the people of Kenya from all walks of life.


that Jubilee Party shall ensure that the country remains a united and indivisible state proud of its diversity, and in which all persons enjoy all the rights, freedoms, liberties and protections as set out in the Constitution of Kenya, to the greatest extent permissible under the law.

Jubilee Party Kenya Website

Jubilee Party Kenya Website

Jubilee Party Contacts

Jubilee Alliance Party Contacts are:

Jubilee House, Pangani Interchange, Exit 3, Thika Road,
P.O. Box 38601-00623, Nairobi

Telephone: 0771 399841, 0780 184393, 0780 445098, 0704 367983, 0717 041240
SMS: 30553

Jubilee Party Kenya Website – Video