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Jubilee Party Kenya – Tuko Pamoja Manifesto Website and Contacts

We in Jubilee Party welcome and celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of politics as we welcome and celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of the Kenyan people. Jubilee Party represents every part of Kenya, every group in our nation.

Jubilee Party Contacts

Jubilee Alliance Party Contacts are:

Jubilee House, Pangani Interchange, Exit 3, Thika Road,
P.O. Box 38601-00623, Nairobi

Telephone: 0771 399841, 0780 184393, 0780 445098, 0704 367983, 0717 041240
SMS: 30553

Jubilee Party Website –

The Jubilee Party website is: and you can visit the Jubilee Alliance Party website by clicking on this link:

The Jubilee Party – Tuko Pamoja

My friends,

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We in Jubilee Party welcome and celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of politics as we welcome and celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of the Kenyan people. Jubilee Party represents every part of Kenya, every group in our nation.

I am honoured and proud to be a part of this movement, of this party, with you. Together we are stronger and can ensure continued stability, drawing on our African heritage, our sense of community and cooperation.

I welcome all members of Jubilee and all those who will join us in our mission.

Tumaini letu ni tumaini la wakenya wote – kuendeleza Kenya mbele kwa amani ili wakenya wote wapate maendeleo na ufanisi mkuu

His Excellency, Uhuru Kenyatta

President of the Republic of Kenya

The Jubilee Party is a national inclusive modern party

As jubilee members we are


of the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of Kenya and honouring our almighty and sovereign god


to creating a better Kenya for current and future generations


the need for honest, transparent and accountable political leadership in our country

Formed through the coming together of many parties


by the indomitable spirit of the Kenyan people in their daily struggles to create a modern, just, united and prosperous Kenya


by the desire to promote, protect and implement the Constitution of the Republic of Kenya


our political and social rights as recognised by and guaranteed by our constitution and various international human rights instruments

Jubilee Party – Vision and Values

Jubilee Party Vision

The vision of Jubilee Party is to transform Kenya into a just modern and prosperous nation; united in pursuit of happiness and in which every citizen has an equal and fair chance to be their best.

Jubilee Party  Values

To provide a platform for involving Kenyans in the transformation of their country and to inspire, equip, facilitate and harness the synergies of Kenyans in transforming their own lives. To create a fundamental shift in the management of public affairs for the good of all Kenyans and a just society for humanity.

Jubilee Party: Building Communities – Putting Kenyans First

The Jubilee Party is committed to helping all Kenyans build our communities. We want to ensure that no one is left behind as we work together to deliver growth and prosperity that reaches and uplifts all Kenyans.

More Kenyans than ever before can now rely on continued power to light their way and enable them to relax with their family, complete their school work and continue economic activity into the evenings.

Our social inclusion programmes work hard to provide opportunities for all, for women and young people in particular, to access funding and start micro-enterprises to support their families and communities.

Almost 18 billion KSh have been distributed through the National Government Affirmative Action, Uwezo, Women Enterprise and Youth Enterprise Funds since 2013, helping to start businesses and transform lives.

At the same time the number of free health care programmes has never been higher, moving us towards our aim of free universal healthcare. We are committed to working to:

  • Control the cost of day to day items
  • Provide universal access to clean water
  • Expand local health centres
  • Grow the technology sector
The Jubilee Party - Tuko Pamoja

The Jubilee Party – Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party – Building Relationships

Jubilee Party – Good For Kenyan Business At Home And Abroad

The Jubilee Party is proud of the relationships this government has forged around the world, not only working with our traditional partners but seeking out new alliances with nations from every continent. These relationships are helping to ensure prosperity at home and greater security abroad – which delivers greater safety at home.

The Jubilee Party is committed to growing Kenyan export markets to help create more jobs and prosperity for all. Creating the environment for more direct foreign investment means creating new partnerships with world leaders and overseas companies.

Creating the right environment for such partnerships through completion of projects, such as the Standard Gauge Railway and opening up the Northern Corridor, will encourage more investment and help create even more opportunities for Kenya to trade with the world.

This hard work is already delivering results with Kenya posting the highest rise in foreign direct investment in Africa and the Middle East. This investment will support the many development and infrastructure programmes that will continue to create jobs, growth and greater prosperity for all. We are committed to working to:

  • Bring home jobs
  • Ensure more Kenyan grown exports
  • Build new partnerships with world leaders
  • Attract more foreign direct investment


Jubilee Party - Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party – Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party – Building One Nation

Jubilee Party – A Prosperous Economy For All Kenyans

The Jubilee Party recognises the great strength that comes from the diversity of our wonderful country.

The Jubilee Party is built upon the principle of unity under a common vision. It is our shared values that shape our vision for Kenya – a modern, progressive nation that harnesses the energy, ideas and passion of all groups, all minorities, all peoples, working together to deliver a stronger economy and high quality public services.

It is only by working together that we can ensure that Kenya grows, innovates and prospers as one nation with one future, in unity and strength.

We are already seeing progress and real results from this cooperation under the Jubilee government. Hundreds of kilometres of new roads across the country, thousands of households and schools connected to the electricity grid, millions of women able to access better maternity and healthcare, thousands of schoolchildren able to use modern technology to expand and enrich their education.

Together as a party, as a nation, we can make our vision for a more prosperous and vibrant society a reality. We are committed to working to:

  • Achieve universal healthcare
  • Provide universal access to clean water
  • Build a world leading agricultural sector
  • Ensure security at home and abroad
Jubilee Party - Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party – Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party – National Achievement

The Jubilee Party seeks to consolidate and advance the achievements of the Jubilee Alliance, furthering the goals and aspirations that the Kenyan people fought for when establishing a stable multi-party democracy.

We are proud of the real difference we have been able to make in the lives of so many, by bringing progress and opportunities to a wide range of sectors. We are committed to deepening and expanding this progress to ensure all citizens can benefit from continued development, stability and improved public services.

  • The new Huduma Centres make it quicker, easier and more convenient to access all the government services you need.
  • New power stations provide cheap, environmentally friendly electricity to more homes, businesses and schools than ever before.
  • Our maternal healthcare programmes benefit all new Kenyan mothers and give the next generation the best possible start.
  • Large scale road, rail, port and airport infrastructure projects create jobs and lay the foundations for greater prosperity for all.
Jubilee Party - Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party – Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party – Your Party

The Jubilee Party is your party and is open to any Kenyan citizen over the age of 18. The rules and internal institutions that govern the party are set out in the party constitution.

You have the right as a member of the Jubilee Party to vote during the annual general meetings of the party, to seek election for any party position and to seek nominations for election to local, county or national government.

We welcome and encourage all to participate, especially women, young people and members of disadvantaged communities, to ensure that all Kenyans are fairly represented and can be part of our efforts to build a prosperous and just nation.

The Jubilee Party is also built on the principle of voluntary service at all levels of the party, working for the greater good in accordance with our vision and values. Working together with our elected officials and representatives at all levels of government, our volunteers have an opportunity to contribute to make this vision and these values a reality.

Jubilee Party - Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party – Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party Kit – Show Your Support

Jubilee Party - Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party – Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party – Progress Across Kenya

Jubilee Party  – Maternity Services

7 billion KShs have been disbursed under the Free Maternity Services Programme, resulting in a 50% rise in hospital deliveries since 2013. From independence to 2013, the number of births in formal health facilities peaked only at 600,323; as a result of the Free Maternity Services Programme provided by Jubilee since 2013, births in safe health facilities have now reached 1.2 million and 2,000 maternal deaths annually have been averted.

Jubilee Party – Standard Gauge Railway & Transportation/Infrastructure

Before 2013, Kenya relied on the colonial line built in 1893 and which provided unreliable services capable only of carrying limited loads. The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) is the backbone of Jubilee’s commitment to supporting the free movement of people and goods. Of the 472 kms planned in the first phase of SGR, over 70% has already been constructed and we are on track to complete the project ahead of schedule.

The project has also brought training and jobs to local communities with almost 19,000 Kenyans trained and hired. Furthermore, at independence Kenya only had 1,811 kms of roads growing to 11,600 in 2008. In only three years since 2013, Jubilee has added a further 2,420 kms of new roads and an additional 4,521 kms are currently under construction.

Jubilee Party – Last Mile Connections Project

From 1963 – 2013 only 8,200 primary schools (35%) were connected to power. Jubilee has in only three years connected 14,045 schools to power resulting in 22,245 (now 60% of all schools) being connected. In that same period, Jubilee has connected an additional 2.2 million households to power, resulting in 60% of all households now being connected compared to only 27% in the period since independence to 2013. As a result, 25 million Kenyans are now connected to power compared to only 12 million prior to 2013.

Jubilee Party – FDI and Financial Services

Foreign direct investment to Kenya has increased significantly since 2013 with more than USD 500 million flowing to Kenya in 2013 and nearly USD

990 million in 2014). The government has sought to improve the ease of doing business through simplifying procedures and access to credit and business licenses to attract and assist such inwards flows of investment.

Efforts such as the introduction of special economic zones have resulted in increased foreign direct investment in the manufacturing, telecommunications, banking and tourism sectors, to name but a few. Compared to volatile economic performance before 2010, the World Bank’s October 2015 Kenya Economic Update stated that Kenya is poised to be among the fastest growing economies in Africa.

Jubilee Party Flagship Projects

Jubilee Party – Digital Literacy Programme

Jubilee is committed to ensure the Digital Literacy Programme provides modern tools and practices to help our nation’s children learn, grow and be fully conversant in modern digital practices. Despite challenges faced at the beginning, we are proud that we have now distributed 11,042 tablet computers across 150 pilot schools throughout the country. Power, servers and support infrastructure have been installed in all these schools. This however means nothing without qualified and inspiring teachers, which is why we have also successfully trained 67,260 teachers to support modern digital learning. A further 1.2 million devices will be distributed between now and June 2017 to deepen and widen this successful programme, moving to local assembly and maintenance.

Jubilee Party – Managed Equipment Services

The health of the nation and the ability for all Kenyans to access high quality medical treatment close to home is essential. This is why the President and government has worked hard to ensure the rehabilitation or building and equipping of Level 4 and 5 hospitals across the country. As a result, 174 dialysis machines, 55 ICU beds, 28 HDU beds, 94 digital x-ray machines and 48 digital mammography units have been installed in only three years and Kenyans can now receive treatment and support without expensive and dangerous travel to Nairobi and major towns.

Jubilee Party – Title Deeds

Recognising the need for reliable and trustworthy land registration and ownership is a cornerstone of Kenyans’ economic well being and empowerment. In the period between independence and June 2013, 5.6 million title deeds had been issued. Since then, the Jubilee government has worked hard to improve the accuracy and accountability of land records and has issued an additional 2.4 million Deeds, with another 1.2 million deeds expected to be issued by June 2017. The records of almost half of all land registries have – for the first time – also been organised and digitised to support reliable and efficient land transactions.

Jubilee Party – Power Generation & Transmission Lines

From independence to 2013, only 1,765 mega watts (MW) of electricity was available to Kenyans. Since 2013 however, we have added another 658 MW to make a total of 2,423 MW available nationwide and have secured a reserve capacity of 30%. This means that – for the first time – the country is no longer forced to ration power supply or purchase expensive emergency power from international producers.

From independence to 2013 only 3,612 KM of transmission lines serviced the electricity needs of the country. In only three years, Jubilee has increased this capacity by 22% (795 KM of new transmission lines), now ensuring greater distribution of stable power across the country. Areas such as Lamu and Garissa have now been connected and can enjoy stable grid power for the first time.

Jubilee Party – Mombasa Port Expansion

Mombasa has long been the trading gateway to Kenya and East and Central Africa. Ensuring Kenya retains this position in the region, the President and government has made Mombasa port expansion and improvement a priority. Mombasa Port Development Project (phase one) is now complete and cargo handling capacity has been increased to 1,600,000 TEU per year, representing a 70% increase in capacity. The Mombasa Port cruise ship berth is also completed ensuring greater access for more goods and tourists.

Jubilee Party – Modernisation of Security

Well equipped and trained law enforcement services are essential for securing the safety of all citizens. Jubilee has sought to support these services to ensure they can protect and support our citizens. As a result, 26,000 officers have been recruited and trained in responsible practices, and deployed around the country. An additional 2,600 vehicles and 5,000 motorcycles have been provided and crime since 2013 has reduced by 10%.

Jubilee Party - Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party – Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party – Progress For All 47 Counties

The Jubilee Party is proud of what this government has achieved for the nation, we believe we have had a positive impact on the lives of everyone who works and lives in Kenya.

Jubilee Party Baringo County

  1. 2,212 teachers trained in 737 schools; 274 tablet computers issued
  2. Kabarnet Level 5 and Eldama Ravine Level 4 hospitals fully equipped
  3. Baringo smallholder irrigation scheme completed, serving 3,500 farmers
  4. New Last Mile connections: 20,000 households, 715 new primary schools

Jubilee Party Bomet County

  1. 1,913 teachers trained in 638 schools; 222 tablet computers issued
  2. 230 public street lights
  3. Longisa Level 5 hospital completed, fully equipped
  4. Kipsonoi River Bridge and 29 kms of roads completed

Jubilee Party Bungoma County

  1. 1,978 teachers trained in 659 schools; 411 tablet computers issued
  2. New Last Mile connections: 21,319 households, 750 primary schools
  3. Bungoma Huduma Centre complete and operational
  4. Kimili Water Treatment Plant ready for commissioning

Jubilee Party Busia County

  1. 1,094 teachers trained in 365 schools; 268 tablet computers issued
  2. KSh 106,080,099 disbursed through the Youth Enterprise Development Fund
  3. Busia Level 5 and Kocholia Level 4 hospitals completed
  4. Butula Boys High School upgrade completed

Jubilee Party Elgeyo Marakwet County

  1. 1,111 teachers trained in 370 schools;
  2. 146 tablet computers issued
  3. Iten Level 5 and Chebiemit Level 4 hospitals equipped and operational
  4. Kapcherop Technical Training Institute completed
  5. 29,500 new free secondary school enrolments

Jubilee Party Embu County

  1. 1,127 teachers trained in 376 schools; 139 tablet computers issued
  2. Embu Water Project completed, serving 124,000 people
  3. Kagaari Gaturi Irrigation Project completed. 1600 acres serving 2,100 farmers
  4. Embu Level 5 and Ishiara Level 4 hospitals fully equipped

Jubilee Party Garissa County

  1. 465 teachers trained in 155 schools; 246 tablet computers issued
  2. 226 km Kindaruma to Garissa Transmission Line complete, connecting Garissa to the national grid
  3. Holwadag Irrigation Project and Sangailu Water Pan Project completed and operational
  4. Huduma Centre complete and operational

Jubilee Party Homa Bay County

  1. 2,609 teachers trained in 870 schools; 182 tablet computers issued
  2. Homa Bay Level 5 and Rachuonyo Level 4 hospitals fully equipped
  3. 100 kms Homa Bay to Mbita and Kendu Bay road construction completed
  4. Huduma Centre complete and operational

Jubilee Party Isiolo County

  1. 305 teachers trained in 102 schools;
  2. 160 tablet computers issued
  3. New Last Mile connections: 6,000 households and 139 primary schools
  4. Isiolo airport terminal complete and operational
  5. Huduma Centre complted and operational

Jubilee Party Kajiado County

  1. 1,092 teachers trained in 364 schools; 103 tablet computers issued
  2. Triumph Power MSD & Ngong Wind phase I and II power generation projects completed and operational
  3. Loitokitok Level 4 and Kajiado Level 5 hospitals completed, fully equipped
  4. Kajiado West Technical Training Institute completed

Jubilee Party Kakamega County

  1. 2,372 teachers trained in 791 schools; 218 tablet computers issued
  2. Kakamega Level 5 and Malava Level 4 hospitals fully equipped
  3. Butere Technical Training Institute completed
  4. Mumias Water Project complete – processes 3m litres of water per day; 35 km pipeline serving 154,000 people

Jubilee Party Kericho County

  1. 1,464 teachers trained in 488 schools; 184 tablet computers issued
  2. Kipsigis Girls and Kabianga Boys School expansions complete, 2,500 students enrolled
  3. New Last Mile connections: 22,500 households and 536 primary schools
  4. 310 kms of road construction and rehabilitation completed, including Kericho to Mau Summit road

Jubilee Party Kiambu County

  1. 1,432 teachers trained in 477 schools; 392 tablet computers issued
  2. Thika Level 5 and Kiambu Level 4 hospitals fully equipped
  3. Athi River and Thika Power MSD power generation projects completed and operational
  4. KSh 429,045,274 disbursed through the Maternity Services Programme

Jubilee Party Kilifi County

  1. 2,214 teachers trained in 738 schools; 224 tablet computers issued
  2. Malindi Level 5 and Kilifi Level 4 hospitals fully equipped
  3. KSh 267,082,500 disbursed through Maternity Services Programme
  4. Malindi multi-purpose hall completed

Jubilee Party Kirinyaga County

  1. 575 teachers trained in 192 schools;
  2. 198 tablet computers issued
  3. Baricho Boys and Kabare Girls school expansions complete; 2,000 students enrolled
  4. Gacharu Technical Training Institute completed
  5. New Last Mile connections: 26,000 households, 212 primary schools

Jubilee Party Kisii County

  1. 1,958 teachers trained in 653 schools; 194 tablet computers issued
  2. Kisii Level 5 hospital fully equipped
  3. Kisii Huduma Centre completed and operational

Jubilee Party Kitui County

  1. 3,765 teachers trained in 1,255 schools; 288 tablet computers issued
  2. Kitui Level 5 and Mwingi Level 4 hospitals fully equipped
  3. Masinga Kitui Water and Sewage Project complete and operational, serving 180,000 people
  4. Kamuongo Bridge and 21 km Mwingi to Kandwia road completed

Jubilee Party Kwale County

  1. 1,089 teachers trained in 363 schools; 217 tablet computers issued
  2. Msambweni Level 5 and Kinango level 4 hospitals fully equipped
  3. New Last Mile connections: 15,000 households and 344 schools
  4. Shimoni Fisheries jetty complete

Jubilee Party Laikipia County

  1. 588 teachers trained in 196 schools;
  2. 190 tablet computers issued
  3. Nanyuki Level 4 and Level 5 hospitals fully equipped
  4. Nyahururu Water and Sanitation Project complete, supporting 70,000 residents
  5. Upgrade of Nanyuki Boys High School

Jubilee Party Lamu County

  1. 279 teachers trained in 93 schools;
  2. 310 tablet computers issued
  3. Reconstruction of Lamu and Matondoni jetties complete
  4. Lamu Island grid connection complete
  5. Farmers Resource Centre complete

Jubilee Party Machakos County

  1. 2,490 teachers trained in 830 schools; 308 tablet computers issued
  2. Machakos Level 5 and Kangundo Level 4 hospitals fully equipped
  3. Gulf Power MSD 80 MW completed and commissioned to the national grid
  4. Several smallholder irrigation projects completed, serving 1,400 farmers across 3,000 acres

Jubilee Party Makueni County

  1. 2,437 teachers trained in 812 schools; 177 tablet computers issued
  2. Makueni Level 5 and Makindu Level 4 hospitals complete and operational
  3. Smallholder irrigation scheme complete, serving 1,990 farmers across 3,950 acres
  4. Makueni Boys and Mbooni Girls schools upgraded, 2,000 students enrolled

Jubilee Party Mandera County

  1. 782 teachers trained in 261 schools;
  2. 244 tablet computers issued
  3. Four water pan projects completed
  4. Malkadalka Irrigation Project complete, serving 200 farmers across 200 acres
  5. New Last Mile connections: 3,000 households, 226 primary schools

Jubilee Party Meru County

  1. 1,797 teachers trained in 599 schools; 256 tablet computers issued
  2. Nyambene Level 4 referral hospital fully equipped
  3. Maua water project and three small holder irrigation projects complete, serving 1,300 farmers across 1,200 acres
  4. 119 kms of road construction and rehabilitation completed, including the Meru to Maua road

Jubilee Party Migori County

  1. 1,726 teachers trained in 575 schools; 473 tablet computers issued
  2. Lower Kuja large scale irrigation project complete, serving 3,000 farmers across 5,000 acres
  3. Kanga Boys and Moi Girls, Nyabohanse school upgrades complete, serving 1,800 students
  4. Migori water project completed, serving 200,000 households

Jubilee Party Marsabit County

  1. 443 teachers trained in 148 schools; 253 tablet computers issued
  2. Lake Turkana wind power generation project under construction
  3. 350 kms of road construction and rehabilitation completed, including from Merille River to Marsabit
  4. New Last Mile connections: 2,539 households, 172 primary schools

Jubilee Party Muranga County

  1. 1,453 teachers trained in 484 schools; 205 tablet computers issued
  2. Muranga and Kandara Bulk Water Supply Projects complete, serving 200,000 households
  3. Mathioya Technical Training Institute complete
  4. Muranga Level 5 and Maragua Level 4 hospitals fully equipped

Jubilee Party Nakuru County

  1. 1,915 teachers trained in 653 schools; 298 tablet computers issued
  2. 670 MW geothermal power commissioned and online to National Grid
  3. Nakuru Level 5 and Naivasha Level 4 hospitals fully equipped
  4. New Last Mile connections: 134,339 households, 674 schools

Jubilee Party Nandi County

  1. 2,089 teachers trained in 696 schools
  2. 120 tablet computers
  3. Kapsabet Level 5 and Nandi Hills Level 4 hospitals fully equipped
  4. Emsos Technical Training College and Kapsabet Boys School upgrades complete
  5. Construction of the 14 km Chepterit to Kimondi road and 22km Mosoriot to Kaiboi road completed

Jubilee Party Narok County

  1. 1,680 teachers trained in 560 schools
  2. 181 tablet computers issued
  3. Narok water project complete, serving 50,000 residents
  4. New Last Mile connections: 19,569 households, 633 primary schools
  5. Huduma Centre Narok partially completed

Jubilee Party Mombasa County

  1. 279 teachers trained in 93 schools; 168 tablet computers issued
  2. New Last Mile connections: 118,000 households, 17,437 public street lights completed
  3. Mombasa Kongowea Wholesale Market completed, servicing 1,100 traders and 11,000 customers, porters, transporters, supplies and attendants
  4. Mombasa Storm Water Drainage Plan completed
  5. Mombasa Huduma Centre completed and operational
  6. Construction of Mombasa Southern Bypass and Port Reitz-Moi International Airport fully underway
  7. Mama Ngina and Shimo La Tewa High School upgrades completed, serving 1,500 students
  8. Free Maternity Services – KSh 220,447,500 disbursed in FY 2015/16

Jubilee Party Kisumu County

  1. 1,888 teachers trained in 629 schools; 270 tablet computers issued
  2. Kisumu Girls School expansion complete, 1,025 students enrolled
  3. South West Kano irrigation scheme complete, serving 3,500 farmers
  4. KSh 477,215,422 disbursed through National Safety Net Programme, Uwezo Fund, Women Enterprise Fund and Youth Enterprise Development Fund
  5. Kisumu Water and sanitation Project I completed, awaiting commissioning to service 663,000 residents
  6. New Last Mile Connections: 42,177 new Household Connections Since 2013 (91% increase), 572 Primary Schools and 6,005 public street lights completed
  7. Kisumu Huduma Centre completed and operational
  8. KSh 204,857,030 disbursed through the Free Maternity Services Programme and KSh 11,346,767 disbursed through the Primary Health Care Services Programme in FY 2015/16

Jubilee Party Nairobi County

  1. 600 teachers trained in 200 schools; 711 tablet computers issued
  2. Nairobi Decongestion Project: Southern Bypass completed
  3. Rehabilitation and upgrading of Upperhill Roads completed
  4. City Cabanas interchange construction completed
  5. Ngong Road dualling under construction
  6. New Last Mile connections: 626,021 households, 203 schools and 15,483 public street lights completed
  7. Pangani Girls School upgrade completed, serving 1,200 students
  8. 47,000 new free secondary school and 216,567 primary school enrolments
  9. Mama Lucy Kibaki Level 5, Mbagathi Level 4, National Spinal Injury Hospital, Mathare National Teaching Hospital all fully equipped
  10. KSh 514,641,915 disbursed in FY 2015/16 through the Free Maternity Services Programme
  11. Construction of trunk sewers (Kibera, Upperhill, Kirichwa Ndogo completed
  12. JKIA expansion projects: primary screening yard, Terminal 1A, Terminal 2 completed
  13. Digitisation of National Land Titling Centre complete

Jubilee Party Nyamira County

  1. 1,200 teachers trained in 400 schools; 147 tablet computers issued
  2. Nyamira Divisional Police Housing and Offices completed and operational
  3. Ekerubo Gietai Technical Training Institute complete
  4. Keroka Water Supply and Sanitation Project complete and operational

Jubilee Party Nyandarua County

  1. 928 teachers trained in 328 schools; 170 tablet computers issued
  2. Caanan, Kinungu and Haki irrigation projects complete, serving 525 farmers across 800 acres
  3. Ol Kalou Level 5 hospital fully equipped
  4. Kenya Medical Training College complete and operational

Jubilee Party Nyeri County

  1. 1,168 teachers trained in 389 schools; 276 tablet computers issued
  2. Kagumo Boys and Bishop Gatima Gandu Girls school expansions complete, 2,500 students enrolled
  3. Othaya and Mukurweini water projects and Othaya sewage plant projects completed, serving 215,000 people
  4. Nyeri Inland Aquaculture Mini Processing Plant complete

Jubilee Party Samburu County

  1. 308 teachers trained in 103 schools;
  2. 318 tablet computers issued
  3. Maralal Level 5 hospital fully equipped
  4. Maralal High and Kisima Girls school upgrades completed
  5. 56,672 free school meal enrolments; 6,117 new free secondary school enrolments

Jubilee Party Siaya County

  1. 1,927 teachers trained in 642 schools; 243 tablet computers issued
  2. Nyangera and Sare/Gwanga irrigation projects completed, supporting 250 farmers across 170 acres
  3. 26 km Siaya to Ruambwa road completed
  4. Huduma Centre completed and operational

Jubilee Party Tharaka Nithi County

  1. 1,248 teachers trained in 416 schools; 135 tablet computers issued
  2. Chuka Level 5 hospital fully equipped
  3. Rwatha smallholder irrigation scheme completed, serving 230 farmers across 600 farmers
  4. New Last Mile connections: 9,000 households and 407 schools

Jubilee Party Taita Taveta County

  1. 575 teachers trained in 192 schools; 137 tablet computers issued
  2. Taveta Science and Technology Institute and Wamingu Technical Training Institute completed
  3. Lumi water pan project and expansion of Taveta-Lumi Water Supply Project completed
  4. Voi Level 5 and Taveta Level 4 hospitals fully equipped

Jubilee Party Tana River County

  1. 463 teachers trained in 154 schools; 150 tablet computers issued
  2. Three smallholder irrigation schemes (Kaithe, Entarara, Kiangai) completed, serving 1,000 farmers across 650 acres
  3. Hola Boys and Ngao Girls school upgrade projects completed
  4. Galana Food Security Project completed – 10,000 acres of new arable farming land

Jubilee Party Trans Nzoia County

  1. 978 teachers trained in 326 schools;
  2. 402 tablet computers issued
  3. Kitale Level 5 and Endebess Level 4 hospitals fully equipped
  4. Endebess Cattle Semen Collection Centre complete – second largest centre in Sub-Saharan Africa

Jubilee Party Turkana County

  1. 919 teachers trained in 322 schools;
  2. 269 tablet computers issued
  3. 12,510 livestock insured through the Kenya Livestock Insurance Programme
  4. Eight smallholder irrigation projects completed, supporting 3,830 farmers across 11,700 acres
  5. Turkana Huduma Center completed and operational

Jubilee Party Uasin Gishu County

  1. 1,253 teachers trained in 418 schools; 118 tablet computers issued
  2. 246km road rehabilitation and construction complete – Eldoret to Webuye, Timboroa and Kapsoya
  3. Chepkosom smallholder irrigation scheme complete, serving 240 farmers across 350 acres
  4. Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital and Burnt Forest Level 4 Referral Hospital fully equipped

Jubilee Party Vihiga County

  1. 1,157 teachers trained in 386 schools; 262 tablet computers issued
  2. Vihiga Level 5 hospital fully equipped
  3. New Last Mile connections: 12,289 households, 340 schools

Jubilee Party Wajir County

  1. 574 teachers trained in 191 schools; 212 tablet computers issued
  2. Griftu Level 4 Referral Hospital complete and operational
  3. Allinus and Burbidan Water Storage and Greenhouse Projects completed
  4. Five smallholder irrigation schemes completed, serving 500 farmers across 170 acres

Jubilee Party West Pokot County

  1. 1,318 teachers trained in 439 schools; 186 tablet computers issued
  2. River protection works at Kong’elai completed
  3. Chesang’atat-Marich and Psiywon smallholder irrigation projects complete, serving 1,100 farmers across 2,700 acres
  4. Kapenguria Level 5 hospital complete and operational

Jubilee Party – Party Organisations

The Jubilee Party is committed to ensuring democracy by enshrining it at all levels. Following the devolved nature of our national politics, the party has a devolved structure and robust internal democratic processes to ensure representation, participation and activation at the local, county, regional and national levels.

Internal party elections will be conducted in the most transparent way in a manner deemed to be free and fair by all, with oversight by independent bodies where necessary or relevant. Our Constitution outlines the manner in which elections are conducted and overseen by the Jubilee Party, the National Board of Elections and the Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission.

Jubilee Party - Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party – Tuko Pamoja



Jubilee Party - Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party – Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party - Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party – Tuko Pamoja

Jubilee Party Contacts

Jubilee House, Pangani Interchange, Exit 3, Thika Road,

P.O. Box 38601-00623, Nairobi


0771 399841, 0780 184393, 0780 445098,

0704 367983, 0717 041240


SMS 30553


Jubilee Party Kenya – News

Jubilee Party Kenya to recruit and lock in members with Sh20 smart cards

Updated: 7.1.2017

Jubilee Party will roll out a high-powered re-election campaign strategy next week, The Standard on Saturday can report.

The initial phase entails a massive registration of members using superior technology in a campaign to be launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday at the party’s headquarters in Nairobi.

The launch was set for Monday but was pushed to Friday to allow the President attend the burial of former Kanu stalwart Mark Too, who resigned as Nominated MP to pave the way for his nomination to Parliament.

Yesterday, JP Vice Chairman David Murathe said it is necessary for party members to validate their membership and guard against infiltration.

The President will inaugurate a unique smart membership card that will contain a member’s name, identity number and mobile phone number, making JP the first political party in Kenya’s history to use smart technology to recruit supporters.

It will cost every member Sh20 to acquire the card. To activate it, a member will send a text message with the word accept to 30553, after which they will be prompted to complete registration by sending their name, identity number and card number.

The smart card is connected to the database of the Registrar of Political Parties and that of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). This will ensure supporters are duly registered as JP members and registered voters.

“This is not just any other registration, you will use your phone to activate your card. We want to ensure that our members are not just members. They must be people who are registered as voters and officially as JP members. If you are a member of another party and try to register through our card system, it will prompt you to respond to questions like ‘sorry you are a member of another political party, do you wish to resign and register as a JP member?’. But if you are a member of JP, then it’s a fairly straight forward procedure,” said Murathe.

The smart card is meant to assure all aspirants on the Jubilee bandwagon free and fair primaries.

“One way of guaranteeing free and fair nominations is by having a readable barcode on the smart card which will contain a member’s details. Only members registered under the smart card programme will participate in the JP primaries,” said Murathe.

Following the launch of the membership recruitment drive on Friday, the party will then embark on the second phase of its strategy, which will involve inauguration of interim party officials from the national to the ward level.

“We’ve been working round the clock and we are now ready for the campaigns. There will be many more activities happening in quick succession and culminating in the polls,” a highly placed source at the centre of the strategy team said.

Sources privy to the campaign strategy said an agreement has been reached to hold elections for party officials three months after the August 8 General Election.

The launch comes at a time CORD has threatened street protests against the passing of amendments to electoral laws.

Source: Standard

Jubilee Party opens lavish nerve centre in Pangani, buys 47 Prados

Updated: 5.9.2016

Jubilee Party Kenya Offices

Jubilee Party Kenya Offices

The ruling coalition has acquired a building complex along Thika Superhighway and bought Land Cruiser Prado cars ahead of Jubilee Party’s official launch this weekend.

The party splashed photos of the eight-storey Jubilee Centre in Pangani, Nairobi, and the branded cars, on social media platforms on Sunday.

The building will serve as the nerve centre for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaign for re-election in 2017. He is expected to inspect the offices on Friday.

The complex, which is a five-minute drive from the city centre, will be operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Among those who will be stationed there are political strategists, data analysts, researchers and call centre employees who will give real time updates to supporters and State House.

Operations will be carried out under a strict set of security protocols because of the sensitive information expected to flow through the centre.

Jubilee Party Kenya

Jubilee Party Kenya

“You cannot take your cell phone in there. You would have to put it in the cubby,” said a top TNA official aware of the planning and logistics, who did not want to be named.

Campaign workers, including a digital team, will be issued with specially configured cell phones and will be required to communicate mostly by e-mail, Google Hangouts, Twitter and WhatsApp.

The source, who is also familiar with plans to furnish the building, said a ramp linking it to the superhighway will also be constructed.

Uhuru and Deputy President William Ruto put up a well-oiled election machinery, if the 2013 general election is anything to go by.

The campaign secretariat assembled at Jubilee Centre is said to be planning massive grassroots campaigns with a lot of focus on the digital frontier.

The campaigns will include more personalised interactions with voters than was the case in 2013.

“To be honest, I am amazed at what they are doing. What we did in 2013 was just a start,” said a source who was part of the 2013 campaign team.

All of the party’s offices in the 47 counties will be linked to the centre online, to fast-track decision making and policy direction.

Insiders said the vehicles, that number about 47, will be used to drum up support for the new party across all counties.

“This is an international party… Wait until the launch… We are stopping at nothing for this game changer in the country’s political parties dispensation,” said a senior TNA member.

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