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K24 TV Kenya Live Stream

K24 TV Kenya Live Stream: K24 is one of the leading television broadcasting station covering a large part of Kenya and the region. You can watch K24 news online live streaming from this link:  K24 Live.

K24 enriches your life by bringing you world-class television that reflects your hopes and aspirations in order to improve your quality of life through news and information that is relevant to you.

K24 Live Online Streaming for News

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K24 TV Kenya Live Stream – About K24 TV Kenya

They say if an egg breaks due to external forces or intervention, the life inside ends, but that when the same egg breaks from inside, a life begins. It has been a grueling five-year journey for K24 to get where we are today. What viewers may not realize, is that we encountered numerous challenges in our endeavor to bring you news and informative programming around the clock.It all started in 2007 when the idea of a news and information network was conceived.The concept was modeled around international news media that made a mark in 24-hour news programming like Cable News Network, CNN, Sky news, the BBC and Al-jazeera.

K24 TV Kenya Live Stream – History of K24 News

K24 TV Kenya Live Stream

K24 TV Kenya Live Stream

K24 began with a dream team of 60, made up of mostly fresh graduates, supervised by seasoned journalists who underwent a rigorous three-month training on basic reporting from camerawork, news gathering, reporting and video editing. Churning out a half-hour bulletin proved to be daunting task and the question lingering in the minds of many was how the station would generate news content 24 hours a day.It is at this time, that what is arguably Kenya’s favorite talk show, which premiered as ‘The future of Kenya’ was born. The show, the brainchild of award winning journalist Jeff Koinange, would later be renamed ‘Capital talk’ as the latter was a mouthful. In the initial stages, securing guests for a seven-day talk show was an uphill task. Meanwhile, the new crop of reporters were cutting their teeth in Kenya’s first 24-hour network, putting the basic training they had received to the test.In two short years, K24 had made a mark in the broadcast industry as the station bagged award after award – from the Martin Luther King peace award, the CNN/Multichoice environmental award, the Kenya Media Network for Population and Development award for the anti-FGM campaign and the anti-jigger campaign award.K24 became the first Kenyan television station to stream live on the internet, giving our diaspora viewers a taste of real Kenyan stories told to them in real time. In order to reflect the changing trends in the media space, the station unveiled its new face after month’s of hard work. And on June 28th, K24 began transmitting its news and other programming from its state of the art facilities.Since its inception to date, K24 has continued to scale the heights in broadcast journalism.

K24 TV Kenya Live Stream – K24 News and Programs

Everyday, we have endeavored to stay and remain ahead of the pack, thanks to the brilliant talent pool that give their all, day in, day out.Giving our viewers the best of local content is our forte, and to achieve that, we have a wide array of programs that cater for everyone tastes and preferences. Additionally, covering live events has been made possible by the acquisition of K24′s Outside Broadcasting van, aptly named “The action station”. The OB van has an in-built studio where we host leaders in the corporate sector, right outside their doorsteps.Since the birth of K24 five years ago, the station has spread its tentacles not only in Kenya but the entire East, Central and West African regions – we have nurtured this baby to where it is today – and we can proudly say, we’ve earned our stripes – we are no longer the new kids on the block – we own the block!

K24 TV Kenya Live Stream – K24 Contacts

Wireless: 0204 944 000
Airtel: 0730 144 000 /100
Fax: 22499781
SMS Shortcode: 20001

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