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Kagumo Town Kenya- A Guide To Kagumo Town

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Kagumo Town Guide

Located in Kirinyaga county, Kagumo town has its name derived from Mugumo tree (A sacred tree where traditional Kikuyu communities performed sacrifices and worship). For years, the place has been surrounded by many Mugumo trees, one of them at the middle of the market. This is the tree that hatched this name. Unfortunately, it was cut down by the urban council due to health problems.

Kagumo Town Geography and Climate

Kagumo town lies at an altitude of about 1724 meters( above the sea level). Kagumo town also lies approximately 12 km from Karatina town on Karatina-Embu road and approximately 102 km from Kenya’s capital Nairobi. Its a town famous for agriculture as the main economic activity, specializing in tea in Kenya, coffee in Kenya and dairy farming among others.

The temperatures in Kagumo town range from a minimum of 12°C to a maximum of 26°C with an annual average temperature of 20°C.  The town has two rainy seasons, the long rains and the short rains with the rainfall in the town ranging between 1,100 mm and 1,250 mm per year. The town’s climatic condition is influenced by its position along the equator and its position on the windward side of Mt Kenya.

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 Economic Activities in Kagumo Town

The main economic activities in Kagumo town include rice farming in Kenya, tea, coffee, poultry farming in Kenya, fishing and commercial businesses. Kagumo town residents also take part in dairy farming so as to boost their earnings by selling the dairy products.

Agriculture is the most common economic activity in the town. It is the leading sub sector in terms of employment, food, security, income earnings and overall contribution to the socio-economic well being of the people.

Places To Visit and Things To Do in Kagumo Town

Tourist Attractions

Kagumo town has several tourist attraction sites with one of them being the many Mugumo trees located in the town. Most tourists visit the town so as to have a view of the so called “sacred tree” where traditional Kikuyu communities performed sacrifices and worship.

  Education Institutions in Kagumo Town

Kagumo town being one of the urban centers in Kirinyaga county has several schools within it so as to help reduce the illiteracy level in the town and in the county generally. Some of the schools in Kagumo town include: Kagumo Girls High School and Kagumo Secondary School.

Other institutions are University Satellite Campus, Youth Polytechnics, Teacher Training Colleges, Medical Training College, Technical Colleges and Several Commercial Colleges.

Transport in Kagumo Town

Being an urban centre, Kagumo town has a quite good and well maintained road network. Most of the roads in this town are tarmacked hence the most convenient way to move form on place to another within the town is through ‘Matatus’, motorcycles or bicycles.

People living in Kagumo Town

With a total population of about 3,489 residents according to the 2009 Kenya Population and Housing Census, Kagumo town acts as a home to people from various ethnicity.

The Kikuyu are the main ethnic group in the town with other different groups of people in the town being; the Embu, Kamba, Borana, Somali, Asian and a few Caucasian whites who have also made the town home.

Most of these people are engaged in business or employed in the various sub-sectors in the region.

Kagumo Town Neighborhood

Kagumo town neighbors four major towns in Kirinyaga county namely: Kerugoya town, Sagana town, Wang’uru town and Kagio town.

Kagumo Town- Photos

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