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Kajiado Town Kenya

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Kajiado Town Guide

Kajiado Town Kenya is located at the southern tip of the Rift Valley Province. It is bordered by Tanzania (to the southwest) and the districts of Taita Taveta( to the south east), Machakos (to the east), Nairobi (to the north east), Kiambu (to the north) and Narok (to the west).

The people of Kajiado Town

Kajiado town has a diverse population of about 40,000 people. The Maasai tribe are the original inhabitants of the area but most of the businesses in town are owned by other ethnic groups of people who migrated into the areas from other parts of Kenya. Like most places in Kenya are extremely friendly town.

Population in Kajiado Town

The Kajiado District has a population of around 400,000. Nearly 50% of the population being in the age range 0 to 14 years.

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Kajiado Town Geography

The landscape consists of plains plus some volcanic hills and valleys. The region is very dry with no continually flowing rivers and is officially designated as semi-arid. The annual rainfall varies between 500 and 1,250mm.

There are two wet seasons, the ‘short rains’ between October and December and the ‘long rains’ between March and May. In recent years there have been long periods of drought when there has been little or no rain.

Economic activities in Kajiado town

Life is extremely hard for the Maasai pastoralists who make up the majority of the population. This hampers efforts to encourage agriculture as an alternative to cattle farming in Kenya. People tend to give up on a system where crop failure is a far too common occurrence.
Maasai women and children usually do most of the household work.

If the children go to school they have to take some wood so that the school meal can be cooked. No wood no meal. This may be the only meal a child would get.

Transport in Kajiado Kenya

Being an urban centre, Kajiado town has quite a good and well maintained road network. Most of the roads in this town are tarmacked hence the most convenient way to move form one place to another within the town is through ‘Matatus’, motorcycles or bicycles.

Hotels and Accommodations in Kajiado Town

  1. Leruat Log Resort
  2. Masai Eco Lodge
  3. Pool House
  4. Olengoti Resort
  5. Enkang’ Eseriani Guesthouse
  6. Shukran Guest House
Kajiado Town

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