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Kakai Kilonzo Biography, Songs, Kilimambogo Brothers and Death

Kakai Kilonzo Biography

Kakai Kilonzo was born in 1954 in Kilimambogo, Machakos county and died in 1987. He was a musician who led the band Kilimambogo Brothers.

Musical Career (Kilimambogo Brothers)

Kilonzo released his first recording with Kilimambogo Brothers in 1975. The group split in 1978 when Joseph Mwania and Joseph Sila left to form another group, Original Kilimambogo Stars. Kilonzo, however, continued releasing music with Kilimambogo Brothers. Originally, he performed in Kamba, his native language, but rose into national fame after releasing music in Swahili.

Kakai Kilonzo

Kakai Kilonzo

The Shava Musik record label has released two Kakai Kilonzo & Kilimambogo Brothers compilation albums: The Best of Kakai Volumes 1 and 2. His song “Mama Sofi pt2” is on the Rough Guide to the Music of Kenya compilation CD.

Kakai Kilonzo Death

Kilonzo died in 1987 due to illness. After the death of Kakai, his band Kilimambogo Brothers continued performing without him, although with less success.

Kakai Kilonzo Songs

  1. Annah, I Love You
  2. Kenya Nchi Yangu
  3. Baba Mkwe (Father-In-Law), Pt. 1
  4. Baba Mkwe (Father-In-Law), Pt. 2
  5. Baba Mkwe, Pt. 1
  6. Bibi Yangu Nakupenda (My Wife, I Love Love You)
  7. Ithwa Wi Metho (Open Your Eyes)
  8. Kijana Hatari (A Dangerous Youth)
  9. Kilimambogo Mathauni (Kilimambogo in the Competition)
  10. Mama Sofi, Pt. 1
  11. Mama Sofi, Pt. 2
  12. Monika , Pt. 1
  13. Monika , Pt. 2
  14. Mpenzi Mary , Pt. 1
  15. Mpenzi Mary , Pt. 2
  16. Mwiitu Beth (Girl Beth)
  17. Mwinzi Wa Mabuthi (A Name, Mwinzi Son of Mabuthi)
  18. Ngomeleelye Kitambaasye
  19. Serah Kamama (Sarah, Mama’s Little One), Pt. 1
  20. Serah Kamama (Sarah, Mama’s Little One), Pt. 2
  21. Sherina Nakupenda (Sherina, I Love You), Pt. 1
  22. Sherina Nakupenda (Sherina, I Love You), Pt. 2
  23. Sukuma Maendeleo (Push Forward Development)
  24. Tiundi Joyce (Nevermind Joyce)
  25. Wanawake Wachawi (Women Sorcerers)
  26. Wanidanganya (You Deceive Me) (and many others)


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