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Kamburu Dam

A Guied To Kamburu Dam

Kamburu Dam is the result of a man-made lake, with Tana river as its water source. It is one of the oldest dams in the country and hosts the 2nd major power station in independent Kenya after Kindaruma station. The also dam supports marine life for fish, hippos and crocodiles.

The Kamburu Dam is a rock-filled embankment dam on the Tana River in Kenya. It straddles the border of Embu and Machakos Counties in Eastern Province. The primary purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power generation and it supports a 93 MW power station. Construction on the dam began in 1971 and it was completed in 1975. The power station was commissioned the same year. US$23 million of the US$47 million project cost was provided by the World Bank. The power station is operated by Kenya Electricity Generating Company and is part of the Seven Forks Scheme.

The 52 m (171 ft) tall dam creates a reservoir with a storage capacity of 123,000,000 m3 (100,000 acre·ft). The power station is located underground just below the left toe and contains three 31 MW Francis turbine-generators. The difference in elevation between the reservoir and power station affords a net hydraulic head of 82 m (269 ft). Water discharged from the power station travels down a 3,040 m (9,970 ft) long tailrace tunnel before reaching the Tana at Gitaru Reservoir.

Kamburu Dam Contacts

Attraction Type: Scenery & Landscapes
Category: Waterfalls
Region: Mt. Kenya
City / Town: Mwea
Road / Street: Embu Siakago Road
Telephone: 254 20 366 6000
Entrance Fee: No

Kamburu Dam

Kamburu Dam


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