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Paul Kamlesh Pattni (also known as Brother Paul)  is a Kenyan businessman and pastor.

Virtually everybody in Kenya knows Pattni. Born (born 1965) at Kibokoni near the historic Old Town in the coastal city of Mombasa close to the famous Fort Jesus built by the Portuguese in 1596, Pattni has achieved the rare distinction of being one of the most famous personalities in Kenya.Kamlesh Pattni is now a baptised Christian taking the name of Paul, and runs his own church.

He was born into a Hindu family and later converted to Christianity and took the name Paul on his baptism.In 2012, he was awarded the Lifetime Africa Achievement Prize for Humanitarianism and Equity by the Ghanaian Excellence Awards Foundation.Paul Kamlesh Mansukhlal Damji Pattni is an enigma in Kenya. He has been described by those close to him as a man of many hats and a man with a big heart.

From his humble beginnings in Mombasa, Pattni grew up to become a successful businessman, such that by the time he was only 25 years, he was already controlling a chain of enterprises that included a bank, an engineering company, a tour and travel firm, duty free shops and five-star hotels. He had achieved what millions of people would only dream of at that age.

A man with a sharp mind and high intellectual aptitude, his phenomenal rise in the business world was bound to attract much attention, both negative and positive. The brilliant businessman came into the national spotlight in 1992 through his company, Goldenberg International, through which most people in Kenya and abroad associate him.

He had given his life to Christ before his trial in Kamiti Prison because of his scandal.While in prison, the Bible became Pattni’s constant companion, from which he drew great solace and inspiration as he battled to secure his freedom. It is through this deep faith in God that Pattni believes he finally walked out of prison a free man.

He decided to commit his life to the work of God, helping the oppressed, the exploited and others denied justice, while continuing with his business activities and philanthropy.

Pattni had also learnt another virtue through his close companionship with the Bible while he was in prison remand. That was love and forgiveness. He declared that he would not revenge against those who had wronged and persecuted him. Instead he would forgive them and continue with his life.

Kamlesh Pattni Political career

Pattni is the chairman of the Kenya National Democratic Alliance (KENDA), a political party in Kenya. He was a parliamentary candidate at the 2007 elections.[4] He unsuccessfully contested the Westlands Constituency in the 2013 election and received 10,083 votes.

Kamlesh Pattni Rumors

Pastor of ‘Hope International Church’ was spotted over the weekend at the Amors All White Party in Ebony Lounge partying like an animal and raising in lots of questions.

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Kamlesh Pattni
Kamlesh Pattni