Kanze Dena Biography

Kanze Dena full name is Kellen Beatrice Kanze Dena. She is a Kiswahili news anchor on Citizen TV, she is a news director and producer . She anchors alongside Lulu Hassan on “Nipashe” that airs at 7pm. 

Kanze Dena Education Background

  1. Student at Foundation College of Professional Studies, studied Journalism and Mass Communication
  2. Secondary school student at Kieni girls secondary school
  3. Primary school student at kianjokoma now st Mathew

Kanze Dena Job History

  1. News Anchor, News Director and Producer at Citizen Television
  2. Newsreader at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation radio
  3. Intern at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

Kanze Dena Family

Kanze Dena is a fourth born in a family of six children.

Her mother  was diagonised with cancer while she was 8 months pregnant and by the time she was having the first surgery is when Kanze was giving birth. One year down the line her mother died.

Kanze Dena Kids

Kanze Dena gave birth to her first child Natasha after high school. While pregnant her mother enrolled her to do a secretarial course. While her daughter was three months her mother moved with her to the upcountry so that Kanze could concentrate on her exams but unfortunately she passed on.

While in the Nairobi Baptist Church she got pregnant. While she was three months pregnant it seemed like she had a miscarriage but she got a pain in the stomach and went to hospital but was told that she was 7 months pregnant.

Kanze Dena Husband

As she gives her story, Kanze Dena is now happily married to a banana peddler and she believes that, that’s where God has placed her. She says that financial position of a person is not as good as his heart,and she also says that,its better to ride on a bicycle and be happy than ride on a range Rover and cry always.

Life is a journey, it has hills and slopes and one should be ready to take the the correct route that will lead him/her to Green pastures. Nobody is perfect and relationship is all about understanding your partner and knowing his or her likes and dislikes.

Kanze Dena Issues with low self esteem

She says that she had low self esteem while in her teen years. It all started while she was in primary and she noticed that her leg are bowed and this tormented her. While she started developing and her boobs and she adopted a stoop to hide her growing breast since the other girls had not yet started to develop and the boys were looking at her and laughing.

After high school she stared taking alcohol as a way to fit in and here she got pregnant with her first kid. The baby died after three months and this saw her into depression.

She contemplated suicide while her first born kid died and she wrapped her head with a nylon plastic bag so that she would suffocate and died but fortunately her mother came along

She slit her wrist and fortunately her mother came to bring her her son to breastfeed and she wrapped her wrist with a cloth.

She contemplated suicide for the third time while she was on a retreat in Mombasa in she thought that she would sit in the ocean and wait for the waves to come along and drown.

Kanze Dena Age

Details about Kanze Dena age will be updated soon…

Kanze Dena Salary

Details about Kanze Dena salary will soon be updated…

Kanze Dena Photos

Kanze Dena Photo
Kanze Dena Photo

Things you did not know about Kanze Dena

  1. She has three names: Kellen Beatrice Kanze Dena.
  2. Was born to Duruma parents, a community in Kwale County.
  3. She was brought up by a single mother after her father left when she was four years old.
  4. Grew up in both Nairobi and Mombasa.
  5. She schooled in Embu and specifically Kieni Girls High School.
  6. She greatly suffered from low slef-esteem because she was bow-legged and had a protruding tummy and boobs at a tender age. She was looked down upon because of this.
  7. She is a natural actress. Could act very well when in high school and after high school.
  8. Her low self-esteem forced her to start drinking alcohol.
  9. She worked as a waitress after high school and in the process got pregnant.
  10. She later enrolled for a secretariat course but hid the pregnancy from her mother. It was until when she delivered at Pumwani that her mother got wind and came to see her and the baby.
  11. She had planned to have her child adopted but her mother went to stay with the young girl (Natasha). Unfortunately, Natasha died after three months. This greatly threw her into depression and she contemplated committing suicide but as it happened, it never happened.
  12. Later joined Nairobi Baptist Church where she found solace and rediscovered herself after thorough counseling. This greatly sufficed as she joined Bible Study classes and the praise and worship team.
  13. – Went to college and later joined KBC as an intern. When the KBC boss heard her voice, he recommended she goes for a voice test and she qualified to read bulletins on KBC radio at 4 p.m.
  14. While at KBC and NBC, she got pregnant again and her world returned back to square one. She contemplated quitting church but was encouraged to stay.
  15. After 3 months, she woke up one morning with blood all over her bed. Upon arrival at hospital she was told she had had a miscarriage. This greatly broke her down and she contemplated committing suicide again.
  16. It was after seven months that she felt a lot of pain and visited hospital where they told her she had amoeba and needed serious medication.
  17. After another scan, it was discovered she was pregnant. This shocked everyone.
  18. By this time she had serious disagreements with her boyfriend and were not even seeing each other eye to eye. She wondered how to face him and tell him she was pregnant.
  19. Then her mother fell ill upcountry and she was transferred to Nairobi for medication. On arrival, she fainted at ambassador and was rushed to hospital where she was diagnosed with cancer.
  20. While in hospital, Kanze delivered her child.

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