A Guide To Kapenguria Museum

Kapenguria Museum incorporates the site where the six most influential leaders in the struggle for independence were detained by the colonial authorities, only to be released in 1961. Exhibits include photographs, documents, and books relating to the era. A replica of a Pokot (local community) homestead is outside the museum.

The Kapenguria museum was opened in 1993. It is located in Kapenguria town, at the site where the six most influential leaders in the struggle for independence were detained. To preserve the history of the struggle for independence, the National Museums of Kenya with financial support from the Dutch funded Arid and Semi-Arid Lands project in West Pokot preserved and rehabilitated the prison.

The Kapenguria six were the founding fathers of the Kenyan NationMzee Jomo Kenyatta, Kungu Karumba, Mr. Fred Kubai, Mr. Paul Ngei, Bildad Kaggia and the Hon. Ramogi Achieng Oneko. All of them have passed on although their legacy will always remain alive.

Displays in the Museum include books and documents in a memorial library in honour of all heroes who participated in the struggle for independence.

The cells, the ethnographic galleries and the Pokot homestead provide the foundation of Kapenguria museum. The Pokot gallery houses artifacts and photographic collections on the Pokot people. The creation and establishment of this gallery is credited to Mrs. Anny Mulder, an anthropologist who carried out work in this area among the Pokot people.

Other sections of the museum are the political development exhibits, a section containing exhibits revealing pre-colonial Kenya, slavery, the arrival of Europeans, African resistance to colonial rule and activities of pioneer nationalists.

Kapenguria Museum Contacts

Attraction Type: Historic Sites, Culture
Category: Historical Museum, Art Gallery, Community Tourism
Region: North Rift
City / Town: West Pokot
Road / Street: Makutano Kapenguria Road
Telephone: +254 722 562395
Email: kapenguria@museums.or.ke
Website: http://www.museums.or.ke/content/blogcategory/15/2
Entrance Fee: Yes

Kapenguria Museum
Kapenguria Museum