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Karen Golf Club

A Guide To Karen Golf Club

Karen Golf Club which is famous for its beautiful course and lawn terrace, is a nice display of Grevillea Robusta trees planted in lines along the fairway. Many of its trees are indigenous to Kenya and to date the course has become Kenya’s top eighteen-hole major championship courses.

The Club is a member of the Kenya Golf Union (K.G.U) and the Kenya Ladies Golf Union (K.L.G.U) and supports golf activities through its affiliations with these unions.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the colonization of Africa, there is one lasting legacy of former times that is more apparent in Kenya than in other such countries—a golf infrastructure. Kenya’s geography and climate suit the growing of tea and coffee, and many of the golf clubs were founded in the early years of the 20th century by estate owners and farmers. Golf courses were not confined to any specific region. They were to be found all over the country.

Karen Golf Club

Karen Golf Club

First came the Nairobi Golf Club, started as a nine-hole course in 1906. It was given the Royal prefix by King George V and is now an expansive 18-hole course. Up-country courses soon followed, with Nyeri leading the way in 1910.The Indian Ocean coast was also a promising golfing region, and the Mombasa Golf Club dates back to 1911. Not far behind was the primitive Kisii course (1914)in the Western Rift Valley/Lake Victoria region, although the pick of the club names in that part is surely the enticing Nandi Bears Club, formed by tea farmers in 1928. Happily, the golf tourism industry in Kenya flourishes and visitors are treated to some enchanting golf in wonderful locations.

Karen Golf Club Contacts

Attraction Type: Sports
Category: Golf
Region: Nairobi
City / Town: Nairobi
Telephone: 254 733 606950
254 722 204431
Entrance Fee: Yes

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