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Kariandusi archaeological site

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Kariandusi site is on the Nairobi – Nakuru highway, two kilometres east of Lake Elementeita. It is dated between one million and 700,000 years ago and displays tools that were made and used by Homo erectus.

The stone tools at Kariandusi, similar to those used in Olorgesailie, were found in their original context in 1928 by two scholars on a geological tour of the Rift Valley.

Karianclusi is renowned for its substantial concentration of redeposit stone artefacts made of lava and obsidian, the two main volcanic materials sourced from nearby mountains.

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The adjacent diatomite mine and plant show the importance of the area currently, and provide evidence of the changing landscape.

The diatomaceous earth, first discovered by geologists in the 1900s, is now a source of revenue to many youth in the area engaged in its mining. However, mining may be affecting the cultural heritage of the area.