Kaytrixx  Biography

Kaytrixx a.k.a Kabochi Gakau was born in Mombasa on the 12th of June 1989. He went to nursery(Busy Bee Nursery school), primary(Tudor Junior Primary school) and Secondary (Allidina Visram High school) in Mombasa.He completed his secondary school education at a very young age of 14 and joined campus at the age of 15. He started showing interest in Dj-ing immediately after joining campus (Moi University,Main Campus Eldoret) at a friends party after Dj-ing for a few minutes on a computer using atomix. This pushed him to get VIRTUAL DJ which he mastered in a very short time and was given the name “KAYTRIXX” by Campus mates which he has stuck with ever since.


He joined the “Pilsner Mfalme” competition in late 2008 when still in campus and made it all the way to the finals in Nairobi. Dj Krowbar emerged the winner while DJ Tibbs was runner up, Dj Joe Mfalme was third and he a distant Fifth. He landed a job at “CodeRED Entertainment” in January 2009 and started doing events under the unit. Kaytrixx stayed at CodeRED for 2 years having done a countless number of events including Str8Up Live and VIBE CITY on KTN together with Dj Stylez and Eve D Souza.

In January 2011, Kaytrixx left CodeRED Entertainment and embarked on his Solo career which saw him do gigs all over the country and get a re-call to KTN for the Str8Up TV show. He also landed a Radio deal at Homeboyz radio for the Hangover Radio show that aired every Saturday from 3 – 5pm. He also managed to frequent Rwanda and Tanzania for events in this period. He is currently is the CEO of Spin Cycle Entertainment Limited.


-He is the host and VJ of Str8Up Live which is a Live music mix entertainment magazine show that airs every Saturday from 11am – 1pm on KTN
-He conducts interviews, does links and mixes the music for the show
-He has been on str8Up since 2010.
-The show is widely watched and has a large social media as well as on ground following that has seen Kaytrixx grow into a well recognizable brand
-The show now includes the talented Spin Cycle Dj’s.



Kaytrixx the Entertainer