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Kenya Airways Online Booking, Check in, Flight Schedule, Contacts and Website

Kenya Airways was established by the Kenyan government on 22 January 1977, following the break-up of the East African Community and the consequent demise of East African Airways (EAA). Kenya is a fascinating tourist destination with ethereal scenic beauty. It has its capital city as Nairobi popularly known as “Green City in the Sun”. The city is also a legendary scholarly hub and is home to the University of Nairobi, a world-class centre of academic excellence. Eldoret, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nairobi and Nakuru are the major towns of Kenya.

Kenya Airways is widely considered as one of the leading Sub-Saharan operators; as of January 2013, the carrier was ranked fourth among the top ten ones that operate in Africa by seat capacity, behind South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and Egypt Air.The airline became a full member of Sky Team in June 2010, and is also a member of the African Airlines Association since 1977.

Kenya Airways Contact

Kenya Airways Contact

Kenya Airways Online Booking

With Kenya Airways online check in you can now check in online with an e-ticket from 30 hours until 2 hours before departure. Jump the longs queues at selected airports and choose your preferred seat and print out your boarding pass at your convenience. At the airport, drop off your luggage at the dedicated online check in drop off point and proceed to the boarding gate. Online check in is now leaps and bounds ahead with Kenya Airways.

When you use Cleartrip to make your online booking to visit Kenya or any of the other popular destinations it helps in connecting, you will find a superior user experience that you might want to keep going back to. This is because they have tried to keep the site instinctive and easy to use, by providing you the data required to make your booking in a clutter free manner. You could also use their interface to check your Kenya Airways PNR Status and flight status anytime after making your booking.

For booking flight tickets with Kenya Airlines, you can go online. By going online you will be able to find cheap deal. Hence go online a get an affordable flight ticket

Kenya Airways Check-in

Kenya Airways International Check-in

For all international flights, passengers are required to check in at least two and a half hours before departure of flight (irrespective of Class of travel). Counters close one hour prior to departure.

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Kenya Airways Domestic Check-in

Passengers on domestic flights passengers are required to produce some acceptable form of identification at check-in. They are required to check in at least one and a half hours (irrespective of Class of travel). Counters close 30 minutes to departure.

Kenya Airways Flight Schedule

To find the Kenya airways flight schedules you need to make your dream vacation or international flight a reality. Explore the schedules here: Click Here

Kenya Airways Contact

Head Office
Airport North Road, Embakasi
P.O. Box: 19002 – 00501 Nairobi , Kenya
Tel: + 254-(0)20-6422000
Safaricom: +254-0711-02-2000
Airtel: +254-0734-10-2000
Contact Centre (24 hours)
Tel : +254 (0) 20 3274747
Safaricom : +254 0711 02 4747
Airtel : +254 0734 10 4747
Email :
Flying Blue :
Customer relations : 

Kenya Airways Website

Kenya Airways website is:

Kenya Airways Ticketing Offices Nairobi

Barclays Plaza Nairobi

Category: Kenya Airways Online Booking

Ground Floor, Loita Street
P.O. BOX 41010-00100, Nairobi
Tel : +254 (0)20 3274308
Safaricom : +254 711 024 308
Airtel : +254 734 104 308
Business hrs :0800-1800 (Mon-Fri) / 0830-1300 (Sat)

Junction Sales and Ticketing Office Nairobi

Category: Kenya Airways Online Booking

1st Floor,The Junction Shopping Mall,
Ngong Road
Tel: +254(0)20-64222203 / +254-711-02-2203
Business Hrs: Mon-Fri 0900-1800
Saturdays: 0900-1500

KQ Holidays Roof-top Parking, Nairobi

Category: Kenya Airways Online Booking

Village Market,
Limuru Road, Nairobi
Tel: 020-7121072
Airtel: 0734 10 2792-93/81-82
Safaricom: 0711 02 2790-93/81-82
Business hrs : Mon-Fri (0900-1800) / 0900-1500 (Sat)
Sarit Center Sales and Ticketing Office Lower ground floor, Sarit Centre, Westlands, off Waiyaki way,
Tel: +254-(0)20-642 2465/66
Airtel: +254-0734-10-2465/66
Safaricom: +254-0711-02-2465/66
Business hrs : Mon-Fri (0900-1800) / 0900-1500 (Sat)

Tea Room Sales and Ticketing Office Nairobi

Category: Kenya Airways Online Booking

Superior Arcade, 4th Floor,Accra Rd/Dubois Rd (next to Tea Room)
Tel: +254-711-02-2108/+254-0711-02-2138/+254-0711-02-2061
Business hrs: Mon-Fri 0800 -1800 Saturdays : 0830-1400

Yaya Sales and Ticketing Office Nairobi

Category: Kenya Airways Online Booking

Ground Floor
Yaya Centre
Tel: +254(0)20-6422802/05 or +254711022802/5 or +254734102802/05
Business Hrs: Mon-Fri 0900-1800
Saturdays: 0900-1500

Kenya Airways Cargo

Kenya Airways Cargo: Kenya Airways operates 2 air cargo handling facilities at JKIA. KQ Cargo Centre is our facility dedicated to handling of import shipments and cargo for our customer airlines. Kenya Airfreight Handling (KAHL) Building which is mainly used for our export shipments is located next to KQ Cargo Centre and is owned by KAA (Kenya Airports Authority).

Kenya Airways Cargo – Products and Services

KQ Pharma

KQ Pharma is an airport-to-airport service designed to cater for transportation of pharmaceutical products in the most efficient way possible to ensure cool-chain integrity is maintained and product quality preserved.

KQ Express Cargo

KQ Express Cargo is a priority product designed to cater for urgent cargo shipments with speed and reliability. This is an airport to airport service.

KQ live

In today’s modern world, carriage of live animals by air is considered the most humane and expedite method of transportation over long distances. KQ live is our safe and caring service for transportation of animals.

KQ Mail

The Kenya Airways Cargo Mail product is tailor-made to cater for the uplift of Post Office mail which includes postal items as defined by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) convention. This product is offered to postal administrations and mail agents only and is an airport to airport service.

KQ Courier

KQ Courier is a tailor-made airfreight service that caters for expedited transportation of time-definite courier material by registered courier companies only. This is an airport-to-airport service.

KQ Secure

KQ Secure is an exceptional high security airport-to-airport service for your vulnerable consignments, offering maximum security and streamlined processes. This product offers, upon acceptance, special storage areas, surveillance on ground and escort to the aircraft by trained personnel to guarantee a high level of protection for your vulnerable goods.

KQ Repatriation

This is a specialized sensitive priority service that is compassionate in ensuring human remains travel safely as cargo. This service ensures that human remains are treated with utmost dignity plus full and discreet care at all stages. This is an airport – to – airport service.

KQ General Cargo

A service tailor-made to cater for the specific transportation requirements of traders, businesses, NGOs, Consolidators, Public Authorities, amongst others.

KQ Fresh

An airport to airport service designed to cater for transportation of perishable products such as fresh fruits, flowers, vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products, in the most efficient and reliable way possible to ensure product freshness and cool-chain integrity is preserved.

Kenya Airways Cargo FAQs

Kenya Airways Cargo: What destinations does Kenya Airways fly to? What type of aircraft do Kenya Airways operate on certain destinations? Is it possible to get a flight schedule?

Kenya Airways has direct flights to over 50 destinations and can connect your cargo to over 200 destinations worldwide. Please contact your local Kenya Airways Cargo office for detailed information on which aircraft operate to specific destinations.

Kenya Airways Cargo: Do you operate any freighter service? Is it possible to charter a freighter?

We currently operate freighter services to/from Kigali, Juba, Zanzibar, Entebbe, Dar-es-Salaam, Lusaka, Lilongwe, Douala, Yaounde, Kinshasa, Brazaville & Mombasa. Please contact your local Kenya Airways Cargo office for tailor-made charter flights at the most competitive price and for more information on the days of operation by the freighter.

Kenya Airways Cargo: What are the charges for sending my cargo on your airline? What are the procedures for exports? Are there any special requirements for export of fresh produce?

It is our strong belief that you will be able to safeguard your business interest and ensure professional and timely handling of your export shipments by using a reputable forwarding agent. Such an agent will be able to negotiate the most favourable rate with the airline, give you a comprehensive quotation, advise you on all the export formalities, documentations and other requirements for your shipment. The agent will obtain booking confirmation, take care of all the formalities at the departure and will present your cargo for acceptance to our Ground Handling Agent (GHA). We will be happy to provide you with the list of our appointed forwarding agents.

In the event that you would still like to send your shipments yourself without using an agent, you can do so by presenting your cargo directly to our GHA. In this case however you will have to do all the export documentation and formalities as well as the bookings yourself, as our GHA will only do acceptance of your cargo and issue you with the transportation document Air Waybill (AWB).

Kenya Airways Cargo: Do you carry any other cargo apart from general cargo?

We carry all types of cargo strictly in accordance with the IATA regulations. Apart from general cargo we carry live animals, perishables, dangerous goods, vulnerable cargo, pharmaceutical products including vaccines and others. For more information on the full range of our products and services, please go to our Products and Services menu.

Kenya Airways Cargo: What security checks do you carry out? Will they affect my cargo?

We ensure that all necessary security measures are taken to protect safety and security of our passengers, crew and the aircraft when cargo is being accepted to our warehouse for carriage. These measures include but are not limited to X-ray, metal detector search, manual search amongst others. Such checks do not in way will affect your shipments as professionally trained personnel conduct these checks.

Kenya Airways Cargo: Can I track my cargo on Internet till arrival at the final destination?

Yes, it is possible to track and trace your cargo on our website. We will also be happy to advise you on the movement of your cargo by phone or by e-mail. Please contact us on: Tel: +254 733 207226 or +254 733 267057 E-mail:

Kenya Airways Cargo: What is the Kenya Airways Cargo Mail Product? Who is it designed for? Can a company use Kenya Airways Cargo Mail product for transporting and delivery of its company mail to various destinations?

The product is used for the conveyance of mail for postal administrations only and is not available to private individuals or registered companies.

Kenya Airways Cargo: What is KQ Courier? Who is it designed for?

KQ Courier is a product that was developed in-house and implemented in Nairobi from June 2002. It is an airport-to-airport service designed for Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) accredited courier companies in Kenya and we see it as a partnership with the courier companies to provide them with an air transportation service.

Kenya Airways Cargo: Where do I deliver my courier shipments? What is the cut off time for acceptance of courier materials?

If you are not a CCK accredited courier company in Kenya, please contact any of the courier companies operating in your country who will be able to offer you their comprehensive door-to-door service.

Kenya Airways Cargo: As a courier company or forwarding agent, how do I become your appointed courier agent?

We welcome each and every courier company and cargo agents to become our appointed agents. Please do not hesitate to contact your local Kenya Airways Cargo office for all the details on all our procedures and requirements to the prospective appointed agency

Kenya Airways Cargo Contacts

Physical Location: Nairobi Cargo Centre Building (1st Floor) Jomo Kenyatta International Airport – Freight Terminal
Postal Address: 19142
Postcode: 00501
City: Nairobi
Country: Kenya
Telephone: 254-20-6423467
Fax: 254-20-6423008