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Kenya Business Safari

Business travellers to Kenya will find all of the facilities they need are widely available. Many hotels and resorts throughout the country offer corporate rates and discounts and have modern, efficient business centers with complete computer, telecommunication and internet services

One of the key ingredients for any successful conference is location. Kenya offers something new for conference planners and organizers. We have more options than you could ever imagine for a conference with a real difference. Many of our top class hotels, safari lodges, beach resorts, and even tented bush camps offer world class conference facilities.

These include conference halls and private meeting rooms, audio visual and multimedia services and telecommunications. These facilities, combined with comfortable surrounds, well appointed accommodation and fine cuisine, means that you can hold a professional, effective conference in the wild.

Kenya offers the perfect combination of work and play. Your time outside of the conference room can be spent exploring the wilderness, taking game drives, hikes or visiting local villages. What better way than develop team strength and strategy than to take your delegates on a challenging adventure safari? Rock climbing, white water rafting, came trekking and more are all available.

Imagine ending your day’s meetings and discussions with a classic safari sundowner. Your group can gather for drinks around a campfire, as day gives way to night and the air rings with the calls of the wild. In this magical atmosphere, minds become more open, creative and focused.

When you’re planning this year’s conference, consider Kenya.

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Incentive Travel

Many people dream of visiting Kenya. If you are looking for the perfect incentive travel option for your employees, affiliates or partners, why not let their dreams come true and offer them a Kenyan safari? Putting together the perfect safari package to suit any individual needs and interests couldn’t be any easier. With our world of safari options, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Think about Kenya as the ultimate prize in the big game of business.

Spice up you Kenya Business Safari

A business trip is often viewed as, well just that, a business trip. What comes to mind when one prepares for one, is work, work and more work. However, your business trip does not necessary have to be all work and no play. Here are some of the factors that you can consider so you can make your trip a seamless mix of business and pleasure.

Hotel Choice

Choose a hotel that is convenient with regards to location, guest tacilities and other recreational amenities A city hotel or one that is located in close proximity to a town will be an obvious advantage since this will help you avoid long drives to meetings or access to secretarial services arnong others. That is it the hotel you are staying in does not have its own business center. A hotel that has spa and titness facilities will enable you to rejuvenate after a long day of business activities.


Draw up a clear schedule so as to avoid contusion. it y is a known tact that where proper planning lacks, stress is prominent. Ensure that in your schedule you include some relaxation activities so as to ease your rnind atter a days work.

Meeting Points

Do some research on your client’s preferences. This is a great way to sately rni>< business and pleasure and rnake business successful. For exarnple it your client enjoys boardgames or shooting pool, this can be an opportune situation tor you to interact more

Pack light

Whatever the trip, too rnuch luggage is always a no no For a business trip, one needs to carry as little as possible, reduce paper work, check it tnere is a software or application that you can use on a computer to make records, tor exarnple invoices, carry only wnat you really need.

Extra days.

Consider staying at your business trip destination for a tew more days, Extra days will enable you to rela>< for a while and even explore tne new town. lt is a great way of ensuring you do not go nome fatigued.


Some research on vi/here and what is avaiiable to eat wiil be a good idea before you set out tor your business trip. This vyiil be an opportunity to visit difterent neighborhoods and absorb some of the culture vyhiie you’re there. Turn dinner into more than just _a business meeting by choosing a restaurant with iive music or one that’s showing a big game you and your ciient may be interested in.