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Elephants in Kenya

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Kenya Elephant

Kenya Elephant

Elephants in Kenya– It is the world’s largest land animal. Kenya has about 30,000 elephants, with an estimated 10,000 in the, Tsavo/Mkomazi ecosystem. One of the best places to see elephants is in the Amboseli Game Reserve. This is the home of late ‘Echo,’ the matriarch one of the herds studied by Cynthia Moss and featured in the book and documentary ‘Echo of the Elephants.

The Kenya Elephant is entirely vegetarian and eats variety of food — grass, leaves, shoots, flowers and bark. Its diet also includes a variety of crops — maize, bananas, mangoes and sweet potatoes — thus bringing it into conflict with man. Interestingly, elephants are partial to over-ripe fruits ostensibly because they make them drunk! They are very social and females stand watch over their dead young and even cover the body with branches and twigs.


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