A Guide To Kenya Fly fishers club

Kenya Fly fishers club is the oldest fishing club in Kenya, having opened its door in 1919 as Private Members Club for amateur and expert fly fishermen and women. The club is privileged to have long leases on three of Kenyas finest trout rivers, well off the beaten track, yet accessible from Nairobi.

Kenya Fly fishers club
Kenya Fly fishers club

Kenya Fly Fishers’ Club (KFFC) began life as the Kenya Angling Association in 1919. It became KFFC in 1937. As such it is the oldest fishing club in East Africa. We are a private Members’ Club for the amateur and expert flyfisherman and woman.

Our beautiful rivers

We are privileged to have long leases on three of Kenya’s finest trout rivers, well off the beaten track and yet accessible from Nairobi. The Northern Mathioya, Gichugi; and the Southern Mathioya Rivers run east, from the Southern end of the well-known Aberdare range.

The Club’s beats begin on the edge of the Aberdare Forest and run down through the upper reaches of Kikuyu tea-country for some twelve kilometres. Fishing is from both banks on these fast flowing rivers, where the water is gin-clear and the birdlife incomparable.

Rainbow Trout from the forests and foothills of the Aberdares, and from the Club’s own stocking programme make up for the majority of the catch. There is also the occasional wild Brown Trout to be had. Fishing is on artificial fly. The rivers are regularly patrolled and experienced ghillies are on hand.

Our picturesque camps

We maintain two traditional hutted camps, each set in three acres of peaceful gardens with a river frontage. Each is built around a central Clubhouse with a comfortable dining room and lounge, substantial log fire, plenty of deep arm chairs and sofas and an abundance of piscatorial literature.

A cook and Houseboy manage the kitchen and stores, Cooking is by gas and lighting by electricity. Sleeping accommodation is in four traditional log bandas. Each has two comfortable beds, and a small washroom. There is also a central washing block with hot running water for showers and bathing.

The Camps are extremely comfortable, but offer a feel of the ‘early years’. Visitors must take their food and bed linen, in addition to fishing tackle and binoculars. Access to the Club waters is by road, past Thika and on to Murang’a. From Murang’a a good tarred tea road leads to Kangema and the turn-offs for each of the camps. A detailed map is available to members.

Management and Membership

An elected Committee directs the affairs of Club from Nairobi; dealing with river and camp management, stocking and membership matters.

The Club is proud to have nearly one hundred full Members’ guests are welcome. The Club offers year-round fishing on some of East Africa’s best rivers.

Our Fishing Camps provide a wonderfully relaxing getaway at a very affordable price.

The Camps are perfect weekend destinations for keen fly fishermen, ornithologists and their families.

Anyone, in fact, who appreciates the slower pace of traditional life in Kenya.

Past Presidents & Chairmen
1919 – 1927 Blayney-Percival A
1928 – 1931 Martin H T
1932 – 1933 Shaw D A
1934 – 1937 Cockburn J E
1938 – 1940 Sutcliffe A W
1941 Sterry J
1942 – 1943 Hatelty L
1944 McMaster P G W
1945 Mitchell P E Sir
1946 Tate S
1947 Rodway W G
1948 Gibson L M
1949 Mitchell G H
1950 Stratton F C C
1951 Brown K A
1952 – 1953 Kealinge A E
1954 – 1955 Hart E V
1956 Sinton J L
1957 Kerr D A
1958 Whitcombe E V
1959 Bowles R V
1960 Brookes F C
1961 McDonald Wilson D
1962 Park J
1963 Walker J H
1964 Mitchell G H
1965 Hellings G M
1966 Kampf B A
1967 Geordiadis B N
1968 Nesbitt O S
1969 Leonard J
1970 Law E J E
1971 Aikman T S
1972 Savage L K
1973 Mitchell H W
1974 Davies P R
1975 Burgess A J
1976 Dyson W G
1977 Davis P R
1978 Collis A E
1979 Flatt D N
1980 Vincent M H
1981 Hunter M H
1982 Vincent M H
1983 Couldrey J A
1984 LePelley P
1985 Rowing J
1986 Montgomery N J
1987 Sutcliffe L E
1988 Fowler O
1989 Abell A G W
1990 Jennings G B
1991 Sutcliffe L E
1992 Bowles B R
1993 Shorten L J
1995 Church C E
1995 Burns S
1996 Watson R W M
1997 Georgiadis B N
1998 Sawers J
1999 Bristow E
2000 – 2001 Lord M A
2002 – 2008 Harney R T
2009 – 2013 Harrison C J

Kenya Fly fishers club Contacts

Attraction Type: Scenery & Landscapes, Sports
Category: Lake or River, Fishing
Region: Mt. Kenya
City / Town: Muranga
Telephone: 254 20 232 6170
Website: http://www.kenyaflyfishersclub.com/
Entrance Fee: Yes