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Kenya Foods

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Kenya Being a country with many tribes  is bound to have different types of foods/dishes due to cultural differences. Most of the foods are easy to access, inexpensive and easy to make. Here are some of the famous kenyan foods to help you get excited about eating Kenyan food:


This is most common dish .It is usually made from cornmeal that is added to boiling water and heated until into a dense block of cornmeal paste.
For many Kenyans, ugali along with a small amount of cooked vegetables or saucy stew is a normal meal.

Ugali photo


It is a simple dish that consists of boiled beans,corns and its mostly mixed with bit of vegetables.The combination is highly nutritious and can be really good when complimented with an avocado or even pepper.

Githeri photo


This is one of the famous dishes in kenya .It originated as a Kikuyu staple food and spread throughout the country. Green peas and potatoes are boiled and then mashed up before whole kernels of maize (corn) are added to give the mash some extra starch and texture. This hearty and heavy Kenyan food is famous to eat with roasted nyama choma meat (nyama na irio) or just some Kenyan style stew.

Mukimo Photo


Pilau is afamous swahili dish.Pilau is a glorified combination of rice cooked with flavor bursting spices like cumin, cardamon, cinnamon, and cloves. The fragrant rice is fantastic to eat with a form of meat stew and a few slices of fresh tomato and onions.

Pilau photo

5.Nyama Choma

Any Kenyan food list is not complete without a mention of nyama choma, also known as roasted meat. Goat and beef are the 2 most common forms of nyama choma, but chicken (kuku choma) and fish (samaki choma) are also valid choices.

Nyama Choma Photo

6.sukuma wiki(kale)

One of the most popular vegetable Kenyan dishes is sukuma wiki also known as kales. It is very nutritious and oftenly to be included in almost every meal.

Sukuma wiki Photo


Chapatis is considered to be more of special form of kenyan food, a nice treat to eat anytime. They are made with a flour dough that is wound into a coil before being rolled into a flat round circle. The dough is then fried on a skillet accompanied by plenty of oil so it becomes crispy on the edges but remains moist and doughy on the interior.Chapatis go well with fried cabbage, beans, or even just rolled up with a cup of tea!

chapati Photo

8 Grilled Maize

One of the most popular on-the-go snacks in Kenya is a cob of roasted maize. The corn is picked when it has become mature, so it’s a dry starch that is perfect for roasting over hot embers.

As the maize roasts, some kernels pop like popcorn while others blacken to a crunchy crisp. Some street stall vendors will supply a chili lime salt garnish for the grilled maize.

Grilled Maize photo

9. Mutura

Mutura is the real Kenyan sausage, a protein rich meaty snack that could be the envy of every beer drinker.

Goat intestine wrappers are stuffed full of the alluring combination of ground meat parts and goat blood. The sausage is boiled until it is almost cooked through and then thrown on the grill to dehydrate the meat and give it that sensational smoky taste.

If you are searching for that truly authentic Kenyan food street meat experience, mutura will go above and beyond your expectation!

Mutura Photo

10. Mandazi( Kenyan Doughnut)

They can be smelled from a kilometer down the street, that lovely familiar scent of a blob of deep frying dough.

The smell is enough to entice anyone to make a mandatory mandazi stop.

Mandazi’s make a great snack or a light breakfast with a cup of sweet chai.

Mandazi Photo

11.Kenyan Bajias

There are multiple forms of what is commonly known as bajias. The Kenyan variety (sort of borrowed from India) is normally what can be described as glorious spruced-up plate of awesome french fries (chips).

Potatoes are sliced up and battered with seasoning, deep fried, and served with a Kenyan tomato salsa that is worth boasting about.

Bajia Photo

12.Masala Chips
The dish starts with a greasy plate of freshly deep fried french fries (chips).

Tomato sauce, chili sauce, herbs, cilantro, and whatever else the chef decides are all added to the fries, coating them in a luscious sauce that will have you licking your fingers and the plate!

Masala Chips Photo


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