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Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis – KIPPRA

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Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis – KIPPRA is an autonomous public institute whose primary mission is to conduct research and analysis and advise Government and the private sector. KIPPRA produces quality analysis of policy issues and contributes to the achievement of development objectives. KIPPRA is, therefore, a source of information and advice.

Its objectives are to conduct policy research in human resource development, social welfare, environment and natural resources, agriculture and rural development, trade and industry, public finance, money and finance and on macroeconomic frameworks.

KIPPRA’s programmes fall under broad areas. The Institute’s primary activity is research, and it has five broad primary research divisions: Macroeconomics, Productive Sector, Social Sector, Infrastructure and Economic Services and the Private Sector Development Divisions. Its research projects cover policy modeling, domestic and external debt, private investment and economic growth, public expenditure, the exchange rate and external trade.

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Others are regional integration issues, land laws and agricultural development, tourism policy, taxation and tax reform, poverty, education, health, impact of HIV and Aids, infrastructure finance and privatisation, among others.

KIPPRA provides in-service training and short-term training to professionals working in Government ministries and agencies. It works with the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics in designing surveys, preparing data collection instruments. economic surveys and statistical abstracts.

KIPPRA is linked to local and international research organisations and has a network of researchers. It publishes policy papers regularly, and comments on economic performance in Kenya.

The institution organises seminars and workshops to disseminate research findings and policy analysis. It’s Library and Information Documentation Centre enhances research and training of KIPPRA.