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Kenya Law – Laws of Kenya

Kenya Law – Laws of Kenya

Kenya Law – Laws of Kenya: Finding good legal services in Kenya for your business is an important, but often a confusing aspect.  In many situations, making legal decision without proper knowledge and representation can lead to disastrous results.

At , you will find legal services available for a broad range of needs ranging from business,  incorporations, trademark, transcription, patent and intellectual property services and many more.

In our legal guides, you will find relevant and up to date information on what you need to know on all your legal requirements.

Visit the pages in this section to find out more about different legal services and advice in Kenya which includes:

  1. Marriage in Kenya
  2. Memorandum of Association
  3. Articles of Association
  4. Societies in Kenya
  5. Intellectual Property
  6. Benefits of Fighting Corruption
  7. Copyright Law in Kenya
  8. Companies in Kenya: Company Law
  9. Registration of Companies in Kenya
  10. Corruption in Kenya
  11. Adoption in Kenya
  12. Corruption in Kenya – Fight against corruption
  13. Business Organizations in Kenya
  14. Registration of Books and Newspapers
  15. Working with a Kenyan Lawyer
  16. Writing a Partnership Agreement
Kenya Law - Laws of Kenya

Kenya Law – Laws of Kenya

Sources of Law in Kenya – Sources of Laws of Kenya

  • The Constitution
  • Legislation
  • Delegated Legislation
  • Statutes of General Application in force in England on 12th August 1897
  • Substance of Common Law and doctrines of equity
  • African Customary Law
  • Islamic Law
  • Hindu Law
  • Judicial Precedent (Case Law)

Kenya Law – Laws of Kenya – Video

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