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Kenya National Bureau of Statistics – KNBS

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Kenya National Bureau of Statistics – KNBS was established through the Statistics Act 2006 and the date of commencement was February 1, 2007. The Act provides for the post of a director-general who is the CEO of the Bureau.

The Act gives KN BS autonomy to collect, compile, analyse, publish and disseminate statistical information and coordinate the national statistical system and related purposes. It is a Government agency that collects, analyses and disseminates socio-economic statistics needed for planning and policy formulation. Its functions fall into four categories – data collection, data analysis and official statistics, dissemination of results to users and producers and archiving of survey and census results data

The Bureau maintains the National Sampling Survey and Evaluation Programme (NASSEP), which provides the framework for designing household surveys to generate forms of household data. It maintains a Master File of all establishments in the country. The Master File provides a framework for collecting establishment data.

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KNBS has an elaborate infrastructure for data collection such as District Statistical Officers and enumerators in every district. The Bureau is also the custodian of Government statistical information and maintains a database of national surveys, including National Population and Housing censuses.

KNBS has six divisions: Industrial and Labour Statistics; Population and Social Statistics; Data Processing, Research and Publications; Agriculture, Nutrition and Environmental Statistics; Macro-Economic and National Income Accounts Statistics; and National Sample Survey and Evaluation Programme and Field Administration.

Statistical officers are posted to the ministries of Health, Agriculture, Transport and Communication, Education and Environment to augment data collection and analysis in the institutions. KNBS provides statistics to organisations on request. The information is usually for research or publications of the country’s socioeconomic profiles.

KNBS Strategic Plan 2008-2012 lays a foundation on how to achieve its objectives and aspirations in the period. It builds on lessons from first Strategic Plan and was developed after consultations with all stakeholders in the National Statistical Systems (NSS).

Aligned to the overall thrust of Kenya’s Vision 2030, it focuses on six thematic areas: Aligning Statistical Information with user requirements; enhancing the quality of statistical data and information; creating an effective National Statistical System; Building Human Resource Capacity; Developing Physical and Information Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure; and Enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Bureau.