A Guide To Kenya Railways Golf Club

Kenya Railways Golf Club is bisected by the railway which can be disconcerting, especially when trains are passing. The course has a very different layout with its nine holes running parallel to Uhuru Highway, playing great havoc to concentration of golfers. However, each tier is fairly flat.

Kenya Railways Golf Club
Kenya Railways Golf Club

Kenya Railway Golf Club, as it is today known, is situated in the Central Business District of Nairobi, between Uhuru Highway and Lower Hill Road, with its entrance off Haile Selassie Avenue. It is a remarkable nine hole par 72 course boasting lush greens, “tight” fairways, beautiful mature trees, a clubhouse, changing rooms and cabro carpark in Nairobi’s green-belt. This club of about 500 members helps oxygenate and add colour to the Business District’s concrete jungle, and has the distinction of being one of the only golf courses in the world – if not the only one – that has a fully functioning railway line traversing the course, over which golfers must strike their golf balls during a round. Indeed, it is fabled that the longest drive on this course has been a ball hit all the way to Kisumu.

Kenya Railways Golf Club Contacts

Attraction Type: Sports
Category: Golf
Region: Nairobi
City / Town: Nairobi
Road / Street: Uhuru Highway
Telephone: 254 20 721 859
Email: info@krgc.co.ke
Website: http://krgc.co.ke/
Entrance Fee: Yes