Nairobi to Mombasa Train Tickets Booking

Since the launch of the SGR Kenya, Kenyans have continued to demand for an online train tickets booking Website, where they can pay for tickets and choose a seat number from the comfort of their homes.

Kenya Railways had previously promised to launch the website about 2 weeks ago, but went back on that without giving any explanation.

Kenya Online Train Tickets Booking Website –

Now, they are in the process of trialing a new online train tickets booking website. You can check it out on

There’s one caveat though. The website is only working on Internet Explorer (really). This is a limited trial, and I’m not sure I should even be sharing this info. Anyway, you can expect it to work on other browsers when it is officially launched.

Madaraka Express Tickets Booking Website

On the Kenya Train Tickets Booking Website, you’ll be able to book one way (Nairobi to Mombasa train / Mombasa to Nairobi train)  or roundtrip tickets, ensuring you don’t head to Mombasa but miss the train back to Nairobi.

The Kenya Train Tickets Booking also comes as a relief to many since middlemen have taken over the business, hiking the Sh700 train ticket.

In the current system where booking is either done physically at the terminus or via Mpesa, you can only book up to 3 days in advance. However from the website, dates are provided many months away.

Madaraka Express Tickets Booking

The SGR Online Train Tickets Booking Website offers both cash and Mpesa payment methods.

SGR Online Train Tickets Booking Website
SGR Online Train Tickets Booking Website

Via phone

Dial *639# and follow the steps as prompted and endeavoring to key in the correct information.

  1. First, the service will request you to select the preferred train trip,
  2. Then you are required to key in your departing station, followed by your destination station
  3. The service will request you to key in the travel date
  4. The service will then request you to key in the TOTAL number of passengers you are booking a ticket for; You will be required to indicate the number of CHILDREN between 3-11 years (50% discount applies) accompanying you for the trip. You will then key in the customer(s) details i.e Enter first name, last name and ID-No of adult passenger

E.g:James Mutile12345678; Enter first name and last name of child passenger
E.g: Mary Munee (CHILD) indicating in brackets that the passenger is a CHILD

6. The service will then display the summary of payment information (Booking details) which indicates Route: Nairobi-Mombasa; Class: Economy Class: Date: 04/09/17: Passengers: 1 Adult, 1 Child; Total cost: Ksh 1050

The system will request you to choose the payment option as below.

Choose payment option:

  • Pay now
  • Pay later


For customers who opt to pay LATER, the system will send payment details as below:
Pay Ksh 1,050

Business No: 808888
Account No: 3014850

Note: Pay in 30mins or ticket cancels.

Finally the system will send you a summary

SGR Kenya Map

SGR Project Kenya

The Governments of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Southern Sudan are committed to providing high capacity, cost effective railway transport within the Northern corridor.

This will be achieved through the construction of a high capacity, high speed Standard Gauge Railway for passenger and freight transportation. The Governments of the four countries have signed and ratified a Protocol for the development of an SGR connecting the port of Mombasa to Kampala, Kigali and Juba.

Each country will develop the section of the railway line within its borders. Kenya is therefore developing the Mombasa –Malaba section of the entire proposed network to Kigali through Uganda. The Mombasa – Malaba section is being developed in two phases:

Phase 1 Mombasa – Nairobi: The Mombasa to Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway line was commissioned by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta who took a day long Inaugural ride aboard the Madaraka Express train from Mombasa Terminus in Miritini to the Nairobi Terminus on May 31, 2017 having commissioned the Freight Service on May 30, 2017.

Phase 2 (Nairobi –Malaba) : has been divided into three subphases as follows:

Phase 2A – Nairobi –Naivasha
Phase 2B –Naivasha – Kisumu including the development of a new high capacity port at Kisumu
Phase 2C – Kisumu –Malaba The railway line will have a uniform design specification which will permit seamless operation across the borders of the four countries and in turn reduce transportation and production costs.

SGR Kenya Stations

  1.  Mombasa
  2. Mutito Andei
  3. Nairobi
  4. Misenyi
  5. Mariakani
  6. Voi
  7. Kibwezi
  8. Emali
  9. Athi River

SGR Kenya Locomotives

SGR Kenya Jobs

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SGR Kenya – Standard Gauge Railway Kenya Documentary