The change we desire for Kenya needs to come from within us. Each individual must be committed to a set of values that will become part of every day life for Kenyans. That is the only way we can enhance nationalism and promote social cohesion. These national values are binding and are a composite from the Kenya Constitution.

Honouring God: Worship and full allegiance to God in all that we do. Every time we sing our national Anthem, we honour God- let us treat it with the
respect it deserves.

Being Patriotic: Our Country is bigger than anyone else, we should put the love and devotion for our country first no matter what challenges we face. We have only one Kenya, Let us be proud of that.

Promoting National unity: We all belong to one country Kenya and should strive to make it a better place. “United we stand divided we fall”. Let us celebrate
our diversity and pull together in unity, in everything that we do for the good of our beloved Nation.

Sharing and devolution of power: for equitable allocation of resources and development.

Championing peace: Let us always look to peaceful solutions to issues and promote fairness in our relationships with one another.

Respecting the rule of law: Respect for the new constitution is paramount to the success of its implementation. It gives us hope for a better Kenya. Our laws are the guarantee for a just and orderly society let us always respect them.

Democracy and participation of the people: The power to elect able leaders who will put the interest of the Country first before the interest of self lies in our hands.

Respecting human dignity and rights: as the source of national purpose and action.

Promoting social justice: Let us all take advantage of the opportunities available in the country for economic growth and

Non-discrimination and protection of the marginalized: We are all equal, irrespective of tribe, culture or region. Let us stand up and be there for each other.

Practicing good governance: in the running of our institutions to give a competitive edge.

Practicing integrity: will ensure that we are truthful and honest in all our dealings and be our motivation in all we do.

Promoting transparency and accountability: in our work, our homes and our community.

Promoting sustainable development: for economic growth and the country’s well being