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Kenya Vision 2030 – Vision 2030 Kenya

Kenya Vision 2030

The Kenya Vision 2030 is Kenya’s national long-term development blue-print that aims to transform Kenya into a newly industrialising, middle-income country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens by 2030 in a clean and secure environment.

Pillars of Vision 2030

The Vision comprises of three key pillars: Economic; Social; and Political. The Economic Pillar aims to achieve an average economic growth rate of 10 per cent per annum and sustaining the same until 2030. The Social Pillar seeks to engender just, cohesive and equitable social development in a clean and secure environment, while the Political Pillar aims to realise an issue-based, people-centred, result-oriented and accountable democratic system.

The three pillars are anchored on the foundations of macroeconomic stability; infrastructural development; Science, Technology and Innovation (STI); Land Reforms; Human Resources Development; Security and Public Sector Reforms.

Kenya Vision 2030 Economic Pillar

The Economic Pillar of Kenya Vision 2030 seeks to improve the prosperity of all regions of the country and all Kenyans by achieving a 10% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate by 2012.
Within the Medium Term Plan 2008-2012, six priority sectors that make up the larger part of Kenya’s GDP (57%) and provide for nearly half of the country’s total formal employment were targeted. Tourism Agriculture Wholesale and retail trade Manufacturing IT enabled services (previously known as business process off-shoring) Financial services.


Vision 2030 Tourism Flagship Projects

  1. Development of Resort Cities
  2. Underutilised Parks Initiative
  3. Development of Niche Tourism Products
  4. Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE)
  5. Premium Parks Initiative

Vision 2030 Agriculture Flagship Projects

  1. Enactment of Consolidated Agricultural Policy Reform Legislation
  2. Fertiliser Cost-Reduction Initiative
  3. Setting up of Five Livestock Disease-free Zones in the ASAL Regions
  4. ASAL Development Projects

Vision 2030 Wholesale and Retail Trade Flagship Projects

  1. Development of Special Economic Zones
  2. Creation of Producer Business Groups
  3. Building ‘Tier 1’ Markets
  4. Wholesale Hub

Manufacturing Flagship Projects

  1. Development of five (5) SME Parks
  2. Development of Mini and Integrated Iron and Steel Mills.
  3. Training Of Engineers and Technicians

Vision 2030 Business Process Off-shoring and Information Technology Enabled Services Flagship Projects

  1. Establish a major BPO park – Info City

Vision 2030 Financial Services Flagship Projects

  1. International Financial Services Centre
  2. Deepening of Capital Markets.

Kenya Vision 2030 Social Pillar

The objective of the Kenya Vision 2030 Social Pillar is investing in the people of Kenya in order to improve the quality of life for all Kenyans by targeting a cross-section of human and social welfare projects and programmes, specifically:

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  1. Education and training
  2. Health
  3. Environment
  4. Housing and urbanisation
  5. Gender, children and social development
  6. Youth and sports


Kenya Vision 2030 Education and Training Flagship Projects

  1. Recruitment of 28,000 Additional Teachers
  2. Establishment of a Voucher System Programme in Five of the Poorest Districts.
  3. Establishment of Centres of Specialisation
  4. Construction and Equipping of 560 Secondary Schools, expansion and Rehabilitation of Existing Schools.
  5. Construction and Rehabilitation of at Least One Boarding Primary School in Each Constituency in Arid and Semi Arid Lands
  6. Establishment of a Computer Supply Programme

Kenya Vision 2030 Health (Medical Services and Public Services and Sanitation) Flagship Projects

  1. Rehabilitation of Health Facilities
  2. Strengthen Kenya Medical Supplies Agency
  3. Human Resource Strategy
  4. Develop Equitable Financing Mechanism
  5. Community Based Information Systems
  6. De-Linking Ministry of Health from Service Delivery
  7. Rehabilitation of Rural Health Facilities to Offer Integrated and Comprehensive Healthcare
  8. Develop Human Resources Strategy
  9. Fast-track implementation of the Community Strategy by training Community Health Workers (CHWs)
  10. Channel funds directly to health facilities
  11. Implement Environment and Hygiene Policy and Strategy
  12. Implement Output Based Approach (OBA) in Reproductive Health
  13. Restructure Ministries of Health
  14. Revitalize Efficacy of the Health Management Information System

Kenya Vision 2030 Environment Flagship Projects

  1. Waste management system
  2. Rehabilitation and Protection of Indigenous Forests in Five Water Towers
  3. Preparation of a National Spatial Plan
  4. Secure Wildlife Corridors and Migratory Routes

Kenya Vision 2030 Housing Flagship Projects

  1. Producing 200,000 Housing Units Annually by 2012 under Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and Other Initiatives
  2. Establish Housing Technology Centres in Each Constituency
  3. Installation of Physical and Social Infrastructure in Slums in 20 Urban Areas
  4. Enacting Housing Bill, 2006 to Legislate for a One-Stop Housing Development Approvals Mechanism
  5. Develop an Integrated Growth and Development Strategy for Six Metropolitan Regions

Kenya Vision 2030 Gender, Children and Social Development Flagship Projects

  1. Women Enterprise Fund
  2. Kenya Vision 2030 Social Pillar
  3. Kenya Vision 2030 Social Pillar
  4. Establishment of Consolidated Social Protection Fund
  5. Representation of People with Disabilities in Decision Making Process
  6. Gender Mainstreaming
  7. Affirmative Action Policy
  8. Gender Disaggregated Data
  9. Implementation of Disability Fund

Kenya Vision 2030 Labour and Employment Flagship Projects

  1. Development of the National Human Resource Database
  2. Development of a National Integrated Human Resource Development Strategy
  3. Strengthening of Linkages between Industry and Training Institutions
  4. Development of Eight Micro and Small Enterprise Centres of Excellence
  5. Development and Implementation of a Diaspora Policy
  6. Development and Implementation of a National Occupational Safety and Health Policy
  7. Productivity Measurement and Promotion
  8. Transformation of the National Social Security Fund

Kenya Vision 2030 Youth and sports Flagship Projects

  1. Youth Empowerment Centres
  2. Regional Sports Stadia
  3. Revitalisation of Youth Polytechnics
  4. Establishment of a Sports Lottery Fund
  5. Youth Enterprise Development Fund
  6. Increased Subsidies to Youth Polytechnics
  7. International Academy of Sports
  8. International Centre for Arts and Culture
  9. One Billion Tree Planting Campaign under Trees-for-Jobs Programme
  10. Revision of Education and Training Curriculum
  11. Roads 2000 and Other Labour Intensive Public Projects

Kenya Vision 2030 Political Pillar

The Kenya Vision 2030 Political Pillars objective is moving to the future as one nation and envisions a democratic system that is issue based, people centred, results oriented and is accountable to the public.

The pillar is anchored on transformation of Kenya’s political governance across five strategic areas;

  1. The rule of law – the Kenya Constitution
  2. Electoral and political processes
  3. Democracy and public service delivery
  4. Transparency and accountability
  5. Security, peace building and conflict management


Kenya Vision 2030 Public Sector Reforms Flagship Projects

  • Constitutional Reform
  • Post Election Legal Counselling
  • Truth, Justice and Reconcilliation Commission
  • National Cohesion
  • Independent Review Commission (Kriegler Report)
  • Implementation of Commission of Inquiry on Post Election Violence (Waki Report)

Vision 2030 Kenya – Implementation

The Kenya Vision 2030 is to be implemented in successive five year Medium-Term Plans (MTP), with the first such plan covering the period 2008 – 2012. While the ‘flagship’ projects are expected to take the lead in generating rapid and widely-shared growth, they are by no means the only projects the country will be implementing.

A flagship project only sets the pace for multiple vessels behind it. By the same token there are many on-going projects and yet others planned for the future by the Government and the private sector.

Kenya Vision 2030 - Vision 2030 Kenya

Kenya Vision 2030 – Vision 2030 Kenya

Kenya Vision 2030 – Vision 2030 Kenya – Video