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Kenyan courtships are not quite so “in your face” as in the West. Until recently it was unusual to see couples holding hands on the street, while kissing in public still isn’t done. Generally, Kenyan girls are sexy, hot, beautiful and modest in their dress and behavior, which is something their men expect of them. Female immodesty is disapproved of by both sexes.

Kenyan Dating – Dating Kenyan Girls

Lack of funds and amenities means that dating in Kenya is often done on long evening strolls, and the boys can be seen transporting their girlfriends on the seat fitted over the back wheels of their bikes.

In the urban areas, however, all this is changing. The young, modern, affluent middle classes have cars, incomes, and often homes of their own. Meeting in bars is very popular, as is dining out, going to the movies, or “hanging out” in fashionable clubs. Valentine’s Day has taken Kenya by storm and it is now the done thing to send an enormous, ornate card, a fluffy toy, or roses to the one you admire. That said, most Kenyan women aspire to marriage and the “bride price”  must still be paid.

Looking for a Partner in Kenya – Kenyan Girls  and Romance

If you ask most Kenyan girls about Kenyan men, they will laugh and tell you how “macho” they are, and how they themselves would like to meet a “nice” European or American man who will “treat them well.” Relationships between Kenyan women and white men are common, while relationships between white women and Kenyan men are slightly less so.

Meeting members of the opposite sex is not difficult in Kenya (unless the women come from strict religious households). Workplaces and social venues are generally relaxed, introductions readily provided, and everyone loves to chat. There are also countless bars and cafés where conversations can easily be struck up. Flirtation can appear a little heavy-handed; it isn’t intentional and should be viewed as an opportunity for hilarity and banter.

Looking for a Partner in Kenya – Kenyan Ladies and Visitors

Remember, though, that in Kenya visitors are generally regarded as “rich,” and while beautiful young Kenyan ladies may find overweight, red-in- the-face, sixty-plus white men attractive, and delight in their conversation, it could be that other factors are involved.

The same could be said of the matronly white women who are regularly to be seen strolling the beaches hand in hand with gorgeous young Maasai warriors.

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Kenyan Girls and Ladies - Sexy, Hot, and Beautiful
Kenyan Girls and Ladies – Sexy, Hot, and Beautiful

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