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Kenyan People – People of Kenya

Kenyan People

Kenyan People: Kenya’s cultural diversity and uniqueness weaves a rich human tapestry and makes Kenya a regional melting pot. While each of the nation’s indigenous communities has its own unique language, practices, staple food, dress, dance and music, the people of Kenya are all distinctly and wonderfully Kenyan.

People of Kenya – Overview

Kenya is a popular destination for people from all over the world looking for a peaceful, natural and weather friendly place to settle. Wild and unadulterated yet modern and sophisticated, Kenya is now home to fiercely patriotic second and third generation Europeans, Americans and Asians who continue to contribute in the socio-economic development of the country. The Kenyan people are warm, hospitable and celebrated for their boundless generosity. Their resilience and hard working nature has greatly contributed to the country’s development.

There is an abundance of skill and talent that continues to attracte investors and multinationals into Kenya. This was augmented by the introduction of free Primary education in 2002 and later secondary education, which doubled admissions across the country. There are numerous private and public Universities nationwide, hence Kenya’s position as the nation with the highest literacy level in the region. The nation has a youthful population, with approximately 70% of the total population in their youth. This further provides for a dynamic, flexible and competitive labor market.

The republic’s savvy entrepreneurs, award-winning innovators and World Champions in middle and long distance races exemplify the legendary talent and entrepreneurial spirit for which Kenyans are famed. Outstanding athletes like Paul Tergat – five time world marathon record holder, David Rudisha– five time world record holder in the 800meters, World Marathon Champion Catherine Ndereba and other outstanding sports people have cemented Kenya’s leading position in athletics.

World entrepreneur of the Year Dr. James Mwangi, who revolutionalized micro-financing to CNN hero Eng. Evans Wadongo, developer of an LED solar powered lamp that is helping children in rural areas study at night, Kenya’s sons and daughters are the nation’s pride and joy.

Kenyan People - People of Kenya

Kenyan People – People of Kenya

Kenyan People – Here is a list of the people of Kenya

  1. Dahalo Tribe
  2. Digo Tribe
  3. Duruma Tribe
  4. Edo Tribe
  5. El Molo Tribe
  6. Embu Tribe
  7. Garreh-Ajuran Tribe
  8. Giryama Tribe
  9. Kalenjin Tribe
  10. Kamba Tribe
  11. Kikuyu Tribe
  12. Kisii Tribe
  13. Kuria Tribe
  14. Luhya Tribe
  15. Luo Tribe
  16. Masai Tribe
  17. Meru Tribe
  18. Mijikenda Tribe
  19. Ogiek Tribe
  20. Rendille Tribe
  21. Samburu Tribe
  22. Somali Tribe
  23. Swahili Tribe
  24. Taita Tribe
  25. Teso Tribe
  26. Tharaka Tribe
  27. Turkana Tribe
  28. Yaaku Tribe

Kenyan People: People of Kenya – Walking with the Maasai

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