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Kiambu County News

Kiambu is an administrative district in the former Central Province and borders Nairobi. Although the county is rural, its urban population is increasing as Nairobi grows rapidly.

Economic Activities in Kiambu County

Agriculture is the predominant economic activity in the county and contributes 17.4 per cent of the county‘s population income. It is the leading sub sector in terms of employment, food security, income earnings and overall contribution to the socio-economic well being of the people. Majority of the people in the county depend on the sub sector for their livelihood, with 304,449 directly or indirectly employed in the sector. Coffee and tea are the main cash crops in the county. The main food crops grown in the county are maize, beans, pineapples and irish potatoes. These are mainly grown in small scale in the upper highlands of Limuru, Kikuyu, Gatundu North and South Constituencies.  Other agricultural economic activities in the county include dairy and poultry rearing and horticulture.

Major Towns in Kiambu County

Kiambu’s major urban centers are:- Thika, Ruiru, Gatundu, Limuru, Kabete, Githunguri, Kiambaa, Kikuyu, Kiambu, Lari and Karuri.

Tourist Attractions in Kiambu County

The county of Kiambu does not have national parks or game reserves apart from tourist attraction sites. These sites include Kinare Forest in Lari Constituency, Chania Falls and Fourteen Falls in Juja Constituency, Paradise Lost and Mugumo Gardens in Kiambaa Constituency, Mau Mau Caves, Gatamaiyu Fish Camp and historical sites in Gatundu and Githunguri Constituencies.

Chania Falls and Thika Falls: Both falls lie on either side of the iconic Blue Posts Hotel in Thika.

Fourteen Falls

The falls are located about 65 km from Nairobi off the Thika – Garissa Road. The name is from the fourteen successive falls of water along the famous Athi River, originating from the Aberdare mountains. They form the border between Thika and Machakos districts.

How to get there

21 km from Thika town. Take Thika-Garissa road, turn at Makutano Junction. At the base of Fourteen Falls are large boulders with water cascading 25-feet down.

Where to stay

  • Fourteen Falls Lodge
  • Blue Post Hotel.


Boating, fishing, photography, and bird watching. However the water is polluted so water activities are done at your own discretion.


Near the Fourteen Falls lies Kilimambogo, a Swahili word for the Mountain of the Buffalo and home to the late Great philanthropist Sir Macmillan. Half way up the hill, you will find the graves of Sir Macmillan, his wife and their house help. It is on the foot of this hill that Macmillan entertained Theodore Roosevelt, former President of the United States, and Sir Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Thika World War Memorial Park

This park along General Kago road is the final resting place of the souls of gallant African Soldiers.

Mama Ngina Gerdens

These gardens along Mama Ngina Drive boast walkways and public lawns for leisure walks and picnics.

Kiambu County

Accomodation and Hotels in Kiambu County

The county has 682 unclassified hotels and 694 bars and restaurants which are well distributed within the county.

Hospitals in Kiambu County

There are a total of 364 health facilities spread across the county. Under the public facilities, the county has:-

  • One level-five hospital namely Thika District Hospital,
  • Three level-4 in Gatundu South, Kiambaa and Kikuyu Constituencies,
  • Four level-three in Gatundu North, Juja, Kiambaa and Limuru Constituencies.
  • 20 level-two (Health Centres)
  • 54 level-ones also known as dispensaries which are well distributed within the county.

The rest of the facilities are private with 17 Mission Hospitals, five nursing homes, 36 dispensaries and 169 private clinics. The doctor/population ratio in the county is 1:17,000 and the nurse/population ratio stands at 1:1,300. The average distance to the health facility is seven Km and the facilities are well accessed since the road network is good.

Education in Kiambu County

Pre-School Education

The county has a total population of 87,594 children falling within the age group of 3 to 5 (pre-school). The total number of ECD teachers is 1,843 and the teacher to pupil ratio is 1:40. Total enrolment for ECD in the county is 73,730. Public ECD centres have an enrolment of 29,655 children while private ECD centres have a total enrolment of 44,075 children.

Primary Education

There are 1,225 primary schools in Kiambu County out of which 576 are public and 349 are private. The total number of primary school teachers is 21,090 and the teacher to pupil ratio is 1:38. The total enrolment rate stands at 295,409 pupils. The gross enrolment rate stands at 109.6 percent, while the net enrolment rate is 99.7 percent. This could be attributed to the introduction of Free Primary Education programme. Infrastructure in schools has also improved through devolved funds such as the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and Local Authority Transfer Fund (LATF).

Secondary Education

There are 303 secondary schools consisting of 227 public and 76 private schools. The total enrolment rate is 89,065 out of which 44,777 are males and 44,288 are females. The gross enrolment rate is 69.3 percent and the net enrolment rate is 61.8 percent. The number of teachers in the county stands at 3,479 and the teacher/pupil ratio is 1:25. As indicated in the fact sheet, the completion rate is 92.5 percent and therefore there is need for great investment in the education sector to ensure the rate reaches 100 percent.

Tertiary Education

The County has one public University, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology located in Juja Constituency and two satellite campuses namely University of Nairobi, Kikuyu campus in Kikuyu sub county and Kenyatta University , Ruiru campus in Ruiru Sub County.
There are six private universities which include:-

  1. Gretsa University
  2. Mount Kenya University
  3. St. Paul’s University
  4. Kiriri Women’s Science and Technology University and
  5. Presbyterian University of East Africa
  6. Zitech University in Ruiru and a number of tertiary colleges

The county also has two Teacher Training Colleges namely:-

  1. Kilimambogo Teachers in Thika Sub County
  2. Thogoto Teachers in Kikuyu sub county

Kiambu County Tenders

Kiambu county tenders are awarded in a free, fair and transparency manner in the need to fight corruption in the country.

To access tenders in Kiambu county click the link: for the latest job opportunities in the county.

Kiambu County Jobs

Kiambu County Jobs opportunities for all qualified personnel and those who would wish to work with Kiambu County government. Jobs in Kiambu County are posted on the county website.

Jobs in Kiambu County are awarded in a free, fair and transparency manner in the need to fight corruption in the country.

To access these Kiambu county jobs advertisement click the link Kiambu County Jobs for the latest job opportunities in the county.

Kiambu County Governor and Deputy Governor

The current governor of Kiambu County is Hon. William Kabogo Gitau and the deputy governor is Hon. Gerald Githinji.

Constituencies in Kiambu County

  1. Gatundu South Constituency
  2. Gatundu North Constituency
  3. Juja Constituency
  4. Thika Town Constituency
  5. Ruiru Constituency
  6. Githunguri Constituency
  7. Kiambu Constituency
  8. Kiambaa Constituency
  9. Kabete Constituency
  10. Kikuyu Constituency
  11. Limuru Constituency
  12. Lari Constituency

County Assembly Wards in Kiambu County

Gatundu South Constituency
Kiamwangi Ward
Kiganjo Ward
Ndarugo Ward
Ngenda Ward

Gatundu North Constituency
Gituamba Ward
Githobokoni Ward
Chania Ward
Mang’u Ward

Juja Constituency
Murera Ward
Theta Ward
Witeithie Ward
Kalimoni Ward

Thika Town Constituency
Township Ward
Kamenu Ward
Hospital Ward
Gatuanyaga Ward
Ngoliba Ward

Ruiru Constituency
Gitothua Ward
Biashara Ward
Gatongora Ward
kahawa Sukari Ward
Kahawa Wendani Ward
Kiuu Ward
Mwiki Ward
Mwihoko Ward

Githunguri Constituency
Githunguri Ward
Githiga Ward
Ikinu Ward
Ngewa Ward
Komothai Ward

Kiambu Constituency
Ting’ang’a Ward
Ndumberi Ward
Riabai Ward
Township Ward

Kiambaa Constituency
Cianda Ward
Karuri Ward
Ndenderu Ward
Muchatha Ward
Kihara Ward

Kabete Constituency
Gitaru Ward
Muguga Ward
Nyadhuna Ward
Kabete Ward
Uthiru Ward

Kikuyu Constituency
Karai Ward
Nachu Ward
Sigona Ward
Kikuyu Ward
Kinoo Ward

Limuru Constituency
Bibirioni Ward
Limuru Central Ward
Ndeiya Ward
Limuru East Ward
Ngecha Tigoni Ward

Lari Constituency
Kinale Ward
Kijabe Central Ward
Nyanduma Ward
Kamburu Ward
Lari Kirenga Ward

Facts About Kiambu County

Kiambu County is located in central region of Kenya.  The county borders Murang’a county to the North and North East, Machakos county to the East, Nairobi and Kajiado counties to the South, Nakuru county to the West, and Nyandarua county to the North West.

Total Area (Km 2): 2,543.4 Km 2

Area under forest cover: 476.3 Km2 (2009 Kenya Population and Housing Census)

Latitudes: the county lies between 00 25′ and 10 20′ South of the Equator

Longitude: the county lies between 360 31′ and 370 15′ East

Climate/Weather: Temperatures range from a minimum of 12.8°C to a maximum of 24.6°C with an average of 18.7°C. The average rainfall is 989mm per annum.

Road Network: Bitumen Surface (1,358 km), Gravel Surface (682.6 km), Earth Surface (430.1 Km)

Key National Monument(s): None

Geography, Climate and Weather of Kiambu County

Kiambu County is divided into four broad topographical zones viz, Upper Highland, Lower Highland, Upper Midland and Lower Midland Zone.

The county experiences bi-modal type of rainfall. The long rains fall between Mid-March to May followed by a cold season usually with drizzles and frost during June to August and the short rains between Mid-October to November. The annual rainfall varies with altitude, with higher areas receiving as high as 2,000 mm and lower areas of Thika Town constituency receiving as low as 600 mm. The average rainfall received by the county is 1,200 mm.

The mean temperature in the county is 26oC with temperatures ranging from 7oC in the upper highlands areas of Limuru and some parts of Gatundu North, Gatundu South, Githunguri and Kabete constituencies, to 340C in the lower midland zone found partly in Thika Town constituency, Kikuyu, Limuru and Kabete constituencies. July and August are the months during which the lowest temperatures are experienced, whereas January to March are the hottest months. The county’s average relative humidity ranges from 54 percent in the dry months and 300 percent in the wet months of March up to August.

Kiambu County Contacts

Cellphone: 0709 877000

Kiambu County Map

Kiambu County Map

Kiambu County Map

Kiambu County Video