A Guide To KICC – Kenyatta International Conference Centre

The Kenyatta International Conference Centre is a landmark and iconic facility in the region. The Centre boasts of being the leader in tourism having been awarded the 150 9001: 2000 Certification. Conferencing at the centre guarantees you exemplary services over and above utilizing the state-of-the-art facilities.

KICC has a wide range of products from the expansive Tsavo Ballroom to the exquisite and contemporary Amphitheatre, medium-sized and small caucus rooms that conveniently act as secretariats and break-away rooms. Auxiliary facilities range from the SIE translational devices, to the Wi-Fi installed rooms, catering services, view tower with a 360° view of the City’s skyline, Helipad for shuttle choppers to and from airports within Nairobi and various other services offered in partnerships.

KICC Tsavo Ballroom

The region’s largest plenary with a maximum space of 2,668 square m. This hall is ideal for large international meetings, exhibitions, banquets and receptions. lt is fortified with sound proof grey stone, deep natural wood and lofty ceiling. It is also equipped with Advanced Sound Amplification and recording systems and wireless simultaneous interpretation.

KICC Amphitheatre

Designed like a traditional African hut and located on End floor, it is ideal for symposia, seminars and opening ceremonies. It can accommodate 3OO seated guests on tiered seating. This is the place where heritage meets modernity. This tiered seating has a capacity of 771 people, seated on three balconies surrounding the auditorium.

KICC - Kenyatta International Conference Centre
KICC – Kenyatta International Conference Centre

KICC Aberdares Hall

It is ideal for medium-size conferences, meetings and seminars. It has a sitting capacity of 350 people seated theater style, 250people classroom and 100 people for a banquet. lt has a comfortable lounge overlooking a flowered cascade; here tea and coffee are easily served. It has the superb sound equipment and proper air-conditioning.

 KICC Lenana

lt is in close proximity to Aberdares Floor and is also ideal for medium-size conferences, meetings and seminars. It has superb sound equipment and proper air-conditioning. There is a partitioning wall between the two rooms which can be folded to create a bigger space for more than 500 people.

KICC Shimba Hall

This a fixed-seating hall is located on the1 st floor and is ideal for small discussions, theatricals and presentations. It has an area of 205 square m. It also has a convenient access to delegates lounge for tea breaks and a Ramp access.

KICC Taifa Room

Conveniently on the Lower ground area, Taifa Room is ideal for small discussion groups. It caters for about 200 people seated in theater style or in a classroom setting, it can accommodate 15O people. It has good air conditioning facilities and modern PA system.

KICC Caucus Rooms

These rooms facilitate small group meetings and such other sessions during conferences and conventions within the Centre.

KICC Vip & Safari Lounges

This tastefully designed facility is ideal for VIP receptions and meetings. lts location is ideal as it overlooks the Jomo Kenyatta statue and the water fountains. It is equipped with exquisite furniture. Safari lounge is also ideal for small discussion groups and has the same capacity like the Impala room.

KICC Impala/Turkana Rooms

Situated on the first floor, these rooms are best for small discussion groups comprising approximately 70 people.

KICC Meeting equipments

The  rooms are fitted with the following equipments

  1. Air conditioning systems
  2. Audiovisual systems and Public address systems
  3. Translation equipment
  4. Disability access [ramps]
  5. In-built, high performance audio equipment [modular system] that can be flawlessly extended.
  6. Cabling and connections in all the  rooms to permit easy installation of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment
  7. High-level acoustics

KICC Courtyard

Fronting City Hall way, this is a paved 7,056 square meter ground surrounding the Jomo Kenyatta statue. The area is best for outdoor events, product launches, family fun days and music extravaganzas.

KICC Comesa Grounds

These are expansive grounds overlooking the Kenyan Parliament. Lt derived its name after hosting the largest ever exhibition in the county in 1999. It brought together exhibitors from all COMESA countries. These grounds can be used to hold large exhibitions. The grounds are 7,497 square meters.

KICC Entertainment

KICC partners with entertainment groups to offer more than just a cultural experience. The centre can arrange for choirs, dance troupes, circus groups and other such service-providers to offer all-round entertainment.

KICC Catering

The conference centre is served by two restaurants and a coffee shop of four and three-star categories. These are: Tin Tin Restaurant – popular for Chinese and International cuisines, Conference Caterers and Legacy Coffee shop. ln addition, the Centre works in partnership with several other five and four-star hotels and restaurants for conference catering depending on preference

KICC Business Centre & Client Support

Located on the ground floor, this section provides the following services: Documentation [Printing, Photocopy, Lamination, Binding], Email and Internet, International and local telephone calls, Courier and sale of mobile phone airtime. We have a dedicated team of experienced and enthusiastic staff who will spare nothing to guarantee a successful event and an exciting African Experience.

KICC Health, Safety & Security

Health facilities are located a few minutes from the Centre and lnclude: Kenyatta National Hospital, AAR, Nairobi Hospital, Aga Khan University Hospital, Mater, St. James and Acacia Medical Centre among others.

The venue security and safety services are provided through a combination of in-house security team and an outsourced security firm of International repute — backed up by CCTV surveillance on a 24-hour basis. There is also a fully-fledged Kenya Police Division located in the Centre.

KICC Location

  • Located within Nairobi Central Business District
  • Harambee Avenue, Nairobi.
  • 20 minutes drive from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
  • Within close proximity to some of the best: cultural and historical sites in Nairobi

KICC Events

For events timeline visit http://kicc.co.ke/events/timeline


The Kenyatta International Conference Centre
Harambee Avenue
P.0. Box 30746-D01 D0, NAIROBI.
ISDN: [+254 20] 3281 D00
Tel: [+254 20) 2247277
Fax: [+254 20] 310223

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