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Kinuthia Mbugua Biography, Education, Career, Political Position, Awards, Family and Children

Kinuthia Mbugua Biography

Kinuthia Mbugua was born on 1st September 1953 in Kiambu District. He is a Kenyan politician and the governor for Nakuru county, alongside deputy governor Joseph Ruto. He is a member of The National Alliance and the coalition member of Jubilee Alliance.

As a governor he was once on fire after he launched a public toilets project for a tune of Kshs. 8.9 millions while a project of the same nature was launched at Salgaa under the CDF kitty for only KShs. 1.5 millions.

Kinuthia Mbugua Education

Undergraduated student  in the University undertaking Degree in  Bachelor of Arts

He has undertaken various courses in management, performance and strategic planning in Britain, South Africa and USA respectively.

Throughout his career, Kinuthia Mbugua has been in and out of class as he sought to improve his leadership and management skills.

Political Positions

11th March 2013 – Up to date : Governor for Nakuru County

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January 2013 – Up to date : Member of The National Alliance party

13th February – Up to date : Coalition Member of Jubilee Alliance

Kinuthia Mbugua Career

In 1979 :  District Officer in Marakwet and later Molo.

In 1980 : District Officer  in Nakuru.

In 1981 :  Served as the Chief Instructor at the Administration Police Training College.

1986 – 1992 :  Commandant, Administration Police Training College while also serving as Deputy Administration Police Force Commandant.

February 1992  – January 2007 :  Deputy Provincial Commissioner, Western Province.

September 1999 – August 2003 : Senior Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

2003 – 2012 :  AP Commandant

Kinuthia Mbugua Experience

  • Co-ordination of all bilateral and Multi-lateral Aid matters.
  • Undertaking negotiations with donor countries and agencies.
  • Liaison with the Attorney-Generals’ chambers, Ministry of Finance, Foreign Affairs on preparation of agreements on donor funding of programmes and projects.
  • Attending to matters related to Regional Co-operation, including East African Co-operation, COMESA and IGADD and the agreements arising thereof.
  • Control of funds allocated to Headquarters’ Administration purposes
  • Co-ordination of the Water Ministry’s supervision and discharge of Authorized officers’ delegated powers on appointments, promotions and discipline.
  • Formulation and implementation of training objectives, policies and strategies.

Chair of Important Meeting and Delegations

Kinuthia Mbugua has been trusted with chairing crucial meetings and delegations on behalf of the country. These Include chairing:

  1.     Interministerial Preparatory meeting of the 21st Session of the Governing Council of UNEP
  2.     National Preparatory Committee on the RIO+10 Summit on Sustainable Development
  3.     Regional Steering Committee on East African Cross-Border Biodiversity meetings.
  4.     Chairman, Interministerial Committee on transformation of Kenya Water Institute (KEWI) into SAGA status.
  5.     Led Kenyan delegation on the second committee on Natural Resources and Science and Technology in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  6.     Led Kenyan delegation to meeting of the Mega-Diverse Contries, (Peru, Cusco).


  1.     Alternate Director, Coast Development Authority
  2.     Alternate Director, Kenya Tourism Board
  3.     Alternate Director, National Water Conservation & Pipeline Corporation

Kinuthia Mbugua Awards

For his service to the country throughout his career, Kinuthia Mbugua has been decorated with awards reserved for those who have dutifully served Kenya and Kenyans.

  1.     Order of Grand Warrior (OGW)
  2.     20th Anniversary Commemorative medal
  3.     Elder of the Burning Spear (EBS)
  4.     Chief of Burning Spear (CBS)

Kinuthia Mbugua Family

He is married and is a father of four children. He is the governor for Nakuru county.

Kinuthia Mbugua Photo

Kinuthia Mbugua Photo

Kinuthia Mbugua Photo


Kinuthia Mbugua Video