A Guide To Kipepeo Butterfly Project

Kipepeo Butterfly Project project was initiated to help engage local farmers to obtain licenses to rear butterflies sourced from the nearby Arabuko forest reserve and export the pupae abroad. This is meant to in-build conservation energy that enables farmers to act as custodians of the forest, a breeding house for butterflies.

Kipepeo (Swahili for butterfly) is a community based enterprise that supports the livelihoods of people living around Arabuko Sokoke forest in coastal Kenya, East Africa. This provides an incentive for their participation in the conservation of a forest with high biodiversity and endemism. Kipepeo seeks to demonstrate the tangible link between conservation and livelihood.

What does Kipepeo do?

Kipepeo currently sells butterfly and moth pupae and other live insects as well as honey and silk cloth produced by the community. Our pupae are exported and the live insects hatched and displayed in insect parks globally.

As the market place for nature based products from the Arabuko Sokoke forest, Kipepeo coordinates production and sales, and ensures thorough training and monitoring so that the insects are bred and raised on-farm in a sustainable manner from wild parent stock. We also sell butterflies from other Kenyan forests.

Kipepeo Butterfly Project
Kipepeo Butterfly Project

Your purchase of Kipepeo products contributes directly to the conservation of critical natural heritage for future generations. The Kipepeo Market Place is located at the Gede Ruins National Monument 20, kilometres south of the resort town of Malindi and near the world famous Watamu beach.

Kipepeo Butterfly Project Contacts

Attraction Type: Wildlife
Category: Butterfly Site
Region: Coast
City / Town: Malindi
Road / Street: Off Watamu Road
Telephone: 254 41 222 5428
254 722 475796
Email: kipepeo@africaonline.co.ke
Website: http://www.kipepeo.org/index.php
Entrance Fee: No