Kisumu Impala Sanctuary – Impala Park Kisumu Safari Guide

Kisumu is situated on the gently sloping shores of Lake Victoria and is Kenya’s third largest city. Kisumu Impala Sanctuary lies close to Hippo Point and features 3 km of nature trails and a selection of picnic sites.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is a holding area for animals which require special protection in this densely populated area. Impala Park Kisumu focuses on a small herd of impala, while the animal orphanage contains a collection of caged Lion, leopard, baboon, hyena, jackal, buffalo, cheetah, bushbuck, babbon and syke monkey.

The sanctuary also provides important open grazing for the local hippo population while the threatened sitatunga antelope is believed to exist in the nearby swamps. A shady and peaceful place, with its abundance of birdlife and picnic areas beside the lake Kisumu Impala Sanctuary provides an ideal refuge away from the busy Kisumu town centre.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary – Where to stay

There is no accommodation or camping in the Sanctuary but there are many places to stay in Kisumu city. The sanctuary offers campsite

Impala Park Kisumu – When to visit

The Sanctuary is open all year round.

Impala Park Kisumu – What to take with you

Drinking water and picnic items. Also useful are: camera, binoculars, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent and guidebooks.

Impala Park Kisumu – Lake Victoria

With an area approaching 70,000 sq km, Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa  and the second largest freshwater lake in the world (after Canada’s Lake  Superior). Unlike the lakes further west, Lake Victoria is not of the Rift Valley system and is wide and shallow (only 80m deep) with shores spanning three countries.

Impala Park Kisumu – Facilities

Campsite with cool shade of indigenous trees. Kitchen is available at the campsite for self-catering. An ablution with shower rooms is also available for use.

Sun downer view point – gives an excellent view of the sunset in the evening. 5 picnic sites namely, sunset, Albizia, Impala, Baboon, Fig tree. All give a fantastic view of the lake. The picnic site are also ideal for weddings, parties and corporate events.

Attractions in Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

  1. Free ranging herds of impalas, zebras and vervet monkeys
  2. Animal orphanage which hold species under special care.
  3. The local hippo population and threatened Sitatunga antelope
  4. A shady and peaceful place with its abundance of birdlife and picnic sites beside the lake
  5. The sanctuary provides an ideal refuge away from Kisumu’s busy and noisy town centre.
  6. Lake Victoria being the 2nd largest fresh water in the world and the largest one in Africa

Things to do at Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

  • Game viewing of several primate species, giraffes, buffalos, impalas and the Sitatunga antelope
  • Birdwatching with over 100 bird species recorded
  • Camping at one of the 5 campsites with a spectacular view of the lake
  • Boat riding in the glass bottom boats on Lake Victoria
  • Nature trail to the rocky view area
  • Picnicking
Kisumu Impala Sanctuary - Impala Park Kisumu
Kisumu Impala Sanctuary – Impala Park Kisumu

How to get to Kisumu Impala Wildlife Sanctuary

By Road:

Kisumu is 355km north-west of Nairobi. Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is located 3km from Kisumu near Hippo Point.

By Air:

The flight from Nairobi takes around one hour and there are regular flights operated by local airlines.

By Water:

Kisumu is linked by ferry with Kendu Bay, Homa Bay and Mbita (as well as to neighbouring countries).

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary – Please respect the wildlife code

Please observe these rules while visiting this special facility.

For Your Own Safety

  1. Don not throw anything at the animals or birds. If you do, they’ll hide or run away from you.
  2. Do not shout, yell or tease the animals
  3. Stay on the paths. They’re to keep you and the animals safe from each other
  4. Do not feed the animals; they require a special diet. Animals also become aggressive if they get used to being fed by people.

Fact about Kisumu Impala Wildlife Sanctuary

  1. Altitude:1,149metersnabove sea level
  2. Area : less than 1sqkm..
  3. Location: Kisumu County,Nyanza province
  4. Distance from Nairobi: 355 km
  5. Gazette: 1992
  6. Climate: Hot and Humid
  7. Vegetation: remnant indigenious forest dominated by Terminalia brownie and fig trees.
  8. Wildlife: Includes; lions,impala,leopard,jackal, vervet,monkey ,zebra,buffalo,bushbuck,cheetah,and baboon.
  9. Birds: over 115 species have been recorded


  1. See, hear and read as much as possible and
  2. Enjoy the beauty & fun of the sanctuary.

and please do not

  1. Litter or drop rubbish on the ground. Use the rubbish bins provided
  2. Smoke. This is a smoke- free environment
  3. Drink Alcoholic beverages or use drugs. This is prohibited. Intoxicated visitors will be asked to leave


Daily 6.00am- 6.00pm including public holidays. Note: visitors will not be allowed entry after 6.15pm.

Accommodation and Hotels in Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

Campsites in Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

  1. Impalla Picnic Site
  2. Albizia Picnic Site
  3. Baboon Picnic Site
  4. Sunset Picnic Site
  5. Fig Tree Picnic Site
  6. Simba Picnic Site
  7. Kisumu Impala Public Campiste

Privately Owned Campsites & Lodges in Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

  1. State Lodge Campsite 
  2. Jambo Lake Victoria Eco-lodge

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary Entrance Fees and Charges


Adults KSH: 250

Child KSH: 150


Adults KSH: 350

Child KSH: 200

Non – Resident

Adults USD:25

Child USD: 15

At present the Sanctuary and Park do not operate the Safaricard system. Entry is by cash only (Ksh or USS).

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary Contacts

Attraction Type: Wildlife
Category: Animal Sanctuary, Birding Site
Region: Western
City / Town: Kisumu
Road / Street: Harambee Road
Telephone: 254 57 250 1535
Entrance Fee: Yes

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