Kisumu City Guide

Kisumu Kenya: Kisumu city has a population of around 400,000 people. A further 150,000 live in the surrounding district. Pronounced as Ksoomoo, it is Kenya’s third largest city and the principal Lake Port of the country Lying on the Equator, Kisumu’s climate is hot all year (83°F). There are rainy seasons between March and June and in November. Kisumu is a railway terminal and Lake Port.
Boat rides on Lake Victoria are fun and widely available, you can either find one yourself or you can go through one of the hotels. There are also some bird sanctuaries in the area, which are worth visiting, including a heronry, a pelicanry and a sacred ibis colony.

Economic Activities in Kisumu Town

Kisumu city  has a full range of educational, industrial, agricultural, medical and social facilities. Kisumu is multi-ethnic with the Luo tribe predominating. Although Dholuo is the local language mostly used here, Swahili is spoken throughout Kenya and English is also widely understood. Local industries in Kisumu include the Kenya Match Company and the Coke Bottling Factory. Fish farming in Kenya is a major industry. Tea in Kenya, coffee in Kenya, cotton in Kenya and sugar cane farming are produced for export. Maize in Kenya is also grown for local consumption.

Kisumu city is fast developing as a tourist industry with the attractions of Lake Victoria and nearby wildlife. Farmers in Nyanza Province also grow millet, cassava and bananas as basic foods. Cassava is a drought resistant root crop that comes in handy during the dry seasons.

Kisumu County

Its a County in the former Nyanza region Kisumu County borders Vihiga County to the North, Nandi County to the North East, Kericho County to the East, Nyamira County to the South, Homa Bay County to the South West and Siaya County to the West. Read more

Kisumu Governor

Currently Anyang Nyong’o is the Kisumu County governor. He was elected on 8/8/2017 under an ODM ticket.

Kisumu County Map

Kisumu County Map
Kisumu County Map

Kisumu Sub Counties

Kisumu International Airport

This airport is located on the shores Lake Victoria and it is the third largest airport in Kenya. It usually handles cargo – mostly fishery products as well as have several commercial airlines which enable people to travel in the city, especially those bordering Uganda and Tanzania since the airport is near both of the borders.

Kisumu Weather

Kisumu’s average temperature is 83 degrees Fahrenheit. Peak temperatures reach into the high 80s and 90s, with low temperatures dropping into the 60s.Morning humidity levels in Kisumu are between 80 percent and 90 percent, with evening humidity percentage levels dropping into the 40s and 50s. Current weather update

Places To Visit in Kisumu Town

Tourists Attractions in Kisumu County

Hippo Point

Once a popular picnic site on the shores of Lake Victoria about 3km from town, it’s now neglected but still nice place to see sunsets on the lake.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

Category: Tourists Attractions in Kisumu City

On the shores of Lake Victoria, is a meager but interesting one- square-kilometre wildlife sanctuary. It is home to the last herds of impala that were once around town and a white rhino and zebras.

For more information visit: Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

Kit Mikayi

Category: Tourists Attractions in Kisumu City

A large rocky outcrop with three towering rocks. It is off the Kisumu-Bondo Road. Kit-mikayi means “Stones of the first wife” in Dholuo, the Luo language. It is believed that Mikayi (”the first wife”) went up the hill to the stones when her husband took a second wife. She has been weeping ever since.

For more information visit: Kit Mikayi

Kisumu Museum

Category: Tourists Attractions in Kisumu City

Kisumu museum has the largest exhibition of the UNESCO-sponsored ‘Ber-gi-dala’ or a Luo traditional homestead.

For more information visit: Kisumu Museum

Ndere Island National Park

Category: Tourists Attractions in Kisumu City

Ndere Island National Park is a 4.2 kmz park on the outskirts of Kisumu town off the northern shore of Lake Victoria, opened in November 1986. A five-minute motor—boat ride will get you to the island.

For more information visit: Ndere Island National

Ruma National Park

Category: Tourists Attractions in Kisumu City

Ruma National Park is named by one of Kenya’s most powerful wizards, the much—feared Gor Mahia who lived near the park.

For more information visit: Ruma National Park

Alego Nyangoma Kogelo Village

Category: Tourists Attractions in Kisumu City

Alego Nyangoma Kogelo village is the official birthplace of Barack Obama Snr, the father of the United States’ first black president, Barack Obama. The sleepy village in southeast Alego in Siaya County Council and Alego Constituency became famous overnight when Barack Obama vied for presidency for USA in 2006. Obama’s grandmother, Sarah Obama is a popular figure in the village. To visit her requires a clearance letter from either the police or the District to Officer in Siaya town.

Got Ramogi Hill

Category: Tourists Attractions in Kisumu City

Got Ramogi Hill is the home of the great grandfather of the Luo community when the Luo first settled on the shore of lake

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga

Category: Tourists Attractions in Kisumu City

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, 60 km from Kisumu town. It is final place of the late Jaramogi Oginga Ondinga Kenya’s first vice-president. The Luo Heroes’

Exhibition Centre on in Bondo; Western Kenya holds it cultural symbols and traditional artifacts and regalia of the African tribes.

Kanam Prehistoric Site

Category: Tourists Attractions in Kisumu City

Kanam Prehistoric site is on the shores of Lake Victoria on Homa peninsula near the Homa Mountain. Louis Leakey’s expedition in 1932 discovered a fossil human mandible and Pleistocene fauna including prehistoric stone tools. Recent finds are paleontological bones dating between 1 and 6 million years ago.

Kanjera Prehistoric site and Kanjera hot springs (Bala Rawi)

Category: Tourists Attractions in Kisumu City

These hot salty springs where eggs can be boiled is where Doctor Louis Leakey in 1932 found cranial and funeral fragments of hominids. These were estimated to be 500 years old. Local people collect salt from the evaporated salt water.

Luanda Magere Site and Grave

Category: Tourists Attractions in Kisumu City

Luanda Magere Site and Grave is along Nyando river. Luanda was a warrior, believed to be made of stone. Nobody could kill him. When war broke out between the Luo and Kipsigis tribes, Luanda killed many Kipsigis. The Kipsigis came up with a strategy. Luanda was given a woman from the Kipsigis tribe to marry.

The woman learned the secret of Luanda’s life when he fell sick and asked his wife to treat his shadow. When fighting broke out again between the two tribes, the woman told her people the secret of Luanda’s life. A warrior threw a spear into Luanda’s shadow, killing him. Luanda turned into a stone, which still lies on the spot. It is believed by hunters around this place that if you sharpen a spear on the rock, you can make a kill easily. This story is compared with the biblical story of Samson.

Songhor Paleontology Sites

Category: Tourists Attractions in Kisumu City

Songhor Paleontology Sites situated in the sugarcane area of Nyando about half an hour’s drive from Luanda Magere Site towards Nandi hills. The Miocene site dates 19 million years. There is evidence sofa large variety of animals that lived here. The fossil humanoids collected from this site range from small to big apes.

Thimlich Ohinga

Category: Tourists Attractions in Kisumu City

Thimlich Ohinga refers to a “frightening dense forest” in Dholuo language. Thimlich Ohinga is a unique architectural stone structure in Nyanza province, 181 km south of Kisumu in Migori district. Archaeological record of materials found within the site date 500 years ago. The site lies on a gentle sloping hill 46 km northwest of Migori town near Macalders’ Mines.

Tom Mboya Mausoleum

Category: Tourists Attractions in Kisumu City

Tom Mboya Mausoleum near Kasawanga on Island has mementos and a few of the many gifts that received in his lifetime though many have disappeared near Mbita Point.

Hotels and Accommodation in Kisumu Town

1. Acacia Premier Hotel

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Acacia Premier Hotel is a lavish hotel situated in the prime leafy suburb of Milimani, standing on the shores of Lake Victoria. It boasts of a rooftop terrace with extensive views of Kisumu West. Enjoy free wireless internet access all through the premises, an outdoor pool and a boardroom. This hotel offers convenience, serenity and a flair for the spectacular, for all who visit.

For further information please visit: Acacia Premier Hotel

2. Imperial Hotel Kisumu

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Imperial Hotel offers luxury accommodation in the heart of Kisumu. The imposing white building surrounds a leafy central courtyard and swimming pool.

There are 70 en-suite rooms. The standard rooms have twin beds, and are equipped with armchairs, coffee table, desk, electronic safe and telephone. The deluxe rooms have, in addition, minibar, kettle and bathroom amenities. The 3 spacious executive suites and 1 presidential suite include an elegant living area, and are equipped with iron, hairdryer, daily newspapers, TV, CD player and 2 telephone extensions. There are also l2 apartments with sitting room, study and fully equipped kitchenette.

For further information please visit: Imperial Hotel Kisumu

3. Kiboko Bay Resort

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Kiboko Bay Resort is named after the hippos that wallow in front of the resort,it is a tented camp on Lake Victoria. Mariieured lawns, dotted with bougainvillea and palms and humming with birdsong, slope gently to the water’s edge.The restaurant serves international cuisine, including fresh lake fish. Guests can also eat on the shady terrace or beside the lakefront swimming pool. There is a fully stocked bar and a peaceful library.

For further information please visit: Kiboko Bay Resort

4. Sovereign Hotel

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Sovereign Hotel Kisumu is a beautiful boutique hotel aiming to offer unique and luxurious accommodation, situated in Kisumu. They have a restaurant that offers local and international meals, they also offer accommodation and its a fine place to hold cooperate events and wedding.

Each room is spacious, fully air-conditioned and designed with a balcony or a terrace that overlooks the beautiful surroundings. All rooms at the hotel feature floor-to-ceiling windows, ornate persian rugs and lampshades, comfortable beds and fresh bedding, polished executive tables and armchairs. Bathrooms are en-suite.

For further information please visit: Sovereign Hotel

5. Vittoria Suites

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Vittoria Suites is a luxury hotel located in the high- end suburbs of Milimani Estate in Kisumu. Free WIFI is available.

Book your suite now at bed and breakfast rates and wake  up to a breath taking view of Lake Victoria. The kitchenette in the suites is equipped with tea making facilities, microwave, crockery and a fridge making it ideal for long stay holidays.
The Terrace Bar and Restaurant serves continental cuisine with a variety of wines, spirits and beers. This can also be enjoyed in the garden  restaurant.

For further information please visit: Victoria Suites

6. Pinecone Hotel

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Pinecone Hotel is located in Tom Mboya Estate Kisumu, along Dakar Road. The hotel’s close proximity to Kisumu International Airport, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching College and other major businesses makes it suitable accommodation choice for business and leisure travelers. Free WiFi is provided for all guests.

Pinecone Hotel has 70 accommodation units that are designed with custom made furniture and finishings. Each room has a workstation, flat screen TVs and en-suite bathrooms.

For further information please visit: Pinecone Hotel

7. Hotel Dew Church Drive

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Hotel Dew Church Drive is located at the edge of Kisumu City. This hotel in Kenya boasts close proximity to major city attractions like museums and galleries, shopping malls, and cinema halls. Free WiFi is provided for all guests. They offer accomodation and an onsite restaurant.

For further information please visit: Hotel Dew Church Drive

8. Great Lakes Hotel

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

The Great Lakes Hotel is situated in a remote spot, adjacent to the Kenya National Library and with beautiful views over Lake Victoria. The international airport and the city centre is only a short drive away. They have a restaurant that offers local and international meals and they also offer accommodation.

For further information please visit: Great Lakes Hotel

9. Whirlspring Hotel

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Whirlspring Hotel is a centrally located hotel offering basic comfortable overnight accommodation in Kisumu. The hotel is located near the Kilimani shopping centre within the CBD and just 15 minutes from the airport.Whirlspring hotel is a good choice to have a relaxing holiday, hold a business meeting, or just to unwind after accumulated stress.

Whirlspring Hotel offers accommodation in spacious well-appointed rooms that are built in three-storey clusters interconnected through archways.

For further information please visit: Whirlspring Hotel

10. Alcazar Hotel Kisumu

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Alcazar Hotel is located off the Kisumu – Kakamega Road in Kenya. Its proximity to many business centers, makes it a favorite for business travellers. Free WiFi is available.Each room is designed with an en-suite bathroom and fitted with a TV with satellite channels and an air conditioner.

For more information please Visit: Alcazar Hotel Kisumu

11. Excellent Magere Guest House

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Excellent Magere Guest House is a quiet, modern guesthouse in the Kisumu suburb of Millimani. Not far from the town centre, the guesthouse is within easy reach of the shops, restaurants and businesses of Kisumu.This peaceful and private place suits both tourists and business travellers. The 12 en~suite rooms are made up of 5 singles, 5 doubles and 2 family rooms that each has 2 double beds. All rooms have aircon, fan and TV with local channels. Mosquito nets are on both the beds and the windows.

For more information please visit: Excellent Magere Guest House

12. Hillside Villa Kisumu

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Hillside Villa Kisumu is located along Kisumu – Kakamega Highway in Kisumu .The facility is nestled among serene palm trees. There is free Wi-Fi internet access across the premises.There are 42 en-suite rooms, made up of singles, doubles, twins and cottages. The cottages are furnished, self—catering, 1-bedro0m apartments, with personal maid. All rooms have satellite TV, internet and room service. Extra beds and baby cots are available on request.Safari Restaurant serves a combination of international and local dishes.

For more information please visit; Hillside Villa Kisumu

13. Homa Bay Tourist Hotel Ltd

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Homa Bay Tourist Hotel Ltd is located on the shores of Lake Victoria at Kisumu County. Homabay Tourist Hotel is 12km away from Simbi Nyaima for cultural history in Kendu and 26km away from Ruma National Park.It offers a scenic view of the birds at the lake. Free WiFi is available on the premises.There are 23 en-suite rooms, made up of 15 standard and 8 superior rooms. The rooms all have fan, mosquito net, writing table, and telephone.Each room is fitted with a wardrobe, a TV with satellite reception and designed with an en-suite bathroom.

For more information please visit; Homa Bay Tourist Hotel Ltd

14. Hotel Beograda Kisumu

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Hotel Beograda is located near the large matatu stage, it is a tall building in the centre of Kisumu Town, rising over a large sign Kelly’s Bar and Restaurant. They offer accommodation but they do not have a restaurant.There are 63 en-suite rooms that are made up of doubles and twins beds. The rooms are small and basic, and are furnished with bed, table, chair and basin.The hotel does not serve food, but there are several restaurants nearby.

For more information please visit; Hotel Beograda

15. Hotel Perch

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Hotel Perch has striking views overtake Victoria, a lake filled with the Nile perch which gave the hotel its name. The hotel is a prominent orange building, with terracotta embellishments. A polished wooden staircase leads from the large stone entrance hall to the wood paneled reception on the 1st floor.There are 70 en-suite rooms, made up of singles, doubles and twins. All rooms have armchairs, coffee table, writing desk, TV with local channels and mosquito net.

For more information please visit: Hotel Perch

16. Hotel Vunduba

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Hotel Vunduba formerly Hotel Merryland, is a large hotel set around a shady courtyard. They offer accommodation, a restaurant that seves both local and international dishes and have a conference room.There are 62 en-suite rooms in 2 buildings, made up of singles, doubles and apartments. All rooms have TV with local channels and overhead ceiling fan. The apartments have a double room with en—suite bathroom, an interlinking room with single bed, armchairs, coffee table and TV, and a basic kitchenette. Crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils can be provided by the hotel restaurant if required.

For more information please visit: Hotel Vunduba

17. Sunset Hotel Kisumu

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Nestled in enchanting town in leafy suburb of Milimani Estate in Kisumu, Sunset provides perfect accompaniment to your stay in “the millennium city” whether it is for business, meeting, magical holiday, or romantic wedding and honeymoon we have all it takes to make it memorable.

18. Vic Hotel Kisumu

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

The Vic Hotel Kisumu is located in Mega City, along Nairobi road in Kisumu and seeks to give the business or leisure traveler a relaxing home-away-from-home atmosphere.The Vic Hotel Kisumu rooms are luxurious and beautifully designed. It offers the care of friendly staff, clean and spacious accommodation with excellent service and attention to detail.

19. Jumuia Hotel Kisumu

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Jumuia Hotel Kisumu, located along Gumbi Road is a perfect destination for corporate and business meetings. Its fully equipped with conference facilities in all the meeting halls, complimented by spacious self contained deluxe rooms that meet the needs of a discerning business traveller.

20. Royal City Hotel Kisumu

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Royal City Town Centre Branch is located along Odera Street in the heart of Kisumu City . The hotel offers lovely views of Kisumu Airport and Lake Victoria. Free WiFi is also available. The Royal City Hotel Kisumu provides top class meetings and conferencing facilities, with a range of outdoor and indoor meeting venues. The spacious lawns can accommodate up to 300 persons, while the in-house meeting rooms can accommodate from between 8 and 250 persons. Daytime food is served in different dining well-appointed halls and restaurants. Evening diner offers a unique dining experience.

21. Palmers Hotel Kisumu

Category: Hotels in Kisumu Kenya

Hotel Palmers is located in the heart of Kisumu City. Every effort is made to ensure that your stay at Hotel Palmers is an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. The hotel is committed to enhancing and further developing of guest services and offers something special to return to on each visit.

Education Institutions in Kisumu Town

Kisumu is home to many Universities and colleges:-

  1. Maseno University
  2. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST)
  3. Great Lakes University
  4. University of Nairobi-Kisumu Campus
  5. Catholic University of East Africa-Kisumu Campus
  6. Daystar University-Kisumu campus
  7. Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology (RIAT)
  8. Tom Mboya Labour College
  9. DALC Education Kisumu Campus
  10. Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute Kisumu
  11. Nairobi Aviation College, Kisumu Branch
  12. Intraglobal Training Institute, Kisumu
  13. International School of Medicine and Technology
  14. Foundation Institute of Africa
  15. African Institute of Research and Development Studies, Kisumu City Campus
  16. KCA University-Kisumu campus
  17. Kisumu Industrial Training Centre
  18. Western College of Hospitality and Professional Studies
  19. Kisumu Polytechnic
  20. International School of Medicine and Applied Technology
  21. Kenya College of AccountancyLake Institute of Tropical Medicine
  22. X-elle School of Hair Design & Beauty
  23. La-Von School of Hair and Beauty
  24. Sigotop Career Development College
  25. Ivory Tower Institute
  26. Elros Investments Mamboleo
Kisumu City - Kisumu Kenya
Kisumu City – Kisumu Kenya

Kisumu City- Video