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Kisumu City – A Guide to Kisumu Kenya

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Kisumu City Guide

Kisumu Kenya: Kisumu city has a population of around 400,000 people. A further 150,000 live in the surrounding district. Pronounced as Ksoomoo, it is Kenya’s third largest city and the principal Lake Port of the country Lying on the Equator, Kisumu’s climate is hot all year (83°F). There are rainy seasons between March and June and in November. Kisumu is a railway terminal and Lake Port.
Boat rides on Lake Victoria are fun and widely available, you can either find one yourself or you can go through one of the hotels. There are also some bird sanctuaries in the area, which are worth visiting, including a heronry, a pelicanry and a sacred ibis colony.

Economic Activities in Kisumu Town

Kisumu city  has a full range of educational, industrial, agricultural, medical and social facilities. Kisumu is multi-ethnic with the Luo tribe predominating. Although Dholuo is the local language mostly used here, Swahili is spoken throughout Kenya and English is also widely understood. Local industries in Kisumu include the Kenya Match Company and the Coke Bottling Factory. Fish farming in Kenya is a major industry. Tea in Kenya, coffee in Kenya, cotton in Kenya and sugar cane farming are produced for export. Maize in Kenya is also grown for local consumption.

Kisumu city is fast developing as a tourist industry with the attractions of Lake Victoria and nearby wildlife. Farmers in Nyanza Province also grow millet, cassava and bananas as basic foods. Cassava is a drought resistant root crop that comes in handy during the dry seasons.

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Places To Visit While in Kisumu Town

Dunga Hill Camp
Impala Sanctuary
Kit Mikayi
Hippo Point
Kiboko Bay
The Kisumu Museum
Planet Media and Starflix Cinemas
Flea Market

Hotels and Accommodation in Kisumu Town

Acacia Premier Hotel
Brilliant Hotel & Service
Imperial Hotel Kisumu
Imperial Hotel Stay
Kiboko Bay Resort
Sovereign Hotel
Sovereign Hotel
Great hotel
Imperial Hotel Express
Pinecone Hotel
Pinecone Hotel
Hotel DewChurch Drive
Parkview Safari Hotel & Apartments
The Triple Trojans Hotel Milimani
Shammah Hotel Kisumu

Education Institutions in Kisumu Town

Kisumu is home to many Universities and colleges:-

  1. Maseno University
  2. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST)
  3. Great Lakes University
  4. University of Nairobi-Kisumu Campus
  5. Catholic University of East Africa-Kisumu Campus
  6. Daystar University-Kisumu campus
  7. Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology (RIAT)
  8. Tom Mboya Labour College
  9. DALC Education Kisumu Campus
  10. Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute Kisumu
  11. Nairobi Aviation College, Kisumu Branch
  12. Intraglobal Training Institute, Kisumu
  13. International School of Medicine and Technology
  14. Foundation Institute of Africa
  15. African Institute of Research and Development Studies, Kisumu City Campus
  16. KCA University-Kisumu campus
  17. Kisumu Industrial Training Centre
  18. Western College of Hospitality and Professional Studies
  19. Kisumu Polytechnic
  20. International School of Medicine and Applied Technology
  21. Kenya College of AccountancyLake Institute of Tropical Medicine
  22. X-elle School of Hair Design & Beauty
  23. La-Von School of Hair and Beauty
  24. Sigotop Career Development College
  25. Ivory Tower Institute
  26. Elros Investments Mamboleo
Kisumu City - Kisumu Kenya

Kisumu City – Kisumu Kenya

Kisumu City – Kisumu Museum

Kisumu Kenya has a museum that serves not only as an educational and recreational centre for visitors, but also as an educational channel on the maintenance and sustainability of the biodiversity of Lake Victoria. Its small yet comprehensive exhibited gallery focuses on displays of material culture of the peoples of the Western Rift Valley and Nyanza Province. This includes traditional clothing and adornment, basketry, fishing gear, agricultural tools and hunting weaponry. Also on display are several dioramas, including a lion, De Brazza monkey and the largest Nile Perch ever caught in Kenya. Unique to the Kisumu Museum are its natural history exhibits in the form of a fresh-water aquarium, and outdoor snake park and tortoise pens. A visit to the museum is not complete without viewing the 300-year-old giant tortoise, imported to Kenya from the Seychelles in 1930.

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