Kisumu Museum

Kisumu Museum is located in Kisumu town along the Kisumu – Kericho highway. It was opened to the public in 1980. The museum stores and disseminates information on cultural and scientific issues with emphasis on Western Kenya. Exhibits include cultural history. The museum provides educational services to schools in its neighbourhood.

Striking features of the museum include a diverse collection of flora and fauna species. The most notable animals are reptiles and amphibians, collected from Nyanza and neighbouring provinces. A traditional Luo homestead and other traditional Luo artifacts constitute part of the exhibits the museum keeps.

kisumu_homesteadResearch activities also feature prominently. In recent years, the Kisumu museum has participated in multinational investigation on limnology (a scientific characteristic of fresh water lakes) of Lake Victoria conducted from the International Center for Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) at Mbita in Kisumu.

Kisumu museum is also a gravity point for seminars and workshops both international and local. Attached to Kisumu museum are a number of sites and monuments of historical significance including Fort Tenan, Songhor, Thimlich Ohinga and Rusinga Islands.

A Guide To Kisumu Museum

Kisumu Museum stores and disseminates information on cultural and scientific issues with emphasis on Western Kenya cultures of the Luo, Luhya, Kisii and Kalenjin communities. Striking features include a diverse collection of traditional artifacts, stuffed animals and birds, a glass snake house (containing Kenyas most poisonous snakes), and crocodile pit.Kisumu Museum

The Museum is located in Kisumu, Kenya. Its exhibits focus on the natural and cultural history of Western Kenya. It features a collection of local flora and fauna, as well as a traditional Luo homestead.

Kisumu Museum Contacts

Attraction Type: Culture, Wildlife
Category: Cultural Museum, Community Tourism, Animal Sanctuary
Region: Western
City / Town: Kisumu
Road / Street: Busia Road
Telephone: +254 57 202 0332, +254 41 200 4975
Entrance Fee: Yes

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