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Kit Mikayi – The weeping rock

Kit Mikayi – Overview

Kit Mikayi is a large rock formation on the Kisumu-Bond road in western Kenya, 29km west of Kisumu. It means ‘stones of the first wife’ in Dholuo. The rock is about 70 to 80ft tall.

The legendary story behind Kit Mikayi goes thus: A long time ago, an old man, Ngeso, was in love with the stone.

When he woke up, he could walk into the cave inside the stone and stay the whole day. His wife brought him breakfast and lunch everyday.

When the wife was asked of his whereabouts, she answered: He has gone to his first wife (mikayi). Kit-Mikayi is a regional sightseeing point and a popular local pilgrimage site for followers of the Legio Maria sect who pray and fast at the rock for weeks.

Kit Mikayi Description

Kit Mikayi is part of Mt Elgon and Cherangani hills ecosystem. This grasslands and woodlands used to be home of abundant wildlife that were wiped out through hunting. Its effort now reveal a host of Kongoni, Sitatunga, Bongo, Black Rhino, elephants, Reed Buck and Rothschild giraffes.

Any first time visitor to Kit Mikayi rocks in Seme, Kisumu County may be forgiven for thinking that the rocks balancing perfectly on top of each other are about to fall.

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This is because of their amazing arrangement that offers a spectacular view that keeps visitors coming back for more.

Kit Mikayi is a rock formation which is 70 metres high.

It is located along the Kisumu- Bondo road in Western Kenya.

In Dholuo language, which is widely spoken in the area, Kit Mikayi means ‘‘stones of the first wife’’ or ‘‘First wife’s rocks’’.

The rocks are located 30 kilometres east of the lakeside city of Kisumu and one kilometre from Kisumu-Bondo road.

Kit Mikayi – LUO FAMILY

One can easily access it through a sign board on the gate of Kit Mikayi Primary School as you enter via Ng’op Ngeso Primary School.

Despite various geological explanations on how it was formed, locals have their juicy version of how it came to exist.

According to folk tales, there was an old man by the name Ngeso who adored and cherished the rocks.

Every day when he woke up, he would walk into the cave under the stone and rest the whole day.

The old man became passionately in love with this stone and every time residents asked her where her husband was, she would say he had gone to be with his first wife (Mikayi).

The stone was thus called the first wife (Kit Mikayi).

Others opine that due to its features, the structure represents the traditional Luo cultural polygamous family which had the first wife’s house (Mikayi) built further in between.

The house of the second wife was built on the right hand side(Nyachira) while the third wife’s house (Reru) was built on the left hand side of the homestead.

The stone is held sacred by the locals and is used for worshipping during calamities such as famine and drought.

Many believers especially the Legio Maria sect worshipers often troop to the place to worship and offer sacrifices.

Kit Mikayi is a sight that any nature admirer should add to their places-to-visit list.

Other beautiful attraction sites near these gorgeous rocks include Ndere Island National Park in Lake Victoria which is about an hour drive away and Impala Park located in Kisumu.

Kit Mikayi Contacts

Attraction Type:    Scenery & Landscapes, Culture
Category:    Rock Formation, Shrine, Community Tourism
Region:     Western
City / Town:    Kombewa
Road / Street:    Kisumu Bondo Road
Telephone:     254 719 256207
254 722 788879
254 720 074965
Entrance Fee:    No


Kit Mikayi

Kit Mikayi