A Guide To Kogelo – Obama’s Ancestral Village

Kogelo, the ancestral home of US president Barack Obama’s father, receives streams of visitors ever since he announced his candidature for presidency. The guests range from curious locals and journalists international tourists. The ministry has declared the home a world heritage site.

Obama’s victory in November 2008 transformed Kogelo into a major tourist attraction. Taxis operators, hotels and restaurants near Kogelo have recorded brisk business since due to the high number of tourists streaming to the village. Reports indicate that a significant number of bookings are made locally and online, and in some instances hotels have had to refer clients to outlying areas

Indications that the Government of Kenya would elevate the US President’s ancestral home to celebrity status became clear when the 10km stretch from the main road to the vil-lage was upgraded.

Kogelo - Obama's Ancestral Village
Kogelo – Obama’s Ancestral Village

On the night Obama won the election, Kenya Power and Lighting Company technicians connected a line from the main road to his ancestral home, lighting up a village that had hitherto been without electricity. These developments have begun to attract investors. Already, an entrepreneurial resident has leased out a portion of his land to a developer who is putting up a hotel.