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KPLC Tokens – How To Buy Kenya Power Prepaid Tokens

KPLC Prepaid Tokens Comes to Kenya

Kenya Power now gives you the power to control your electricity consumption with prepaid KPLC tokens. With a KPLC prepaid meter, paper bills, disconnections and the hassles of reconnections are things you’ll never have to deal with. You can now buy a Kenya Power token from any authorised vendor or through your mobile phone.

How to buy KPLC Prepaid tokens though your mobile phone

Buying KPLC token via MPESA or Airtel Money is as simple as using your phone. You will receive a return SMS that contains the token number which you enter into the KPLC prepaid meter. When the electricity credit is used, you can purchase more credit.

How to buy KPLC token via Mpesa

Step 1: Go to MPESA menu select “pay bill”
Step 2: Enter the Kenya Power prepaid business number 888880 and press OK
Step 3: Enter the 11 digit pre-payment meter number that you would like to purchase a token for and press OK
Step 4: Enter the amount you wish to purchase electricity token (between KShs. 250 and 35,000) and press OK
Step 5: Enter your M-PESA PIN and press OK Confirm that all the details are correct and press OK
Step 6: You will receive a confirmation SMS from MPESA immediately. Kenya Power will then generate a KPLC token number for your meter and send it to you via sms.

How to buy KPLC prepaid token via Airtel money

Step 1: Go To Airtel Menu
Step 2: Choose Money Option
Step 3: Choose the Nickname option & enter MYPOWER
Step 4: Enter amount
Step 5: Confirm transaction
Step 6: Enter the 4 digit password
Step 7: Under reference option enter the full Kenya Power prepaid 11 digit meter number.The customer will receive a confirmation SMS with the following attributes

1. Transaction ID – which is unique for every transaction.
2. Amount paid
3. KPLC prepaid meter number
4. Customers Airtel balance.
5. You will receive a confirmationSMS from AIRTEL MONEY immediately. Kenya Power will then generate a KPLC token number for your meter and send it to you via sms.

“Always remember to have your 11 digit meter number when you need to buy more credit for your pre-paid meter.”

Guide to Kenya Power Prepaid Tokens

NB: This tariff is applicable to post paid customers as well as the prepaid ones; and the charges are the same.

KPLC Token Rates: DC (Domestic Consumers)

  1. A Monthly Fixed Charge of KSh 120.00
  2. Energy charges of :
    – KSh 2.00 per Unit for 0 – 50 Units bought;
    – KSh 8.10 per Unit for 51-1,500 Units bought;
    – KSh 18.57 per Unit for Units bought above 1,500

Unit stands for Kilowatt-Hour (kWh)

Typical tariff dc (domestic consumers) transactions of a customer who purchases KPLC tokens 4 times in a month

KPLC tokens - 1st buy in a month

KPLC tokens – 1st buy in a month

KPLC tokens - 2nd buy in a month

KPLC tokens – 2nd buy in a month

KPLC tokens - 3rd buy in a month

KPLC tokens – 3rd buy in a month

KPLC Token Prices: SC (Small Commercial Consumers)

Applicable to non-domestic Small Commercial Consumers metered by the company at 240 or 415 volts and whose consumption does not exceed 15,000 units per Billing period.

  1. A fixed Charge of Ksh 120.00
  2. Energy Charge of Ksh 8.96 per unit for all units consumed.


The customer shall pay any taxes, levies or duties imposed from time to time by the Government. At present, the following are levied by the Government:

  1. VAT* at 12% charged to:
    a) Fixed Charge
    b) Demand Charge (not applicable to domestic customers)
    c) Foreign Exchange Fluctuation Adjustment
    d) Fuel Cost and;
    e) Inflation Adjustment
    f) Taxable value of electrical energy consumed in a manner required by the Government.
  2. Rural Electrification Programme (REP) levy at 5% of revenue from Unit sales.
  3. Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) levy at 3 Kenya cents/kWh

Fifth Schedule of Value Added Tax Act Cap 476 exempts VAT on supply of electrical energy to a domestic household where the consumption does not exceed two hundred kilowatt-hours (units).

KPLC Prepaid token User Guide

KPLC Tokens – What you should know about VAT!

As per the Fifth Schedule of the Value Added Tax Act Cap 476: “VAT shall be exempt in the supply of electrical energy to a domestic household
where the consumption does not exceed two hundred kilowatt-hours (200kWh).”

KPLC Tokens – What happens when you exceed 200 units in a month?

VAT charges shall be levied on all the electrical energy (units) bought from the beginning of the month.

KPLC Tokens – What you should know about Tariff DC

  1. Tariff DC is a step tariff and two tokens of the same amount may not give you the same number of units depending on the step you are in amongst other factors.
  2. Kenya Power’s vending system is online; hence the system keeps a record of all previous purchases and is thus able to determine the appropriate step in the tariff calculation.

Questions about KPLC Prepaid Tokens

How can I get a Kenya power prepaid meter?

At the moment Kenya Power has pre selected the project sites to be converted from the traditional meter to prepayment. There are plans to roll out countrywide.

Who will meet the cost of the KPLC prepaid meters?

Kenya Power will meet the cost of pre-payment meter installation for the project phase.

Is KPLC prepaid tokens cheaper that what I pay now?

No the charges will be the same. The only difference is that with prepayment, you will be paying in advance.

Will my electricity be shut when the KPLC token credit runs out?

Yes, your electricity will be shut off (disconnected) when your credit runs out. However, the meter will give a warning when the credit falls below
20Kwhrs. When faced with this situation it is advisable to top up your credit so as to avoid disconnection.

How do I buy KPLC token? (KPLC token agents)

You may obtain credit from existing Kenya Power pay points e.g. Electricity House and Stima Plaza, plus other 3rd party vendors such as Uchumi, Airtel Money and Safaricom (M-Pesa) so as to improve purchase convenience to the customer.

If I have an overdue bill, will my electricity be shut off when the technicians come to read my KPLC meter?

No, your electricity will not be shut off; however, you should endeavour to clear the debt prior to conversion, otherwise the bill will be transferred to the prepayment system. If the transfer occurs, on subsequent purchase of electricity, a portion of your payment will be deducted
and used to reduce the arrears.

Once the KPLC prepaid meter is installed, will the Kenya Power technicians still come to read my meter?

No, meter reading is not necessary in prepayment metering system. However, our Kenya Power technicians will be visiting customer premises from time to time to carryout inspections as required by law.

How will the Kenya Power technicians be identified?

The Kenya Power technician coming to change the meter from the credit one to the pre-paid wil have a company identification card.

What happens to my current electricity deposit?

Your current electricity deposit will be refunded if you have no debt.

How much power can I buy?

You can buy as much power as you wish.

Does the KPLC prepaid meters come with no units upon installation?

The prepaid meter comes with preloaded 30units that will be recovered on subsequent token purchase

Where to buy KPLC prepaid tokens

Purchasing a token
1. Go to the local electricity vendor.
2. Supply the operator at the vendor with the meter ID card or meter serial number.
3. Supply the operator with the amount you wish to purchase.
4. You will receive a 20-digit token printed on a receipt.

Note: KPLC prepaid meter number

To display the meter serial number, key in ‘100’ followed by the ‘Enter’ key. The meter will display the 11-digit meter serial number, scrolling from right to left (twice).

This number is the same as the meter serial number and the number on the User ID card used to purchase electricity

KPLC Tokens: How To Buy Kenya Power Tokens – Video

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