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KTN TV Kenya Live Online News: KTN – Kenya Television Network is the leading television station in Kenya with its headquarters in Standard Group Centre on Mombasa road. You can watch KTN TV online live news streaming from www.ktnkenya.tv

KTN – Kenya Television Network was founded in March 1990 by Jared Kangwana and was the first non-pay privately owned TV-station in Africa, and the first to break KBC’s monopoly in Kenya. KTN became famous for Activism Journalism in the 1990s, developing a sophisticated, aggressive and unique style news coverage, and has continued with the same hard line stance, issues-based reporting to date, branding itself as the ‘authoritative and independent’ news channel.

KTN became the model which governments in Africa used when they allowed for media liberalisation to take place in the late 1990s. Many of the new radio and TV stations across East and Central Africa not only relied on KTN as a model, but benefited directly in terms of recruiting former KTN staff to run their operations.

Ktn Digital News

This is a leading online publisher in Kenya with over 16 million views on the main site ( www.standardmedia.co.ke) and over 5 million views on the entertainment site (www.sde.co.ke) per month. The online platform consists of repurposed editorial content targeting local and diaspora users. Standard Digital is one of the top four news sites in Kenya.

In October 2016, SDE Entertainment was voted the best entertainment and lifestyle website in Africa during the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) Africa Digital Media Awards in South Africa.

Ktn Home

KTN, which is a household name in Kenya, has been rated as the No. 2 TV station in the country. Now popularly known as KTN Home, this iconic channel, with its slogan – “Welcome Home” – continues to offer heart-warming programs that have made it a darling of viewers.

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This is a 24 hour news channel – the only one providing round the clock local and East African news in Kenya today. Launched in July 2015, KTN News has quickly established itself as the channel of choice for breaking news, live coverage and non-stop current affairs programs from Kenya, across Africa and the world. A year into its launch – in July 2016 – it was rated the No. 3 station in Kenya.

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KTN Live Online Streaming for News

You can watch KTN live online programs tough the following links:

Website: http://www.ktnkenya.tv

You Tube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/ktnkenya

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EMAIL Online Ads Desk: online@standardmedia.co.ke

KTN TV Kenya Live Online News

KTN TV Kenya Live Online News – KTN Head Office

Mombasa Rd.,
P.O Box 30080, 00100, Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: +254-20-3222111
Fax: +254-20-214467
Email: advertising@standardmedia.co.ke

KTN Regional Offices

KTN TV Kenya Live Online News – KTN – Kisumu

Al Imran Plaza, Oginga Odinga Street,
P.O Box 788, 40100, Kisumu.
Tel: +254-57-2022820/ 2021866
Fax: +254-57-2023451
Email: kisumu@standardmedia.co.ke

KTN TV Kenya Live Online News – KTN – Mombasa

Diamond Trust Building, Moi Avenue,
P.O Box 90210, 80100, Mombasa.
Tel: +254-41-2230884 / 2230897 / 2228204 / 2228098
Fax: +254-41-2230814
Email: mombasa@standardmedia.co.ke

KTN TV Kenya Live Online News – KTN – Nakuru

Merica Building, Kenyatta Avenue,
P.O Box 15146, 20100, Nakuru.
Tel: +254-51-2214289/ 2212914,
Fax: +254-51-2217348.
Email: nakurunews@standardmedia.co.ke

KTN TV Kenya Live Online News – KTN – Eldoret

K.V.D.A Plaza, Oloo Street,
P.O Box 1912, 30100, Eldoret.
Tel: +254-53-2030482/2060760/2060292
Fax: +254-53-2033438
Email: eldoret@standardmedia.co.ke

KTN TV Kenya Live Online News – KTN – Kakamega

Tobacco House, Cannon Awori Street, Kakamega.
Tel: +254-56-30255/30368
Fax: +254-56-30554.
Email: kakamega@standardmedia.co.ke

KTN TV Kenya Live Online News – KTN – Nyeri

Gathungu House, Kanisa Road, Nyeri.
Tel: +254-61-2030068/2030373
Fax +254-61-2030740
Email: ads@standardmedia.co.ke