A Guide To Laikipia Wildlife Conservancy

Laikipia Wildlife Conservancy is a dynamic, membership led conservation organisation supporting, coordinating and facilitating pan-Laikipia conservation and natural resource management. It provides a platform for dialogue for a cross section of land owners and land users including local community groups, private ranchers, pastoralists, small scale farmers and tourism ventures.

Laikipia Wildlife Conservancy
Laikipia Wildlife Conservancy

Large mammals in Laikipia County are both diverse and numerous, perhaps more so than almost anywhere in East Africa. This includes half of Kenya’s black rhinos, the second largest population of elephants in Kenya, and the globally threatened Grevy’s Zebra. But what is perhaps most unusual about the wildlife numbers in Laikipia is that they are stable in the face of a sharp national decline.

Laikipia Wildlife Conservancy Contacts

Attraction Type: Wildlife
Category: Wildlife Conservancy, Birding Site
Region: Mt. Kenya
City / Town: Laikipia
Road / Street: Laikipia
Telephone: +254 20 216 6626;+254 721 500260
Email: communications @laikipia.org
Website: http://www.laikipia.org/
Entrance Fee: Yes