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Lake Logipi

A Guide To Lake Lgipi

Lake Logipi is saline and lies at the northern end of the Suguta Valley in Samburu. Lake logipi is between three and five metres deep, and is 6km wide and 3km long. Flamingoes inhabit the saline waters.

Lake Logipi is separated from Lake Turkana by the Barrier volcanic complex, a group of volcanoes that last erupted the late 19th Century or early 20th Century. Hot springs discharge on the northern shoreline of Lake Logipi  and maintain water at times of extreme aridity. During the rainy season, the lake is recharged from the Suguta River, forming a temporary lake, Alablab.

Lake Logipi flamingos

Lake Logipi flamingos

Lake Logipi has a maximum depth of 3 to 5 m, and is about 6 km wide by 3 km long. Its waters are of sodium bicarbonate composition with a pH of 9.5-10.5 and salinity (total dissolved salts) that varies from < 20 g/l to > 50 g/l. Efflorescent salt crusts (trona) are present around its margins. Flamingoes frequently inhabit the saline waters feeding on cyanobacteria (Arthrospira spp. – formerly termed Spirulina) and other plankton.

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