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Legal Aid in Kenya

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To institutionalize legal aid in Kenya, the Judiciary, AG’s office, the Law Society of Kenya and Legal Aid NGOs (Fida, Kituo cha Sheria, Cradle and International Commission of Jurists, among others) has developed a pilot National Legal Aid (and Awareness) Scheme.

The plan will ensure that Kenyans get access to legal services. It will provide legal advice, representation and awareness. Administration of the programme will be done through a multi-sectoral committee bringing together the Government, civil society and the private sector.

The programme will be piloted in six areas: Family Division of the Nairobi High Court, Moi University Law Clinic, Nairobi Children’s Court, Nakuru Juvenile Justice, Madiany Paralegal Advice Office and the Mombasa Capital Offences. Services to be offered by the pilot programme include legal aid and awareness, advice, assistance and representation, referral to service providers, alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, conciliation and voluntary small claims arbitration.

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The programme will also offer specialised services, including family counseling, production of simple awareness material, research and dissemination.