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Lesser Kudu Antelope in Kenya

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Lesser Kudu Antelope in Kenya Description

The lesser kudu antelope is a smaller model of the greater kudu, the major differences being the lack of a beard, more numerous and more pronounced vertical white stripes the body, and two white patches on the underside the neck. As with the greater kudu, only the males have horns. The coat colour varies from brownish grey to blue-grey. It stands around a metre high at the shoulder.

Kudu usually live in pairs accompanied by their fawns though females occasionally form small herds. They are very shy animals and spend much of the day hiding in dense bush, only moving out of cover to feed In the early morning and at dusk. This makes them difficult to spot.

Kudu are browsers and feed on a mixture of leaves, young shoots and twigs and, though they drink regularly if water is available, they are capable of doing without it for relatively long periods — more so than the greater kudu.

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The most likely places you will find them are Tsavo and Marsabit national parks where they prefer the drier, more bushy areas.

Lesser Kudu Antelope in Kenya – Photo

Lesser Kudu Antelope in Kenya

Lesser Kudu Antelope in Kenya – Video