Loise Kim Biography

Loise Kim full names are Loise Njeri Githuku is a Kenyan gospel musician whose most songs are in vernacular ‘Kikuyu’. She is an award winning artist and was the winner of Groove Awards- Female Artiste of the year. 

Loise Kim was born and raised in Mwimuto in Kiambu County. She is the first born in a family of eight. Her parents are David Githuku and Pastor Felistus Njambi.

Loise Kim EducationBackground

Loise Kim studied at Lower Kabete Primary School then went to Muslim Girls and finally went to Temple College.

Loise Kim Musical Career

.At 38, she has tried a number of businesses, including the hitherto chaotic matatu sector.She left it in 2005.A year later, Kim identified her singing talent: “At their chama (an informal buiness grouping) they decided in 2006 to compose songs for every meeting.”Her first song, Munjiari, was an instant success.

Loise Kim composed the song the event. Their group used to visit the parents and that is how her first song was called Munjiari (Kikuyu for parent) came to be. The tune was so successful that when she sang it to fellow women, they all cried.”Kim operates on a tight schedule since her diary is fully booked for performances that include business tours by firms promoting products.

Loise Kim made up to Sh80,000 a week from Munjiari album in the first couple of weeks or so before pirates caught up with her.Pirates rob both the artistes and the consumer who is served poor quality music camouflaged in cheaper prices.While an original CD costs Sh250 at accredited shops, pirates are selling low quality copy at between Sh50 and Sh60.

Loise Kim Awards

Loise Kim has bagged a number of awards including the Mwafaka Artist of the Year award; she is now gunning for next month’s Kigooco Senior Artist of the Year Award and the Video of the Year award for her the song Nissi.Quality work is the hallmark of success in the music industry, she tells budding musicians.

Having tried her hands on so many things before settling on singing, her source of strength is the passion that keeps her going.“Music is easily the best thing I have ever done.” It was an escape from the life of struggles, she says, her face lighting up with satisfaction.Another ogre facing the entire performing industry, is piracy whose merchants, she says, have mastered the art of survival, confusing even the musicians themselves.Kim says piracy is killing the music industry in Kenya and is denying hard-working musicians their deserved decent living.

She volunteers performing at night events some of my engagements have turned me into an owl of sorts and when most Kenyans have retired to bed, she  most likely drives alone in the dead of the night from one function to the other.”Advances from men, seeking to cash in on her fame, have also been a challenge, especially those who contract her to perform.

Loise Kim Songs – Loise Kim Kikuyu Gospel Songs

  1. Queen Official
  2. NETI
  3. Nduguikara Hemaini
  4. Ndukahituke Official
  6. NISSI
  9. Dara Nie Official
  12. Tiga Ni Ngai Official
  13. Nathaniel
  15. Kwina Hinya Official
  16. NDI HAHA

Loise Kim Queen – Loise Kim Gospel Songs

Loise Kim Marriage

Loise Kim has shed light about her marriage an issue that has been shrouded in controversy since she released a song that was speculated to have been about separation with her spouse.

Loise was speaking during an interview with Kikuyu Diaspora television where she recounted the process of how she began her music career. Losie who hails from Wangige in Kikuyu said her uncle Daniel Gichuhi who is also a singer was responsible for kicking her career off.

The sultry kikuyu gospel singer made a hit out of her first album which spread around the country like wild fire earning her instant fame. She however reveals that there are no tactics to a hit song, “its God’s favor, i didnt know it would be a hit song yet this was my first time to record. You ding and hope God favors your song” she said.

Loise Kim Latest Songs 

Loise Kim song “Wedo wa Kiabiriria” which can be loosely translated to the “first love” became the most popular and also opened a can of worms regarding her marriage. Loise Kim who narrated how her marriage came apart after just seven months of being together said she sang the song because of the state of her relationship. “When i was singing that song i was bitter about my marriage, we went our separate ways because we let the devil come between us, after he left we used to exchange bitter words which made things worse” she said.

Loise Kim Marriage and Divorce

Loise Kim Husband

Loise Kim and her husband who have two adult children have since divorced a predicament she says she has moved on from and continued to live her life happily. “I let go of everything and decided to live my life and my ministry”.

Loise Kim
Loise Kim

Loise Kim Foundation

The loise kim foundation is a Registered Christian Charity Organization based here in Nairobi,Kenya Founded by a renowned Kenyan Gospel Artist Loise Kim with an Aim of supporting Children homes, Destitute children and Children with disabilities.We strive to raise funds through: Corporate & individual Sponsorships, Music Concerts, Road Shows, Music Events, Philanthropists, donors and through well wishers.

Founded in April 2014, Loise Kim Foundation has made tremendous progress in addressing key fundamental areas of child growth that need urgent support by closely working with local NGOs, County Governments, Corporate and individuals of good will.Since the inception of this noble Idea, The loise Kim Foundation has organized and hosted 3 Successful events in Nairobi, Kiambu and Thika Towns.

Several Children homes have benefited from these events where money, food, clothing, uniforms, Assistive items for children with disabilities and other items were donated to children various homes  in the two counties.We wish to thank all who participated in the events as by doing so the have helped us change a child’s life!

In education they buy books, Uniforms, shoes and required stationery to assist the children who attend public schools from the children homes we work with. We also support the children homes with learning equipment to aid the children do their studies during weekend and school holidays with minimal interruptions such as paying electricity and water bills.

In the youth empowerment they monitor the education of these children we continue to seek support from Governments and our partners so as to create opportunities for the ones leaving the children homes to join colleges, universities, technical institutions, art and entrepreneurship by nurturing their talents, skills and expertise so as to ensure that they become self reliable individuals when they leave the children homes. As a musician, I personally strive to support those willing to pursue a career in music.

Loise Kim Politics

Loise Kim  has expressed interest in politics in 2017 in Kiambu County.

Loise Kim Video