A Guide To Losai National Reserve

Losai National Reserve is a wild, semi-desert landscape characterized by rocky hills, plains and river woodlands, which snake along the seasonal rivers. The scenic beauty is breath-taking with pythons, cobras, bees, beetles and scorpions. Losai National Reserve

The road travels through this reserve, with the majority of reserve located west of the road. This is 1800 sq km of thorny bushland situated in the Losai Mountains southwest of and adjacent to Marsabit National Reserve and about 175 km north of Mount Kenya, in Northern Kenya. The reserve was gazetted in 1976 to give protection to elephant, greater and lesser kudu, lion and a few black rhino, but none of these remain now thanks to poaching. In fact, rather amusingly, the Kenya Wildlife Services website claims the reserve these days is home to cobras, pythons, grasshoppers, bees, beetles and scorpions! Despite these intriguing attractions, it is unlikely tourism will develop in the near future as the lava plateau with scattered volcanic plugs is virtually impenetrable even with a 4WD.

Facts about Losai National Park

Area- 1800 sq km

Gazetted- 1976

Losai National Reserve Contacts

Attraction Type: Wildlife
Category: Game Reserve
Region: Northern
City / Town: Samburu
Telephone: 254 20 600 0800
254 20 600 2345
254 20 237 9407
Entrance Fee: Yes