Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary Description

Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary is a community led animal sanctuary and was formed by the Lualenyi, Mramba Communal grazing area and the Oza group ranch. This combination is thus what gave it its name, thus the abbreviation LUMO. It is a vital wildlife corridor between Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Parks.

LUMO Community Wildlife Sanctuary was formed when three community-owned “ranches” namely Lualenyi, Mramba and Oza, agreed to set aside 40,000 hectares of their land for wildlife conservation. This area was merged into a conservancy and legally registered as a trust in 2001. The sanctuary’s 4,000 members benefit from it, ensuring that the wildlife corridor between Tsavo East and West is maintained.

Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary
Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary

The LUMO Community Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 46,000 hectares in the heart of the Tsavo Eco-system, in Taita Taveta district in southern Kenya. The sanctuary is wedged between Tsavo East and West National Parks and Taita Game Sanctuary. The place is a significant dispersal area for elephants and other species of animals and a migration corridor for the elephants.

LUMO’s main sources of income are gate collection, lodge rent and bed night fees.
However, the organization is looking into looking for more streams of income as the current income cannot meet the recurrent cost.

The conservancy has two major types of markets comprised of local and foreign tourists. The local tourist is composed of the students who come to learn about conservancy and culture. There are also local businessmen’s and diplomats who come for leisure. There are also local companies and organizations that come for workshops. In the future, the conservancy is looking at ways to attract American, Britons, Switzerland and Chinese tourists.

LUMO’s management is composed of the sanctuary manager, an accounts clerk, thirteen game scouts, cashier, and two drivers. Its operation is overseen by nine boards of trustees composed of the chairman, treasurer and secretary.
The organization is composed of 4,000 community members, 9 Board of Trustee members, 3
Executive Committee members, 1 Sanctuary Manager.


“To be the leading tourist destination centre in eastern and southern Africa.”


“Lumo is a community based conservancy that provides ecotourism services to protect the wildlife of Tsavo.”

The main object of the LUMO Community Wildlife Trust is solely for the purpose of the relief of poverty or distress of the members and the advancement of education within the Taita Community.
Other objectives include;

  1. To promote tourism to LUMO around the world.
  2. To carry out general public education in order to create conservation awareness in order to gain public support for conservation.
  3. To encourage national and international co-operation in formulating laws that are friendly to conservation in all its aspects.
  4. To encourage provisions of public recreation areas to help in preserving the objects of beauty, geological, prehistoric, historical archaeological and other scientific interests.
  5. To liaise with the government, non-governmental organizations and international agencies involved in tourism development projects, including proposal writings, evaluation of sustainable utilization of resources, protected areas, management plans and harmonization of the various interests and parties affected by tourists in anyway.
  6. To protect and manage all natural resources, living and non-living including wildlife and their habitats, including land for crops ores soil, air and water within the trust area.
  7. To establish sanctuaries to protect wildlife species and allow wild animals and plants to breed in safety.
  8. To protect water catchments and scenic areas in order to ensure that water is always available and soil erosion will not occur.

Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary Contacts

Attraction Type:    Wildlife
Category:    Animal Sanctuary, Birding Site
Region:     Coast
City / Town:    Voi
Road / Street:    Off Mombasa Road
Telephone:     254 20 268580
Entrance Fee:    Yes