Makueni County covers an area of 8,034.7 sq km with a projected population of more than 0.9 million people. It geographically borders Kajiado County to the West, Taita Taveta County to the South, Kitui County to the East and Machakos County to the North. The county lies in the arid and semi-arid zones of the Eastern region of the country. Major physical features in the county include the Volcanic Chyulu hills which lie along the South West border of the County in Kibwezi West constituency, Mbooni hills in Mbooni constituency and Kilungu hills in Kaiti subcounty.

Makueni County is divided into Six sub-counties namely:

  1. Makueni,
  2. Mbooni,
  3. Kaiti,
  4. Kibwezi East,
  5. Kibwezi West and
  6. Kilome.

Makueni county wards

  1. Mbooni subcounty:wards {Tulimani,Mbooni,Kithungo,Kisau/Kiteta,Kako/Waia,Kalawa,}
  2. Kilome subcounty:wards{Kiima Kiu/Kalanzoni,Mukaa,Kasikeu}
  3. Kaiti sub county:wards{Kee,Kilungu,Ilima,Ukia}
  4. Makueni sub county:wards{Nzaui/Kalamba,Muvau,Kathonzweni,Mavindini,Kitise/Kithuki,Wote,Mbitini}
  5. Kibwezi West sub county:wards{Makindu,Kikumbulyu North,Kikumbulyu South, Nguumo, Nguu/Masumba, Emali/Mulala}
  6. Kibwezi East subcounty:wards{Masongaleni,Mtito Andei,Thange,Ivingoni}

Makueni County is famous for horticulture, already there are water management community projects like dams, irrigation schemes and boreholes that boost agriculture hence bringing wealth to all. The county has a progressive authority that concentrates on service delivery and continuum investment. It has opened up development information on the web, social networks, maps as well as sms and it strides to be a model county in the country, regional and beyond.

Facts About Makueni County

Area (Km 2): 8008.8 Km 2

Climate/Weather: Temperatures range from minimum of between 12 0C to a maximum of 28 0C. Rainfall ranges from 150mm to 650 mm per annum typical of ASALs in Kenya.

Makueni County Population

Population:884,527 (Male – 49 %, Female – 51 %)

Population Density: 110.4 people per Km 2

 National Percentage: 2.29 %

 Annual Growth Rate: 2.8 % (2009)

Age Distribution: 0-14 years (43.7 %), 15-64 years (51.1 %), 65+ years (5.2%)

Number of Households: 186,478

Makueni County Government

County Capital: Wote (proposed)

 Number of Constituencies (2010): 5 (Kaiti, Kibwezi, Kilome, Makueni and Mbooni)

 Registered Voters: 303,014

 National percentage: 2.40 %

 Number of Districts (2009): 7 (Makueni, Mukaa, Mbooni East, Mbooni West, Kilungu, Nzaui, Kibwezi, Kathonzweni)

 Number of Local Authorities (2010): 3 (Town Council of Wote, Town Council of Mtito Andei and County Council of Makueni)

 Economy of Makueni County

Poverty Level: Urban (34 %), Rural (67 %) of population live below poverty line.

 Age Dependency Ratio: 100:109

 Resources: Forests, wildlife, minerals, building sand, water (rivers), pasture and land.

Tourist Attractions: Kyulu Hills, History of AIC Church in Nzaui District, Irrigation in Kibwezi.

Financial Services: 3 Commercial bank branches, 4 Micro-Finance Institutions, 1 Village Bank.

 Main Economic Activities/industries: Subsistence agriculture, beekeeping, small-scale trade, dairy farming and limited coffee growing, Eco-tourism, Commercial Businesses

 Agricultural products: Fruits – Mangoes, pawpaws, water melons; maize, cow peas, beans, pigeon peas and lentils, livestock keeping, dairy farming.

Education in Makueni County

Number of Institutions (2007): Primary (901), Secondary (253),

 Primary: Total Enrolment (293,803)

 Teacher to Pupil Ratio: 1: 39.7 (Public Schools)

Secondary: Total Enrolment (19,857)

 Teacher to Pupil Ratio: 1: 19.5 (Public Schools)

 Tertiary: Polytechnics and Colleges (38)

 Adult Literacy Classes: Total Enrolment (231)

Health in Makueni County

 Doctor to Population Ratio: 1:119,879

 Infant Mortality Rates: 46/1000 Live births

 Under Five Mortality Rates: 84/1000

 Prevalent Diseases: Malaria, Respiratory Infections, HIV/Aids.

Tourism and Tourists Attractions in Makueni County

Makueni County located along the Nairobi – Mombasa highway has a rich history on early Christianity in Kenya. Although the region is generally dry, it enjoys spectacular natural beauty from the misty Mbooni hills to the Sikh temple in Makindu to Chyulu Hills National park situated just 30km south-west of Kibwezi town and the picturesque road from Wote to Makindu.

Chyulu Hills National Park – ‘Hemingway’s ‘Green Hills of Africa’

Category: Tourist Attractions in Makueni County

Chyulu-Hills National Park
Chyulu-Hills National Park

The moss covered lush green hills of Chyulu National Park is a 741km2 park in Kibwezi, Makueni County, comprises the eastern flanks of Chyulu Hills including about half the forest area. The park boundary runs down the centre of the hills along the lines of the peaks. The remaining western portion of the hills is part of the west Chyulu Game Conservation Area owned by Maasai Group ranches.

For more information visit: Chyulu Hills National Park 

First AIC Missionary Church

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The first AIC church in Kenya was constructed in 1895 at Kalamba village, Nzaui District of Makueni Constituency by Mr. Peter Cameron Scott, a Scottish missionary from America. The first mission church at Kalamba village measured 30ft by 14ft and was completed on 23rd December 1895.

AIC kalamba

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After hardly seven months, he had established three other missions in Ukambani at Sakai, Kilungu and Kangundo. In recognition of Peter Scott’s efforts to spread the gospel in this region, the then District Commissioner of Machakos offered him a government building in Kangundo to be converted to a church mission at a fee of Kshs.10 per year. He died in Kalamba, Nzaui on 4th December in 1896.

Sikh Temple Makindu

Category: Tourist Attractions in Makueni County

A road sign showing entrance to the Sikh temple in Makindu situated right on the Mombasa-Nairobi highway.
A road sign showing entrance to the Sikh temple in Makindu situated right on the Mombasa-Nairobi highway.
Sikh Temple Makindu is located about 170km from Nairobi on Nairobi -Mombasa highway. It was built in 1926 by the Sikhs who were working on the construction of theKenya- Uganda railway (Lunatic Express). The Gurdwara(Sikh House) complex spans an estimated 5000 square meters.

The holy Sikh shrine provides a peaceful atmosphere for meditation.

It welcomes people from all religions and houses a huge dining facility which provides langar (free food) 24 hours a day as determined by their founder Guru, Guru Nanak.

Free rooms with beds are available for tourists to stay for up to two nights.

Makindu was a service point on the railway’s advance from Mombasa. Dozens of artisans and train drivers were Sikhs and the station at Makindu became a place of religious fervour. Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims would gather together in the evenings and sing the praises of God. They did so under a tree, the spot where the current Gurdwara now stands.

The Gurdwara was a tin-roof little hut where the Sikhs used to pray every day. The current Gurdwara was funded by both Sikhs and non-Sikhs.
Other attractions include:

Peterson Camp ruins

Category: Tourist Attractions in Makueni County

Ikulu in MtitoAdei (Former president Kenyatta’s rest place on Nairobi – Mombasa Highway)

Makueni County Jobs

Makueni County Jobs opportunities for all qualified personnel and those who would wish to work with Makueni County government. Jobs in Makueni County are posted on the county website.

Jobs in Makueni County are awarded in a free, fair and transparency manner in the need to fight corruption in the country.

To access these Makueni county jobs advertisement click the link: Makueni County Jobs for the latest job opportunities in the county.

Makueni County Tenders

Makueni county tenders are awarded in a free, fair and transparency manner in the need to fight corruption in the country.

To access tenders in Makueni county click the link: for the latest job opportunities in the county.

Makueni County Governor and Deputy Governor

The current governor of Makueni County is Hon. Prof. Kivutha Kibwana and the deputy governor is Hon. Adelina Mwau

Constituencies in Makueni County

  1. Mbooni Constituency
  2. Kilome Constituency
  3. Kaiti Constituency
  4. Makueni Constituency
  5. Kibwezi West Constituency
  6. Kibwezi East Constituency

Makueni County Contacts

Off Wote-Makindu Highway.
P.O. Box 78-90300 Makueni

Tel: 020 203 4944/ 206 8236

Makueni County Website


Makueni County Map

Makueni County Map
Makueni County Map