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Malindi Town – Malindi Kenya

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Malindi Town Guide

Malindi town is the second largest coastal town of Kenya, with two townships of  Malindi and Watamu. Malindi Kenya is situated about 120 km north of Mombasa just a little south of the equator. Malindi  Kenya has a coastline of 155 kilometres.

Malindi Town Climate and Geography

The weather in Malindi Kenya is generally hot and humid throughout the year. The long rains come from April to July and the short rains from October to November. The mean daily temperature is around 22o Celsius minimum and 30,5o Celsius maximum.

Malindi Town History 

Malindi Kenya has been a Swahili settlement since the 14th century. Once rivaled only by Mombasa for dominance in this part of East Africa, Malindi has traditionally been a port city for foreign powers. In 1414, the town was visited by the fleet of the Chinese explorer Zheng He. Malindi’s ruler sent a personal envoy together with a giraffe as a present to China on that fleet.

The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama met Malindi authorities in 1498 to sign a trade agreement and hire a guide for the voyage to India, when he erected a still existent coral pillar. In 1499 the Portuguese established a trading post in Malindi which served as a resting stop on the way to and from India. A church dates from this era. The pillar stands to this day, though there have been calls by conservationists to take care of the pillar, since soil erosion might make the pillar fall into the ocean.

Many traditional buildings survive, including the Juma Mosque and palace on the beach, a stretch popular with tourists.

 Economic Activities in Malindi Town

Economically, the tourist sector is by far the most important industry in Malindi Municipality. The most significant economy outside Malindi Township is agricultural based. Beside these there are some fisheries activities, manufacturing and commerce and trade.

Places to Visit in Malindi Town

Malindi Marine National Park

This is a wonderful 6km2 National Park within the Malindi-Watamu biosphere which runs parallel to the shore. Here, you will find all sorts of kid-friendly activities that include; glass-bottom boat rides and tours; snorkeling lessons and trips; scuba diving and so much more.

The Crocodile Farm and Snake Park

As long as you are still in Malindi, you should treat your kids to fun filled day at the Crocodile Farm and Snake Park.

Things To Do in Malindi Town

Health/Fitness Clubs & Gyms
Watamu Beach
Watamu National Marine Park
Historical & Heritage Tours
Che Shale Beach
Falconry of Kenya
Vasco da Gama Pillar
Portuguese Church
Nature & Wildlife Tours
Boat Tours
Malindi Market
Malindi Museum
Surfing, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing
Sightseeing Tours
Bars & Clubs
Gift & Specialty Shops
Eco Tours
Sawa Sawa Dhow Excursions
Scuba & Snorkeling

Attractions in Malindi Town

The tourist attractions mainly relate to tropical water and beaches, Watamu marine national park and Malindi Marine Park. Today more than half of the local population benefit directly or indirectly from tourism.

Malindi Town is administration seat of Malindi District and the Local Authority Municipal Council of Malindi.

How To Get Malindi Town

Malindi is easily accessible by road from the city of Mombasa which located 120 kilometers away. The Mombasa-Malindi highway is well maintained and a very busy road with traffic comprising personal cars, public transport “matatus” and commuter buses. Tour vans are also common feature on the road, transporting tourists to and from Mombasa hotels and other locations.
Located some 10.5 km west of Malindi town is Malindi Airport, a domestic airport that receives both scheduled and chartered flights from Mombasa International Airport in the city of Mombasa, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in the capital Nairobi and domestic Wilson Airport also in Nairobi.

Like most towns in Kenya, Malindi has a good number of taxis and motorcycles locally referred to as “Boda Boda” that are good for short distances. The motorcycle taxis are very useful for short trips like venturing deep into areas of interest not easily accessible by vehicles. 14-Seater public transport vehicles locally known as “Matatu” are also available. These operate on specific roads that link Malindi town.

Being a major tourist destination, the town is not short of cars for hire. Major car hire companies in Kenya have their offices in the town. The majority of tourists who visit Malindi mainly get around via pre-arranged travel packages offered by tour companies.

Night Clubs and Nightlife in Nakuru Town

Malindi, Kenya, has some great nightlife and entertainment to chose from. tripwolf helps you find the best nightlife and entertainment in Malindi. Below are the best party nightlife

Casino Malindi
Stars and Garters
Stardust Club
Palm Garden
Club 28
Fermento Disco Bar

Accommodations and Hotels in Malindi

  1. African House Resort
  2. Eden Houses Cottages
  3. Villa Mela Hotel
  4. Villa Fortuna Malindi
  5. Leopard Point Luxury Beach Resort and Spar
  6. Silversand Residence
  7. Kivulini Luxury Resort
  8. Ripasso Apartment
  9. Scorpio Villas
  10. Flamingo Villas Club

Education Institutions in Nakuru Town

Malindi Institute of Business Studies
Nusra Technical Training Institute
Malindi Education and Development Association MEDA
Malindi College of Accountancy
Mombasa Aviation Training Institute Malindi Campus
Royal Beauty College
Jusnet Business Institute
Bluewaters Institute of Professional Studies – BIPS
DALC Education Malindi Campus
Hospitality & Hotel Management Institute
Barani Secondary School
Malindi High School
Malindi Progressive Academy Secondary School
Malindi Premier School
jilore malindi
Malindi Little Angels Junior School
Malindi Kings Academy
Little Angels
Kingsway Junior Academy
Tarasaa Secondary School
Marafa Secondary School
Jilore Secondary School
Galana Secondary School
Twheed Girls Muslim Academy
The Silversands Academy
Malindi Academy

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Malindi Town - Malindi Kenya

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