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Maralal Sanctuary

A Guide To Maralal Sanctuary

Maralal sanctuary is a majestic scenery whose grandeur is enhanced by its consort with wildlife and by the calm dignity of the herdsmen and their herds. Resident games here include impala, eland, buffalo, , warthog and living in harmonious profusion but ever watchful for the leopard and hyena.



Maralal is a frontier town, the beginning of the Great Northern wilderness and the staging post for many great adventures. This simple town is a thriving centre for the local Samburu people, and the streets are always busy with camels, passing warriors and traders.

Beyond Maralal lies some of Kenya’s most beautiful country. Here the broad arid plains give way to the spectacular Loroghi Hills and the high, wild Matthews ranges. Dry river beds course through this land, and have become the tracks and routes of nomadic camel trains. The wild country between Maralal and Turkana is ideal for the adventure seeker.

Here in these vast empty spaces, there is freedom to explore and lose yourself in the wild. Whether you want to take a truck to Turkana or a camel through Samburu land, this is your starting point.

How to get to Maralal

Maralal is accessible from Nairobi via either Baringo or Isiolo, by either bus/matatu or private transport. There is an airstrip servicing charter aircraft. Driving time from Nairobi is approximately 6 hours. Accessing the North from Maralal can be difficult without private transport. Maralal is a good base for organized safaris.

Accoomodation And Hotels At Maralal

Maralal has a range of accommodation to suit all budgets, tastes and interests. As you head further north, options lessen, but there are still many interesting accommodation alternatives.

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Where to Eat in Mararal

Most of the lodges and camps in this area offer good meals. For those camping out under the stars, most safari companies provide an excellent camp cook, who can produce culinary wonders from a campfire. For campers wanting to cook for themselves, the best town for supplies are Maralal.

Maralal Contacts

Attraction Type:    Wildlife
Category:    Wildlife Conservancy
Region:     North Rift
City / Town:    Maralal
Telephone:     254 65 62456
Entrance Fee:    Yes